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I previously emailed a response to this on 8/25/please refer to those records. we have attempted to contact this pt, he refuses to speak to us directly.we stand w our position that we presented a treatment plan, the pt accepted it without any questionshe never asked for a cheaper alternativehe never inquired or expressed an interest in denturesservices were provided and paid for accordinglyif this patient wasunhappy with the treatment plan, why did he proceed with the lower arch after completing the upper arch? or why would he begin any treatment at all before seeking a second opinion? we are sorry to hear that mr haddon is displeased with the services we provided as we value him as a patienthowever, again, he did accept the plan and therefore we feel we should not refund the services.thank you for your time. *** *arden oaks dental care

I am rejecting this response because:When I went to the dentist I was not in pain, did not have any pain. Occasionally  I would bite the side of my mouth of lower lip, but no pain. To give a treatment plan that is only removal without replacement cost is non professional. It's like taking a car to a mechanic who tells you it is $500, you say go ahead and then the mechanic states, ok, you owe $1000, because $500 was for taking the engine apart, now you owe $1000 to repair and restore the car.I did not realize the treatment plan of 1-16-15 was for removal of teeth and but did not include replacement.  I do not know what dental terminology; pfm, crown, noble metal and other terminology means. I do not believe the dentist thoroughly explained the treatment plan.I was told here is the treatment plan, we will fix your teeth for $15,353.I would not have started such an expensive treatment had I know the $15,353 was only a portion of the cost. I thought the first plan would cover everything. On 4-16-15 when I asked for different options the dentist never discussed dentures, which would have been a cheaper alternative and more affordable for a man living on a fixed social security income.I did not need crowns on the front teeth, the crowns are bigger than my previous teeth and I look like Bugs Bunny. At no point did I ever say I was happy with the work. I was contacted by [redacted] from the dentist office after I sent the letter of concerns and requesting my xrays. [redacted] left a message stating she would send the Xrays (which I received), she also stated she would be sitting down with Dr. [redacted] to discuss my complaints and concerns. That was the ONLY time I was contacted by their office since June 30.  I maintain Dr. [redacted] did not offer affordable alternative treatment options. I had no idea that the June 30 was not the last appointment I would need to restore my teeth.

to address the first concern.... the original treatment plan dated1/16/2015 addressed all restorative work only. our immediate goal wasto get this patient cavity free, restore his bite, and later addressreplacement, as his plan was extensive... this plan included 5 totalextractions, including bone...

replacement, cleanings, including fullmouth debridement, and crowns for almost all of Mr [redacted]'s remainingteeth (as he had almost every tooth in his mouth affected by decay).when Mr [redacted] came in on 2/20/2015 for the first phase of histreatment, which were the extractions on #3, 4, 5, 13, and 31, heasked what was the plan for replacement of these teeth as well asother missing teeth. at that time we revised his treatment plan andpresented a plan which included implant treatment for those sameteeth as well as #19 and 30 which were already missing. this new txplan understandably had a significant cost difference as it included7 total implants and 7 implant crowns (totaling a difference in feesof $17,360). pts total tx plan was expected to be $34,784, whichincluded crowns, extractions, bonegrafting, implants and implantcrowns. this was considered to be a full mouth reconstruction forthis patient. on 3/31/2015, patient came in to begin therestoration process for the upper arch. at that time it wasdiscovered that the #18 tooth was in fact "split" fromfront to back, and was diagnosed poor prognosis and non-restorable.this did change the treatment plan. on this day we removed tooth #18and placed a bone graft with a plan to replace by means of implant inthe future. on 4/16/15 Mr [redacted] expressed that he would like to explore differentreplacement options for the missing teeth. dr suggested a wax upmodel since this pts case was a full mouth reconstruction. weadjusted the treatment plan to include bridge work where possible. weproceeded to treat according to the treatment plan, and bridges. to date, we have completed all restorative treatment for both upper andlower arches, excluding implants which were to replace lower molarswhich are vital for chewing function. we have collected a total of$23,061 which removed all existing decay for both arches, as well asreplaced the missing teeth #3, 4, 5, and 13 by means of bridges. this patient paid for his treatment in full at the time the services were rendered. he paid via credit card as well as care credit. when we completed this patients restorative work on 6/30/15,Mr. [redacted] informed us that he was happy with his new smile and hescheduled his follow up appointment to begin the implant work for thelower molars. those appointments have since been cancelled by thepatient. we have attempted to contact this patient in hopes to bringsome resolve to his concerns, but we have not been successful inreaching him. I left him messages on his cell phone voice mail box aswell as wrote to him by mail. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at[redacted]Arden Oaks Dental Care

I am rejecting this response because:Arden Oaks has not made any attempt to contact me besides the initial contact after they received the complaint.On 4-16 they state I asked for alternative treatment, yet no dentures were mentioned as an alternative.As medical professionals they should provide treatment options, not only the most expensive. I should not have to seek a second opinion because I believed the dentist when they said this was the best option.I have exhausted all of my funds as well as putting some of this on credit card. And I still need additional treatment. I asked that all treatment be completed before I moved.I am only asking for a portion of the money be refunded so I can complete the work as I do not have  bottom molars, which are used for chewing food.Dentistry is often unregulated and arbitrary as far as treatment, but ethically the dentist should consider the whole person, income and economics included.

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