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Wheel Chairs

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I was sold a power wheelchair through Jaspan Medical. They told me they would service the chair as long as I owned it and bill[redacted] for any repairs. Without any written notification they stopped servicing the equipment they sold. I found this out when the wheel fell off of my chair and I called for a repair. They did not offer me any solution or recommend another company to handle the repair. They just told me "we don't do that anymore, find someone else." I use my wheelchair on a daily basis as my only means of mobility. This has been a very stressful situation.Product_Or_Service: Power wheelchairDesired SettlementThey should contact their customers and explain that service will discontinue on products as of whatever date and find a company to transfer their accounts to that will be able to provide service. They should also handle emergency repairs for a period of time while this transition takes place. Business Response By law we have to take care of the PWC for 13 months. After that time period the PWC becomes the patient. This was addressed in the paperwork that the patient signed off on. The patient received the PWC on 11/18/2011. We did service and charge insurance companies for repairs that are not due to patient abuses, but in December, we stopped doing repairs. The patient was notified of this in November. When she called the office, she talked to[redacted] who gave her two other companies and also said she could talk to the her doctor to see who they recommend. We are currently in the process of closing the doors. We always suggest other companies to patients. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I was NOT notified in November that they would no longer be servicing chairs. In fact I was told in November to come back after March to get the wheels I needed because insurance would not cover them until then. When I called at the first of April, the day I filed the complaint, on my first call they did not recommend another company. I was rudely dismissed, they just said "we don't do that anymore, you will have to find someone else." Only when I called back a second time and asked specifically who I could take it to did they recommend anyone. And the companies they did recommend were of no use. One did not accept [redacted] and the other only serviced chairs that they sold themselves. After calling [redacted] and getting recommendations from them and calling about 10 more companies I have FINALLY found a company who will service the chair. I wish I had never gotten my chair from Jaspan Medical. They have broken promises ever since day one. I am not surprised they are closing their doors. I'm glad that others will not have to get equipment from them in the future. I do feel sorry for all of their other clients who are dealing with the same problems I am, and from my conversations with other suppliers in the area there are many more people in my situation. Final Business Response

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Category: Wheel Chairs

Address: 1936 N Highland Ave # B, Jackson, TN, 38305-4537


(731) 423-4377

Website: http://jaspanmedical.com/

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