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JD's Home Improvement RV & Mobile Home Repair

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]
I or my wife are in no way agreeing to have you out here again. The facts according to JD's have been very fluid in this case. If you persist in saying that I was rude please provide the tape showing that I was, Brian told me that you tape every phone call. Otherwise please refund our money
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]
All we want from Jeff is a day that he is going to fix the leak. He was supposed to fix it before it got cold last week. All I asked Jeff was to give us a date. I was not the one cussing on the phone. Jeff is supposed to fix it today 1/19/16

I am responding to the reply from JD'S response to my complaint,
First: My Grandmother ([redacted]) still owns the property, I just reside there. The reason she stopped communicating with ([redacted]) JD's is that he had yelled and screamed at her and his staff. After he would leave she would go to my dads ([redacted]) house just crying. She is 82 years old and don't need to be talked to of that way anytime, weather it be her or his employees.
Now when I got involved, [redacted] was so upset because the work was not finished that he ([redacted]) said he would do, and he had been paid in advance for services that were not complete in the amount of $5800.00.
The first I heard of anyone coming to the house was on June 7,2014, when JD's dropped off a saw and some wood to box in the water line in the kitchen that were actually being held up with black drywall screws. So time went on and JD's helped finally returned on June 17,2014 and took some measurements in able to box in the water lines in the kitchen. Prier to them doing so [redacted] and I had spoken about the new furnace he installed, It was not sufficient for the space in the home. He [redacted] agreed to remove it at no cost and fix the old one because he had a customer that would buy the one he installed in my Grandmother home. When his employees come to box in the water lines on June 18,2014 they also removed the new furnace. Which took a total of 15 to 20 min. In doing so holes were left in the walls and wire coming from floor and also the walls. [redacted] said that they would return to remove the wires and bring some wood filler to fix the holes. Which has never happened.
And I have no Heat for the winter. Also I did sign off on the work in the kitchen because at the time it was the best we were going to get beings he had already been paid.
The next time I spoke with [redacted] is when He said he would be back the following week to fix the bathroom water lines. And he ask me if his son had called me and I replied no he had not. He was very upset that he had not called and told me over the phone that it was his plan to fire his son on Friday. And said his son was out to get him. So a few hours had passed and his son did call and was very nice. Then on July 8,2014 [redacted] and both his employees returned to fix the bathroom waterlines, It was very apparent that [redacted] was very angry at his help, he was yelling and screaming at both of them because something they needed was forgot at Lowes. So they are getting in the van to return to Lowes [redacted] pulls out of the drive and his son is actually chasing his up the alley. After returning the water line in the bathroom was fixed and I signed off on that job also. before leaving [redacted] asked if we mined they worked the weekend. I said no that was fine. So we waited all weekend, They did not show. I got a call on Sunday July 13,2014, [redacted] apologized for not showing, said he took a mini vacation. but would be there Monday July 14, 2014. He said there did not have to be anybody there, but we have dogs and did not know how they would react if a stranger was outside, so we waited again, he did not show. I waited until Wednesday July 16,2014 to call [redacted] and one of his help answered his phone I was very polite and was explain the situation and he hand the phone to [redacted] and that when he Starts yelling and screaming at me. I was sitting with family and was asked is he yelling at you? [redacted] said I was a pain in his [redacted] and to get an attorney, then he hung up the phone.

The communication problem was between Mr.[redacted] and his wife because she did not tell him we talked to her several times regarding all this. So when Mr.[redacted] originally called and was rude on the phone, he was unaware of the situation that was discussed with his wife by us several times that week. We had Mr.[redacted] scheduled for a day which he was informed of on the phone and agreed to, then the next day he turned us in to the So all that did was prolong this process. Now that everything is out on the table and ironed out, We will gladly do the job as I stated before. The weather is supposed to be nice next week. Mr. [redacted] can call us respectfully and set up a day to schedule this at his convenience. Thank you. I believe it is time for a mediator as I have already requested. Thank you.

First and foremost this complaint is full of incorrect information. On top of that, Ms. [redacted] is not even the contracted customer. She never authorized the work, or paid for anything. Her grandmother, Mrs. [redacted] did when she lived at the home. Kim just recently purchased the...

home. So i'm not sure why she is writing the complaint. Either or, i'll explain the entire situation at hand. I have attached documents for your viewing. 
   We were contacted over the winter by [redacted] to come look at his mother-in-laws home, Mrs. [redacted], for plumbing issues. [redacted] did a lot of things for Mrs. [redacted] and took care of a lot of things for her and was like an advisor for her because she is family and an elderly woman. Once we were there we discovered that her plumbing was all frozen up and busted, and that her furnace wasn't working. The home has a very old boiler furnace which is outside in a separate building. Being a boiler, the furnace requires water to run to it to function. The water lines running to it were also frozen and busted. Ms. [redacted] claims there was really nothing wrong with it. This is false. The house is an older home and under it are some VERY low spots that a real skinny man can't even get into to repair lines etc. After a few weeks or months, (can't remember exactly) [redacted] called us in to discuss repairs and write up a contract with Mrs. [redacted], the homeowner. As you can see in the document I attached "orig.contract" we were contracted to install above ground plumbing in her home, a new electric furnace, a flushmaster in toilet, and purge valve under bathroom vanity. Total amount being $5,800.00 which was a very good price. [redacted] was present for this and agreed to everything being done. Ms.[redacted] claims in her complaint that "nobody was around" and insinuates  that Mrs.[redacted] was conned into a new electric furnace. This accusation is horrendous. Like I said, [redacted] was around for it all and agreed for the repairs to be done. Mrs.[redacted] consulted with [redacted] about everything and he would always give her the ok. She had no water or furnace, due to the frozen busted lines, so the repairs had to be performed. 
   As you can see on the "orig.contract" there was a deposit of $3,000.00 and a balance of $2,800.00. Work began on the above ground water lines and furnace which was all completed first so we could get Mrs. [redacted] in water and heat. Then the toilet flushmaster, and purge valve under the sink was done in about 30 minutes.  I'll st[redacted] with the water lines... Originally, the water lines were to be painted over , or have a basic/simple covering put over them. Once the lines were done, [redacted] inspected and was happy with them because it all works perfectly as it should. They decided not to paint over the lines so we started getting special pieces made to cover the lines, which was very difficult to do because there isn't a lot of options for the application. We took several samples out to Mrs. [redacted] over the course of a couple weeks, and she did not like the samples. So we decided to just wood frame over the lines and box them in which was a lot of work and money that wasn't even on the contract. We just did it out of kindness. With this being an extra, we were doing for nothing, and the fact it was winter outside, We told Mrs. [redacted] we would get to the boxing in of the lines once the weather broke, and weather permitted because we would be outside cutting etc. and the boxing in had nothing to do with the function of her water lines. She was fine with that. 
   Next, to the furnace...We installed a NEW 100% efficient electric furnace. Prior to installation, or contract agreement, we discussed with [redacted] that the house did not have cold air return or any duct work, and that it wouldn't heat like a normal heating system that had duct work running into every room, but it would for sure heat the home nicely. They did not want to spend money to install duct work. So we all decided we would install the small furnace in a corner of the living room because it was a central median of the home, and there was no closets to put it in that would work . We had a special box built to set the furnace on that had two air ducts...One duct blowing in the living room and back bedrooms...the second duct we put through the wall directly behind the furnace blowing into the kitchen and dining room area. Once that was completed, [redacted] once again seen everything and was happy with the work, as was Mrs. [redacted]. We also went out of our way and built a closed in box, with vented top, around the furnace to cover it and give it all a more furniture like appearance. This also, was not contracted or paid extra for. We did this out of kindness also to please the customer. The furnace worked great and did an excellent job at heating the home also. Art, and Mrs.[redacted] were both satisfied with all the work performed and paid the balance of the contract...$2800.00. Mr. [redacted] was so pleased with all the work, he actually hired us to run a new gas line and hook up a wall mounted heater in his sun room. Which he was also completely satisfied with. 
   A couple Months went by and Ms. [redacted] moved into the house. She contacted us very rudely and demanded that we remove the new electric furnace out of the home because she did not like it and wanted the old one fixed etc. Blown away by this, we came out and removed the furnace FREE of charge I might add. We had to disassemble the enclosure, unbolt the furnace from the custom duct box, unbolt the duct box from the floor, remove the electric lines we ran under the home, remove the furnace breaker from the breaker box, remove the duct through the wall etc. and we did not charge a penny. In her complaint, Ms. [redacted] lies stating "[redacted]" took out the furnace because he had it sold. For starters, Bryant and Tom were the ones who removed the furnace. And like I stated above, Ms. [redacted] randomly called and demanded us to remove the furnace. So her statement is completely false. 
   Bryant set up a date to box in the water lines like we promised to do. He went out with Tom on the scheduled date 6-8-14, and performed the work, ONE time, not twice like Ms. [redacted] claims in her complaint that we had to go out twice to "Fix" the plumbing. The plumbing was working perfectly and always was since its initial installation over the winter. It never needed " fixed" We just came to box the lines in. So that was another lie. I have attached a document in which Ms. [redacted] signed that she was happy with how the lines were boxed in etc. It is "doc1"
   It was also later brought up that Ms. [redacted] wanted water lines moved around in the bathroom. So we scheduled that and moved the lines around to her satisfaction on 7-8-14. Which we did not charge her for. Originally when the contract was made up over the winter, [redacted] wanted the lines ran in front of the bathtub in the bathroom to keep it simple, and said he would cover them with something. That never happened. So we ended up moving the lines like I stated above. I have attached a document that Ms. [redacted] signed stating she was 100% happy with kitchen, bathroom, and utility room water lines. It is "doc2".
   Ms. [redacted] was told that we would check out the old boiler furnace and see what all was wrong with it and what it would need at some point. Once again this would be free of charge, when it most certainly should not be after all the things that happened. We were just trying to please the customer. Ms. [redacted] has hounded us about getting this done. Ms. [redacted] was contacted last Monday and told we would call her before coming out. She called on 7/23/14 very rude and demanding, completely out of line, and [redacted] did tell her to contact an attorney. It is to the point now that our kindness as a business and people, is being completely taken advantage of. Like I stated throughout  this entire response, The CONTRACTED work has been done and completed several months ago and everyone was happy. We went out of our way to do SO much extra work and did not charge a dime extra. The building of the enclosure for the furnace, boxing in the water lines, etc. Then Ms. [redacted] moves in and demands we remove the old furnace because she did not want it etc. As I stated above, a LOT of work went into the removal of the furnace, which was another thing we did not charge to do. Ms. [redacted] paid for nothing, was not contracted for any work, so who is she to make these demands? All original work we were contracted to do by Mrs. [redacted] was COMPLETED months ago before Ms. [redacted] even came into the picture. As you can see we have been more then kind and have done more then go out of our way to make these individuals happy. We are being taken advantage of now and want to cut all ties with this household. Are we supposed to keep doing all this extra work for free? Work I might add that is not even contracted, or paid for, for us to do? Since Ms. [redacted] moved in and demanded the removal of a brand new furnace we installed for Mrs. [redacted], that worked great, does that mean we are supposed to fix her extremely old furnace for free of charge? I think not. Where is the agreement or contract stating we are supposed to fix her old furnace? There isn't one, and never was. Our kindness, and generosity must have been mistaken for stupidity and ignorance because we went out of our way and did so much extra for them for nothing. A line has to be drawn, We are not going to be taken advantage of any longer. 
Thanks for your time in this matter.

I want to start off by saying that we are A+ Accredited members of the for a reason. We do not screw people over. This complaint is ridiculous and i'm blown away by it actually.  I'll explain why...Mr.[redacted] forgot to mention that we did another job for them a week or so ago....

We were hired to fix a clogged kitchen sink drain by installing a complete new drain line under the home. We professionally and promptly completed the job and the customers were 100% satisfied. While under the home we discovered a very small leak that has been been going on for awhile it appeared because the entire under belly/insulation was wet/damaged and even missing. We notified the customers of the leak. Since they were so happy with the job we just did for them, they agreed to have the leak fixed. We needed to get materials etc. so it was discussed the job would be done at a later date. We spoke to Mrs.[redacted] the middle or so of last week and told her we had them down for the upcoming weekend to fix the problem and she said that was fine. Well Saturday came along and there was a crazy cold snap and the temperatures were teens to single digits with below zero windchill. I called Mrs.[redacted] Saturday and explained to her that it would not be justifiable to turn her water off to the house and cut/repair lines with the temperatures so cold and risk her lines freezing up and busting. Especially since most of their insulation/under belly was damaged or not existing and they had no heat tape, which did not help matters none. She was more than understanding. And let me state again, this was a small leak, not an emergency by any means. Sunday came along and it was very cold again. Single digits with below zero windchill. Mr.[redacted] called us being very rude and demanding. We explained to him the same thing we explained to his wife on Saturday. He did not care. We told him if he was going to act this way etc. that he could get somebody else and we would give him his money back, because we were not going to shut off his water in single digit weather and be responsible for his whole house freezing up and busting. We also told him we just spoke to his wife the day before and to his amazement, his wife did not tell him we spoke to her Saturday so he got mad and put her on the phone. We told Mrs.[redacted] we would get them in this week once it warmed up above freezing. All was agreed upon and fine. Now this morning I get this email from the where i'm getting railroaded over this? I'm just amazed truly. Anyone with common sense can agree that you do not shut off water to someones home, especially with all the issues underneath that they have, when it is single digits/below zero outside, and have their home freeze up and bust. You just do not do that. Nobody was putting them off. It's just good business to do this repair when the weather is allowing. The customers were told that and agreed. That is why I am shocked to get this complaint. Will be awaiting a response from the customer and the Thank you.

For starters I want to point out the fact that Ms.[redacted] is trying to use her grandmother as a victim here and that is completely unacceptable. Every time we were there working, we were all very polite to her, and she was to us also. As an example, we would sweep and clean around her home for her, even areas that we were not working in. She would always hug us and thank us. As I stated several times, in several different situations, in my initial response to this complaint, we went out of our way so much to please Mrs.[redacted]. Mr.[redacted] told us himself several times, not to pay attention to Mrs.[redacted] because she would forget things, and call or not remember something and change her mind etc. He just explained to us that she was "old" and would forget things easily etc. and to just call him or ask him if something was wrong or we had questions.   I want to point out a few things that I hope the takes into consideration...First... If we were so awful to Mrs.[redacted] and she went to Mr.[redacted]'s home crying everyday, why would Mr.[redacted] hire us to run a gas line and install a heater on his patio in HIS home? Secondly... If the work that was done was so awful, why did Mr.[redacted] and Mrs.[redacted] state they liked everything done, and why did Mrs.[redacted] pay her balance of her contract if she was so mistreated and so unsatisfied? Thirdly, why was nothing said to us throughout the rest of the winter while Mrs.[redacted] used her water and furnace perfectly fine? We weren't contacted about any of this until Ms. [redacted] called in June/July demanding we take out the furnace because she didn't like it and wanted it gone. 
   Ms.[redacted] stated work wasn't done or completed and that when she got involved, Mrs.[redacted] was "so upset" that work wasn't completed. This is once again FALSE. Ms.[redacted] got involved in June as she stated. Mrs.[redacted] lived in her home through out the winter several several months ago with running water and a new furnace, both, which we installed. Plus she paid us the balance of the contract when the work was completed and herself and Mr.[redacted] was happy. So Ms.[redacted]'s statement doesn't add up at all. 
   Once again, all contracted work was COMPLETED back in the winter. The only thing we had to do was box in the water lines, (which was only an appearance add-on)  which was not even contracted or paid for because we did it out of kindness.  Originally Mr.[redacted] discussed with us that he might possibly paint over the water lines. Then changed his mind, so we said we would get some pieces made for a "basic" covering of the water lines and bring them out for Mrs.[redacted] to choose from. With there not being many options for the application, we brought over our samples on a couple different occasions and Mrs.[redacted]  did not want to use them. So as I stated in the first response...We went out of our way to make Mrs.[redacted] happy,  and told her once it got nice out and weather broke, we would come in and frame in the water lines with wood and box them in with wood paneling. She said that would be perfect and that there was no rush. She was just happy she had running water and heat. That boxing in of the lines alone, was an entire day of work with two men, that we did not get paid extra for and that was not on the contract to do.
   As I stated before, Ms.[redacted] contaced us in June demanding us to remove the new electric furnace because she didn't like it. She stated in her last response that it was "not sufficient" for the home. Let me remind you, back when the job was contracted with Mr.[redacted] and Mrs.[redacted] we informed them that the home did not have ANY duct work ran through it at all and that our plan for the new furnace would be for it to be installed in a central position of the home and we would run a couple custom vents to get heat throughout the home since the house did not have regular duct work vents in every room. They were happy with that, and they said they did not want to spend the money to run all new duct work through out the home, and that our plan was perfect. They also purchased our new electric furnace because they did not want to put money into the very old furnace outside that was all frozen and busted. Let me state once again, Mrs.[redacted] lived in the home through one of the worst winters we have had in years, and our furnace performed perfectly. If it didn't work at all and was horrible, why would Mr.[redacted] approve of it all and why would the balance of the contract be paid in full? Also, as Ms.[redacted] stated...She moved in around June. Which is right around Summer time. How could she judge the furnace performance and its sufficiency at that time of year?
   Upon removal of the new furnace, all power lines were removed from under the house. So her statement that lines were left in the floor is a lie. If memory serves me correctly, they have phone lines running through the floor which has nothing to do with us. The furnace and custom duct box was boxed in and a permanent installation. How were we to know months later, someone would randomly call and demand the furnace be removed when they move in? Ms.[redacted] stated in her response that "she now has no heat for winter" Is that our fault? The home had a brand new 100% Efficient electric furnace we installed that worked great in one of the coldest winters in years. Is it our fault she wanted it removed for bogus reasons? No it is not. 
   Another thing I want to clear up...Ms.[redacted] keeps stating that the bathroom waterlines were recently being "fixed" This is completely false. The water lines were once again, 100% completed and working since back in winter time. That's why the contract was paid off in full months and months ago. We returned recently to rearrange the lines in front of the bathtub because that was something else Ms.[redacted] didn't like. Originally Mr.[redacted] was supposed to cover the water lines in front of the bathtub, but that never happened. So out of kindness and generosity, we returned to move and reconfigure the waterlines in the bathroom free of charge. Ms.[redacted] did sign off on the water lines reconfig. and the boxing in of the water lines because it all was done very nicely and she obviously was happy with it. 
   Ms.[redacted] keeps stating things that are false and has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Just another way to try and dig at nothing. Ms. [redacted] was told she would be called before coming out. [redacted] stated the weekend was a possibility but did not make it a certain thing. Ms.[redacted] was called on Monday July, 14 and told she would be contacted before we came out sometime that week. Ms.[redacted] hounded and hounded for weeks wanting her old furnace looked at and fixed. It got to the point where [redacted] did tell her to get an attourney in which I will explain why. Look at the original contract for the work we were paid to do. You will see "install electric furnace" and "install PVC above ground plumbing" Both of those were completely finished and the customer (Mrs.[redacted] & Mr.[redacted]) was satisfied 100% which is why the balance was paid in full after the work was performed. Plus all the extras we did and did not charge a dime for which include- the complex boxing in of the water lines, the boxing in of the furnace, the rearranging and configuration of the water lines in the bathroom months later because they were not covered by Mr.[redacted] like he was supposed to do, the removal of a completely new heating system we installed. Do you see any of that on the contract? No you do not. No other contractor would have went out of the way to do all that we did to make this family group happy, and not even charge a dime for. Our kindness is being mistaken for ignorance and it has to stop. Are we really supposed to put hundreds/thousands of dollars into their old furnace to try and fix it? Where is the contract to do that? Ms.[redacted] had a brand new electric furnace in her home that worked great, and demanded it be removed once she came into the picture in June. That was her choice. Not ours. It is not our place to now fix her old furnace that was never contracted to be touched. Any court of law will agree once they see our signed and paid contract, that we did indeed do our job, because we did. It's in black and white here with the attached contract. The plumbing and new furnace was done to satisfactory several months ago and Mrs.[redacted] lived in her home with heat and water.  I'm not sure how else I can explain and clarify myself. 
Thanks for your time in this manner.

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