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Thank you for your response and additional background information on the asked about timing of responses as I responded prior to August and had not received a response from or Wyler within the allotted day time period or even a day periodTherefore, I called on 10/I didn't have an inkling that you were out for a week, and completely understand if you were out of the officeThe response period that I received this time provided a deadline of today and was activated last Monday.Another little-known fact about the “You are not a consumer watchdog.” While the offers consumers many services—lists of popular scams to watch out for and such—the organization’s mission isn’t to have the consumer's backFrom top to bottom, the is funded by the annual dues paid by businesses it anoints with “accreditation,” which allows the companies to put those iconic stamps of approval on their storefronts and websitesThis fact raises obvious questions about an inherent conflict of interest: The organization’s customers are businesses, not taxpayers or consumersHow can the serve as an honest broker between businesses and consumers when it is fully funded by one of these parties? Many argue that it cannot — that there’s a natural incentive to paint its paying clients in the best possible light.What I sent pictures of and wrote about in my last response was the transmission failure and massive transmission leak (rendering the vehicle inoperable)In neither response, yours or [redacted] 's, was the transmission issue referenced.Also, in your email response below, you stated that the reviews written documentation including photos; however, you requested written documentation, after I provided photosThe photos provided shows Jeff Wyler's dealership in the backgroundThe fluid, is red transmission fluidI have the complete video, but cannot upload through the website due to size of fileIt is possible to click properties of the pictures that I submitted to view the date of those photos.Additionally, the pictures that I submitted were not in black and white like the attachments that I just viewed from your emailThe trails and puddles happen to be from the transmission fluidIf you need those to be resubmitted, I would be glad to do so.I have and can provide the two estimates from other service centers (one of which is a Chevrolet dealership) that demonstrates no record of transmission failure, wheel bearing issue, or power steering problems prior to Wyler's workI can certainly provide that and thought that I had at the initiation of the complaint; the attorney general's office was provided with that information alsoNonetheless, if Wyler Chevrolet still has my vehicle, and it is no longer operable after Wyler stated it was ready for pickup (since the vehicle stalled three times from the transmission leaking) how can I take the vehicle anywhere for an additional independent opinion to provide something else in writing? Ultimately, what written documentation can I provide outside of the service form that I occasionally received when I returned my vehicle to Wyler stating they will look at the vehicle? I have recordings of conversations with representatives of Wyler; however, I am not sure if those, like photos, would be considered "written" documentation based on the email you sent or not.It seems as though I have provided documentationAfter being told that the documentation is not suitable, please clarify, of the items I just mentioned, which would be acceptable to the to avoid redundancy

This is [redacted] , the damage that [redacted] said was done here on the lot has been taken care ofThe jerking problem was also repaired the vehicle had a check engine light on from a bad thermostat, we replaced the thermostat and also replaced the batteryI test drove the vehicle for 15-miles and the vehicle ran as designed

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me However, I did not receive any voicemail this morningI will be by after work today to pick up my rentalAlso, I am appalled at your employee's interaction and responses on Facebook (see attached)

I would love to get the money back for my car that I tradedOr if they could give me a better warranty for my car considering the issues I have had and possible frame damage in the future Jesus Is The Reason For The Season! Merry Christmas!!

***, here are the RO's you requested for Elon [redacted] Thanks, [redacted] ###-###-####

We did reseal the intake on this customers vehicle, after driving the vehicle the customer stated the engine was making a noiseAfter checking the vehicle out we found that the lifters were getting weak causing a ticking noiseThey are spring loaded so after a period of time they do get weakSo we offered to put the cost of the intake reseal towards the cost of replacing the lifters even though we did not cause the lifters to go badThe cost of resealing the intake was the cost to replace the lifters is so the difference would be

Mr [redacted] ***We spoke to Mr [redacted] yesterday and he discussed with us the areas in our sales process in which he had concernsUnfortunately he purchased a car elsewhere for less money than we were offering for his tradeI did offer our sincerest apology in regards to what he felt were excessive inquiries and I explained to him how we were not able to remove legitimate loan request inquiries from ones creditHowever in light of him giving us the first shot at his businessI did extend an offer to purchase a gift card for Mrand Mrs [redacted] to have dinner on usWhich he felt was not necessary but definitely an acceptable gesture As always we look forward to assisting the ***'s in all of their future automotive needs and we thank you for all of your assistance

I spoke with ** [redacted] and he said I have an "extended warranty" that covers more then just the drivetrainI told him the last time I had the on the electrical work done and they said it wasn't coveredI explained to the mechanic that I have an extended warranty that covers mechanical issues up to 100,The issue that was being worked on was the battery issue that I had which caused the positive post to get damagedI would like for them to put that in writhing because the last repair I tried to get there was some confusion one of the mechanics told me I didn't have a warranty that covered the work needed to be doneI had to speak to a manger to get the right informationI would like my warranty clearly explained so there isn't any confusionAlso he cut me a check for a car paymentI asked you in my last email if I could have the money back for my car I traded in for this carIt seems as thought that money was financed into my loan; I was not made aware of this and I would like that money back2,I did not want a loan for my carI wanted cash for itSo if I understood that paperwork right it was financedAlthough the I appreciate [redacted] customer service I have not gotten what I deserve Sorry I did not include the amount it would be after the car payment amount given to me1,dollars Thanks for all you help ***

Mr [redacted] did experience some service concerns with his vehicle when he purchased his car back in MarchHowever, we did address those issues and we did cover those concerns without any additional cost to him In the past months since his initial visit to our service departmentHis car has not experienced any residual issues from his initial concernsBut we have assured him, if any issue re-surfaces due to our previous workHe should feel free to contact us immediately and we will address those issues promptly! We value Mr [redacted] ’s business and look forward to assisting him in all of his Automotive needs in the future Thanks again Wyler Management

Mr [redacted] called and said they paid Mr [redacted] $which paid off his loan They do not owe him any additional money There is nothing wrong with his this time He has a warranty No further obligation

Here is my response/clarification:All that I ever wanted was to pick up my vehicle; however, [redacted] and Jeff Wyler Chevrolet made that an impossibility based on the information that I provided belowApparently, if I were to pick up my vehicle from Wyler Chevrolet now, I would need a tow truck to get it from Wyler to any destination that I wished to travelI did not need a tow truck to bring my vehicle to Wyler when I initially brought the Impala to Wyler on 5/18/for serviceI reiterate that an ordinary person would not pay $2343.12, have their vehicle rendered inoperable due to negligence and tow it away from the dealership that was paid to service the vehicle [redacted] was present when I returned the the Impala because it failed to travel 1/4th of a mile on 8/7/I requested a moment to speak with [redacted] as referenced below, and he refused to speak with meHad [redacted] taken the time to allow me to show him the additional damage that his dealership caused, he would know exactly why I couldn't operate the vehicle beyond a quarter mile after the car had been in Wyler's possession for three months at that timeNow it has been close to months that I have been without my vehicleNot once during the many times that I requested to speak with the Service Manager in person did [redacted] bother to speak to me in person to resolve any issues/concernsI assert that is due to the fact that he authorized/required the sabotaged of my vehicle by his subordinatesThat is why the courtesy vehicle has close to 17,miles on it, after being provided to me with 3,milesHad [redacted] spoken to me to resolve the issues with my vehicle in person the additional mileage on the Wyler vehicle could have been avoided and I would have gladly accepted my vehicle in an operational/drivable condition, considering I drove the Impala to Wyler to be serviced on the 18th of May, 2014.Below, is what happened after Wyler agreed to replace the lifters that they damaged by allowing a technician to run the vehicle for hours without the proper amount of engine oil as stated by the service advisor:It appears that I need to reopen my complaint as it has not been resolved after the dealership agreed to repair the additional damage that they caused the first time.I was contacted by Jeff Wyler Chevrolet to pick up my vehicle on 8/7/as the necessary repairs had been completedOn 8/7/14, I went to Wyler Chevrolet to pick up the Chevrolet ImpalaThe Wyler employee retrieved my vehicle and provided to meAs I drove through the parking lot, I heard a grinding noise in the right front wheelI turned from the dealership parking lot exit onto Gender Rd, the transmission began to rev high up to rpms and the steering pump was making a whining noiseNone of which happened before I took the vehicle for service months agoI took Gender Rd across Route and turned into the Kroger fueling station as the power steering pump continued to make loud noiseAs the vehicle was fueling I noticed a red trail of fluid that led to where the vehicle was parkedI looked under the vehicle and noticed a large puddle of transmission fluid under the vehicle and over locations on the undercarriage where the fluid was dripping fromI took photographs of leaks, puddles, and fluid trailsAs I attempted to return the vehicle to Jeff Wyler, the vehicle stalled times, once in a busy intersection with two left-turn only lanes onto Gender RdWhen I turned back into the dealership, I noticed the trail of transmission fluid from where my vehicle was initially delivered to me in front of the service bay all the way to the exit of the dealership and out onto the streetWhen I returned to the dealership, I requested to speak with the service manager [redacted] The dealership has glass offices and I saw the advisor request that Mr [redacted] come out and speak with meMr [redacted] looked at me through the glass and refused to come out and speak with me about the issueNever before I took my vehicle to Wyler, was there a problem with the transmission leaking, grinding, or stallingBefore I took the vehicle to Jeff Wyler Chevrolet, I didn't have a problem with the power steering pump making noise, and my vehicle did not have a grinding in the right front wheel that felt as though the brakes were applied while drivingThe vehicle has been out of my care for over three months and now has problems that it did not have when it went into the dealership for serviceAt this stage, how can Jeff Wyler repair my vehicle after having it for more than months and each time, I get the vehicle back, it has more damage than the last time, when the vehicle was in Jeff Wyler's possession for the entire duration of the "repairs".I am lost on next steps in this processMy car has been made mechanically unsound, leaving me without my vehicle and $for initial services paid for.I am not confident in Jeff Wyler's ability to successfully repair my vehicle without causing additional damages; however, the vehicle is inoperable in it's current state.One can consider a repair service goodwill when they provide service for a problem that they did not create or that did not arise out of negligenceThe definition of what Wyler has done cannot be considered goodwill, but, negligence or in the latest instance sabotageThe Chevrolet Impala has been mechanically destroyed in the nearly months that Wyler has been in possession of the vehicleThe vehicle was previously operable mechanically and now the vehicle is unable to be driven due to the catastrophic transmission failure that was experienced before I could even exit the Gender Road area where the dealership is locatedI videotaped the transmission fluid trail that I noticed when I returned to the dealership after the transmission stalled times once in the middle of a busy intersectionI'm confused as to how the Impala developed catastrophic transmission failure after the transmission was serviced by Wyler and the engine was taken apart and servicedThere was no prior mention made by Wyler of transmission failure in estimates/evaluations provided by Wyler Chevrolet; and if there was a transmission failure that existed, I'm sure that Wyler would not have agreed to service the transmission without mentioning additional repairs neededThe same mention would have been provided about the whining/weak power steering pump and grinding noise issue in the right front of the vehicle given the amount of times the Service Advisor, ***, stated that the vehicle had been road testedAdditionally, I assert that the Service Manager, [redacted] , was fully aware of the sabotage that had taken place and that is why he was unwilling to address the service issue when I returned the vehicle to the dealership after experiencing vehicle trouble within less than a quarter mile of the dealership.At this stage in the process, Wyler's culpability appears to have moved beyond simple negligence with the lifters (where the Service Advisor, [redacted] stated that the Impala was allowed to run for eight hours, after the engine's crankcase was "flushed") to criminal damage (occurs when you create a substantial risk of harm to any property without the owner's consent)Wyler has my vehicle and took payment for services, I have neither the vehicle or the money and additional damage has been caused to my vehicle making it mechanically inoperable (transmission and grinding right front wheel) and created power steering pump vulnerability that did not exist before I took it to WylerMy vehicle's mechanical soundness has been compromised and I am unwilling to accept my vehicle in a state that is worse than what I delivered it to Wyler in, nearly months agoI feel that Wyler is unwilling or incapable of providing my vehicle to me in a properly-serviced/working stateI am open/willing to be compensated for the fair market value of my vehicle or for another dealership of my choice to repair the vehicle at Wyler's cost

I have two estimates from another Chevrolet dealership and from *** with detailed evaluations of the vehicleNone of the other estimates referenced a ticking noiseOne estimate [redacted] was only a couple days prior to taking the vehicle for service to Jeff Wyler I have photographs from two occasions where I was told that my Impala was ready and when the vehicle was brought out it leaked profusely all over the ground in front of the dealership garage doorThe estimate that I was provided originally from Wyler did not mention any repairs needed for a leak or costs to cover a leakThat is due to the fact that the leak did not exist prior to Wyler Chevrolet working on the vehicleThe same logic applies to the ticking under the hood with the engineThere was no mention of ticking noise by Wyler until after they caused additional damage to my vehicle from negligenceI also have a recording of *** ( [redacted] ) stating that the noise did not exist until after they (Wyler Chevrolet) worked on the ImpalaAlso, Wyler after charging over $to fix more than just the seal referenced in the response to my complaint, stated that they would not be able to figure out the ticking noise until I authorized them to charge me nearly $to take apart the engineThen I was advised that I would have to authorize the subsequent repairs necessary to correct the issue ( caused by Wyler) after they credited $toward the repair cost leaving me responsible for another $If paid, would put repair costs at over $4000, above the cost for rebuilt / replaced engine

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

The customer dropped off the car did not tell anybody the car was here, also did not leave the keys with anyone took the keys with himWe did look at the car to find that second gear needed replaced We ordered the parts fixed the concern, when the customer picked the vehicle up we offered to test drive the vehicle with him to make sure he was happyHe declined to have anybody test drive the vehicle with him, we offered this for two reasonsOne to make sure he was happy with the repair, also to see if the problem was how he was driving the vehicleThe salesperson who sold him the vehicle who went on a test drive when he purchased the vehicle stated she was not sure that he knew how to drive a standard shift vehicleWe did test drive the vehicle after the repairs to verify the vehicle shifted as designedThe customer is welcome to go get a second opinion on the operation of the transmissionIf there is anything else we can offer please let me know

Hello Jeff Wyler, I am happy you're in townWhen I saw the signs saying Jeff Wyler indicating you were taking over for the previous owner I was happy you were in townI thought it was another dealership going out of businessI am a strong supporter of supporting local businessesThis is orb of the main reasons why I wanted to take the opportunity to coma and buy my car from your dealership I am a husband and the father of three children trying to make the right choices for me and my family in this economy it is toughSo making a long term investment in this car is an important oneSo I tried "getting my ducks in e row" as far as understanding the resell value of this car and the depEndability of it as well of course the safety of itThis car was the perfect choice for me as far as some reviews I read online from Edmonds and othersI took the car for a test driveThe Buick Lacrosse was very nice the ride was nice wonderful carUntil I looked under the hoodUpon looking under the hood there was a large amount of corrosion on the batteryWhich make me uneasytold the salesman [redacted] about it and he said that service will take care of it during the point inspectionSo I felt safe knowing that it was going through such a rigorous inspectionSo I purchased the car, (*Side note after dropping my car off my car for a complete detail my CDs and my FOP decal was thrown awayI told [redacted] about it and he went looking for my items he couldn't find them at first until he and I looked a little closer we found them in the trashThere were a couple of CDs that couldn't be replacedBut [redacted] was able to get the detail company to give me some money for thatI also came back three times for a detail that the car was never done rightI guess I am a custom to the cars that are steam cleaned and then plastic is put downTo protect the cleaned carpet I also had to come back a few times for a gift certificate that was for coming in for the test drive.) After driving the car for a little while I noticed there was some issues with shifting gears and also some power steering issueSo took it in for service I told the techs about the issue I was having with the car shifting funnyI also explained to them that the car would hesitate when it shifted from to gearSide note I came in and the tech didn't know I was comingEven though I was sent a email confirmation in addition to that tech was supposed to rotate my tires and he didn't because of the wheel locks that was on my carAll they had to was call me and ask where they were but they didn't ;)So I had to reschedule a appointment for that)So the engine was shifting funny and the power steering was make the ***d noiseI told the tech on occasion I would hear a ***d noise coming from the power steeringWhen I would put the car in reverseThey explained to me that they would have to duplicate the noise in the shopWhich I know I heard on more the on occasion and I still hear to this daySo the tech said the reason the car was shifting funny was because of the something to do with the computer and it needed to be resetSo it was reset and they said that they were unable to get it to make the ***d noise that was coming for the power steeringSo I drove the car home the shifting improved but and not a day or two later it was making the noise again from the power steeringNot feeling very happy about the car and the problemsI continued to drive the car I was leaving my Lawyers office and I was reversing the car and the steering got stiff and the power steering, brake assist, stabli track light came onSo I took the car into the shop the next day and the tech told me it was the computer that went bad that was on top of the batterySo they were going to replace itIt was replaced and I drove the car home not a day or two later when the next thing happen The next event was one day I was headed to work driving down the freeway and all of a sudden the car jerkedIt acted as if it was going to stop in the engine rewedSo I turn the radio downTo make sure it wasn't something I thought I heard and feltI continuing driving down the freewayAll of a sudden it does it againSo I pulled over called a tow companyThey towed my car back to the "Jeff Wyler of Columbus" The techs took a look at it and they said it was a computer issue and also that the positive post have some ferried wiresSo it would need to have the wire replaced, Which would cost me almost dollars I immediately began to think about all the corrosion that was on the battery that wasn't addressed from the beginningThis had to be the source of these problemsAI began to !ook a little closer at the battery and the area around the battery I notice my though was rightThis was a battery corrosion issueSo I told the tech I needed to speak to the manager and we talked it out it was under warrantySo the battery also would need to be replaced along with the positive postWhich is located on top of the batterySo the techs replaced that relay box with a new oneSo I spoke with [redacted] the day of me picking the car up after it was finish with these repairsI sent a letter to him explaining the things that I read online about the dealer the car was at prior to Jeff Wyler purchaseThe dealer was name [redacted] NissanIt was said that the dealer was known to sell hurricane vehicleSo I no longer wanted to be in this car considering the fact that it was purchased from themI also told him that I would like to cut ties with this carI would accept a full refund of the deal because the car was sold to me under thought that the car had been thought a point inspection and this was not the caseBecause the battery was never cleaned properly which lead us to all these other problems I have had, Which could make this deal fall under deceptive acts and practices, [redacted] told me as soon as I seen him let's get you in another carI was apprehensive about that but I decided to see what would happen if we tried thatHe told me he would talk to [redacted] and see what they could do about it [redacted] came out and spoke to me about the email I had sent [redacted] and he said that indeed I would have to go up in payment because it was going to be negative equity in my car, He wanted to see the car and see what my chief complaint about it wasI told him that it was not fair for me to have to do this because I told [redacted] prior to the purchase of the car that it had battery issueIt was supposed to be taken care of and was notSo this isn't my fault that [redacted] drove it and

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