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[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that the business is not going to move on this issueSince Jack Williams is known to do this I am not going to keep arguingJack Williams and its technician knows what happen, and under omition for the technician that did the work he could not get air into the TPMS sensors, there for removing them Regards, [redacted]

When the customer came in he asked us to check out a thumping noise that he heard when he was driving We did an evaluation on the vehicle and came up with the following items that needed to be addressed: When we looked at his rear tires we saw that they were choppy, we advised the customer that this is what is causing the thumping that he hears in the rear of his vehicle and the only way to get rid of the thumping noise would be to replace the tires When tires become chopped it is nearly always caused by worn or misaligned suspension parts In this customers case it was his shocks that were worn, we advised him of the worn shocks and that we also saw that he needed brakes The customer advised that he would not replace the tires at this time, but we could replace the shocks and his rear brakesWe did give him a quote of $750.00, not including tax or shop supplies, to do the work, when we were billing him out the price was higher by almost $as a result of not adding in the rotors and a miscalculation of the tax We corrected our mistake and he was billed outI have attached the invoice to show that we came in under our quote of $- his subtotal was $- shop supplies were $- to compensate for our error in billing the first time we gave him a 5% discount of $- state tax is with a total of $We performed work that the customer approved, he declined to replace the tires which would get rid of the noise

The truck did come into our shop with the customer complaining that the brake pedal was going to the floorWhen the vehicle was checked the front brake pads were jammed into the front caliper hardware, bending the hardware making it then hit the brake rotors When the brakes were then applied the pads were not even hitting the brake rotor fully Also the right front caliper pin was sticking.The rear brakes were also installed incorrectly On the right rear the adjuster was off inside the brake drum and it ground into the drum and damaged the right rear brake shoe When the right rear brake drum was taken off the brake components fell off the vehicle and onto the floor It also appeared that the wheel cylinder on the right rear was also replace, as it was different than the wheel cylinder on the left rear of the vehicle This truck has different wheel cylinder options and when the customer installed the wheel cylinder he installed the smaller one (which was not the correct one for his vehicle) The wheel cylinder on the left rear of the vehicle while not replaced when the other one was, now was leaking brake fluidAfter getting the customers permission to complete the visible repairs to the vehicle, we started to work on the vehicleOnce the repairs were completed the technician took the vehicle for about 5-mile ride to test the brakes and see if there was still a problem with the brake pedal The truck braked fine and there was no problem with the pedalThe customer was not picking the vehicle up until the following day so the vehicle was brought back and put in the garage When the truck was backed out in the morning, there was no problem with the brakes or the brake pedalThe customer picked up the vehicle on Thursday morning He then brought the truck back that afternoon and stated that the pedal was low again The technician drove the vehicle to check to verify the problem and he was correct the pedal was low We brought the vehicle back into the shop and bled the system again and found air in the system We then looked up the problem for the vehicle with the manufacturer and it was suggested to bleed the brakes again this time using the ABS bleed procedure Before we could start to bleed the brakes using the ABS bleed procedure, the customer advised us that he had to leave, that we could not finish looking into the problem but he would be back in the morning (Friday March 27, 2015) And he was going to leave the truck so we could finish bleeding the brakes and making sure that everything was alrightThe customer never returned so we could finish the job and look into making sure that everything was alright with the vehicle Our concern is that since the vehicle had incorrect parts installed, this could have caused damage to other parts that were not seen until the vehicle is driven for a while such as the master cylinder or even the abs system The customer was made aware of this when we found that the incorrect parts were on the vehicle, but we had to start first by correcting the work that was done incorrectly the first time, by the customerI don't see how the customer expects us to give him his money back after we replaced all the parts that were put on the vehicle incorrectly and also the wrong parts used on the vehicle We are trying to find out what is causing the air in the brake line, but this could now be because of a damaged master cylinder or even damage to the ABS system, which would have been a result of the work that was done on the vehicle prior to Jack Williams working on the vehicleWe have tried to contact the customer to bring the vehicle back in so we could see what was wrong, but if he does not want to come back to our [redacted] location we have other locations in Northeastern and Central [redacted] that he can bring the truck into for them to look at what could be causing air to get into the systemWe will not be giving the customer a refund on the work that we did to correct and repair the work that was done incorrectly to the vehicle I am attaching copies of the work order, and the customers invoice for the work that was performed

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, Jeffrey O***

Invoice from work done ..Thank you

At this point I am asking Jack Williams Tire to investigate and make inquiries into the possibility that one of their technicians might be acting unethically and tampering with customers vehicles As I indicated in the original complaint I am more interested in having a potentially fraudulent business practice investigated While it may not be the practice of Jack Williams Tire Center's corporation to engage in unethical business practices it is quite possible that an individual is responsible If it is determined that there was, in fact, tampering with customers vehicles by one of their service techs then I would like to be compensated for the cost of repairs An apology might also be in order I am fully aware that components fail and problems do occur The only reason I am filing this complaint is because I have learned of other instances, almost identical to my own experience, which have occurred recently involving this particular Jack Williams Tire Center location Thank You

Customer claims that we installed the tie rod end wrong, bolting it into the wrong hole This is not possible, there are not multiple holes to install the tie rod end into The customer states that she took the vehicle to another location to have them repair the tie rod end that was installed, but can not produce any documentation to show us this As you can see from the attached invoice for the customer the charges for the alignment, tie rod and labor are no where near the $she is asking that we reimburse her for I am willing to reimburse her the following: - L/S Outer Tie Rod End $- Labor to install Outer Tie Rod End $- Alignment $Sub Total $Tax $ Total To Be Refunded $ A check will be requested and sent to the customer in the next 3-working days

I will be sending the customer a refund for the alignment that he had done as he stated that the vehicle still pulled to the rightIt will be mailed in the next 3-days and will be sent to the address that is on the invoiceIf there are any changes or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at ###-###-#### from 8a to 5p Monday - Friday.I do hope that this resolves this issue for the customers

Whenever we receive any type of complaint - phone - email - mail - we inform the General Manager and District Manager of the store, along with the Williams Family The General Manager and District Manager work with myself to review the complaint If you have information from another garage/mechanic to suggest that something has been tampered with then we would be interested in seeing this also if you have instances of the same thing happening to others we welcome that as we can try to investigate further to see if there is a pattern

The customer has been in our Jack Williams [redacted] location a total of six (6) times since his first visit on March 1, with his [redacted] , which at that time the vehicle had 110,miles on the vehicle When he came in on March 1, he had us check for an oil leak, we advised that he needed to replace the oil pan We did the work for him, he did come back on March 13, stating that the vehicle was still leaking oil We checked the vehicle and found that the oil pan gasket that we put on when we replaced the oil pan had failed for some reason We replaced the gasket for the customer, free of charge, and he has not complained of an oil leak to us since then The customers third (3rd) visit to our location was on September 20, He came in and purchased [redacted] tires from us had his vehicle aligned and we also did an oil change for him We did not receive any complaints in regard to the tires or the work performed on this date The customer then comes in for the fourth (4th) time on October 16, to have us check his exhaust as he is hearing a rattling noise We checked the vehicle which then had 118,miles on it, and found that he needed a rear exhaust hanger and clamps installed to stop the rattling The work was completed, but we also suggested to the customer to get a muffler and tail pipe We did not receive any complaints in regard to this work that was performed for him On March 22, 2013, his fifth (5th) visit, the customer returned to have a state inspection done, along with an oil change and we at that time put on a muffler and tail pipe for the customer We did pass the vehicle for inspection but advised that he would need front brake pas and rotors and we also suggested front calipers due to uneven pad wear His brake measurements at this time were:left front 2/right front 5/left rear 3/right rear 3/the customer declined to have the brake work done at that time The customer then returned on July 19, for a state inspection, we did find that he needed to have his parking brake adjusted, and that a brake line had rotted and needed to be replaced We completed the work and passed the vehicle for state inspectionIt is the policy of Jack Williams, that we will not sell any products or repairs that are not needed for the customers vehicle A service advisor will explain to the customer and show them the results of the inspections, a written estimate will be presented to the customer for them to authorize before any work is performed All parts that are replaced on a customers vehicle will always be available for them to inspect We also guarantee all of the work performed on the vehicleI don't see where we would owe the customer a refund for any work that we performedI also need to bring to your attention that the information that was given by the customer did not bring up any records for him with Jack Williams We had to search to find records that matched what was described by the customer If this is not the correct customer I would ask that you have him supply either his phone number or license plate number for the vehicle as this is the only way that we can search our system to find the correct records for our customersIf any other information is needed from us please do not hesitate to contact me directlyI am also going to attach for review the records for the customer Regards, Robin D [redacted] Jack Williams Tire Co., Inc Customer Experience Administrator [redacted] Phone ###-###-####

The Customer did purchase four (4) [redacted] Assurance Fuel Max Tires from us on December 8, for his [redacted] which at the time had 22, miles on it He paid $for the tires and also paid to have them installed at a cost of $per tire, also at this time we offered The Customer our Jack Williams Total Tire Protection Plan (TTPP) for a cost of $per tire, which he declined We explained to him as we do all of our customers that our TTPP would cover the tires for months or 50,miles unconditionally If something would happen to the tire(s) in the 1st year or 12,miles, the tire(s) would be replaced at no cost to the customer, but they would be required to purchase another TTPP to cover the new tire(s) and pay to have them installed along with tax After the 1st year, or over 12,miles the tire(s) would be prorated based on mileage Again, the customer would be required to purchase the TTPP, installation and tax Being that The Customer declined to purchase our TTPP he only has the limited warranty from [redacted] to cover his tires I have attached a copy of the Limited Warranty, Tire Care and Maintenance Guide from [redacted] When The Customer came in on April 7, for a state inspection we advised him that he needed four (4) tires to pass state inspection His vehicle at that time had 45,miles on it So from when he had his tires installed on December 8, until he came in on April 7, he put only 22,miles on his [redacted] Assurance Fuel Max Tires We at that time called [redacted] to see what they would offer him with his "Limited Warranty" they advised us that as a goodwill gesture, he would be responsible to pay $per tire plus tax and installation of $per tire, if he replaced them with a "comparable" set of four (4) [redacted] Tires The Customer decided to go with General G-Max tires instead of [redacted] tires We then offered a refund of $and to give him the TTPP for free on his new tires and he was not accepting this from us, and at that time we presumed that he was going to contact [redacted] At this time I do not see that Jack Williams Tire Co., Incowes The Customer a full refund for tires that he purchased from us on December 8, Once he declined the extra protection that we offer on all tires that we sell, he is only covered by the limited warranty of the tire companyAnd he should take up any claims with [redacted]

Jack Williams still stands behind the work that we did on the [redacted] - we did advise the customer that because of the incorrect parts that were put on the vehicle that the reason for the pedal to continue to go to the floor could either be, air in the lines, or that a master cylinder would need to be replaced or a problem with the ABS System If the customer would have come back the next day as he said he was going to, but didn't, and we found as [redacted] did that the master cylinder needed to be replaced That would have been work that he would have to pay us for in addition to the work that was already done on the vehicle But since [redacted] 's did it, that has no bearing on the work that we already did on the vehicle We will however, reduce the balance that is owed to us for all of the work that we did on the customers vehicle, by $129.85, since the customer had to have the rear drums cut by [redacted] 's Please see below for the balance that should be paid to Jack Williams: $- for work done on invoice [redacted] on 03/26/ - fee for stop payment put on check for work done on invoice [redacted] $- balance due for work done on [redacted] on invoice [redacted] on 03/26/ - cost to have drums cut at [redacted] 's $- current balance due from customer for work that was done on [redacted] on invoice [redacted] on 03/26/ Please be advised that the matter of the stop payment on the check is being handled by our Accounts Receivable Department and they will take this matter to the District Magistrate if necessary I would suggest that you contact them to settle this account as soon as possible

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:The proper tire maintenance such as alignment and rotation was not provided at moment of service which I have done regularly on scheduled as recommended, the negligence cause the premature ware of the tiresI have paid for tires and expected to have proper service each time , but to pay for negligence and poor maintenance by paying extra money for insurance - this was not a good dealI have no complains about the tire quality, so I have nothing to discuss with [redacted] Regards, [redacted] ***

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:i had to bring it to another shop to get the oil pan from leaking also I had a mechanic look at the car before I did my inspection and there was no leaks on any brake lines but when it went into ur shop its leaking Regards, [redacted] ***

We advised of the TPMS Sensors months ago - your vehicle was out of our care, custody and control since you left our location, and was also in another garage at some point in time It is not our practice, regardless of what our competitor says, to remove the TPMS Sensors when we advise you there is a problem with them unless we are going to replace them with you approvalWe are not going to pay you for the sensors that you purchased Until there is concrete proof that we did remove them, which we did not There will be no compensation for your sensors

When the customer came into our [redacted] location on April 11, to purchase tires for his [redacted] , we advised him that he should get new TPMS Sensors as they are all corroded We also advised that of the sensors was not reading, I have attached all the paperwork from the customers visit that day Also we noted that the TPMS light was on when the vehicle was brought into the garage and prior to the work performed on the vehicle After months, the customers comes back to us stating that he does not have any sensors, and he was told by a repair shop that they have been removed When we change tires we do not remove the stems with the sensors, we reset them if they can be or advise that new sensors need to be purchased or replace I know that this is going to be a back and forth thing with us saying that we don't remove the sensors and the customer saying that we didAlso in reviewing the owners manual for a [redacted] it does state that the TPMS light would be on as of the sensors was not reading but according to the owners manual there would also be a chime if there were no TPMS Sensors (see this information in the attachment) The customer states that there was just the light on and never mentioned a "chime" noise to alert him that there was no TPMS SensorsWith the amount of time that has gone between the time the tires were replaced and the complaint from the customer, I don't see that anyone can say for sure that we removed the sensors As I said before I can see that this is just going to be a "he said - she said" type of complaintPlease let me know if there is anything else that is neededRegards, Robin D [redacted] Jack Williams Tire Co., Inc Customer Experience Administrator [redacted] Phone ###-###-#### Fax ###-###-####

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