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Jeff's Automotive Service & Repair

490 28 1/4 Rd, Grand Junction, Colorado, United States, 81501-5182

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I own a 1998 Outback. When I was driving, the engine would stall, turn off. I took the car into Jeffs Auto and he said I needed a radiator. He replaced it for me and when I was leaving, the stalling was still a problem so he said I needed a new battery. I replaced the battery. The car was still staling and he said I needed a new Fuel filter, the fuel pump was new so I replaced the filter. The car was still stalling so I paid $100.00 to have it towed to his shop so I would not ruin the engine. After three days I got the call stating that I needed a new engine because there was no oil in it. FIRST OF ALL,,, there WAS oil in the engine when I left here and NO oil on the ground. I was told they had fried the engine because of NO oil. I now needed a new engine. I paid another $100.00 to have the car towed back to my home. When I got the car back, oil was spilling all over the ground. I had my son-in-law look and see what happened. He said "the first thing they should have checked was the oil and then the fact is was "stalling" they should have checked the Gaskets because it would have been a simple fix to tighten them down instead Jeffs auto kept running the car until "THEY" fried the engine. The engine looks like it was on fire when I got it back. The sparks plugs are black, wires are burned off and parts are missing. EAch mechanic I have called have stated Jeffs Auto is RESPONSIBLE to repair the engine since it was in their possession when the engine was ruined by their neglect.

Jeff's Automotive Service & Repair Response • Jan 11, 2019

had an appointment scheduled for 12/08/2017 to have her Subaru's radiator replaced, *** called in a few minutes before her appointment and stated that her engine died and would not restart, Jeff J (the owner of Jeff's Automotive) drove to where *** was broke down with a battery jump box. ***'s engine would not turn over due to the battery being dead, Jeff jump started the the engine and left the battery jump box under the hood of the Subaru so that it would make it to Jeff' Automotive Service & Repair LLC. Customer requested no diagnostics for the radiator, we when Jeff's Automotive informed *** that the battery tested bad and requested to replace it *** declined repairs. Jeff's Automotive replaced the radiator and returned the car to ***. I am not exactly sure of the date *** had the car towed back to Jeff's Automotive but our invoice was closed on 1/16/2018 stating the engine had still been stalling after she replaced the battery, when the Subaru was dropped off the engine would turn over but not start. Jeff's Automotive performed a compression test on the engine all cylinders had 45 psi or less (a good engine generally has @150). Jeff's Automotive checked the oil level of the engine and found that there was no oil on the dipstick. The oil filter was then removed and cut open for inspection, we found lots of debris (engine bearing material) inside the oil filter. A bore scope was inserted into the cylinders and visible damage to the cylinder walls was found. A *** (*** I believe) left Jeff's Automotive Service & Repair LLC a negative review on google 8 months ago it is included here with Jeff J's response. Made a terrible misdiagnosis, now my car does not run. I took my car to Jeff's because of the 5 star rating. I needed a radiator replaced. When I took my car in, I told him I was concerned about the car stalling. Jeff told me all I needed was a new battery. I paid for my new radiator and (customer) replaced the battery. The car continued to stall so I called Jeff back. I had the car towed in for another look. Jeff called me three days later and said there was no oil in the engine so the gaskets were ruined. I asked how was that possible when the car had oil before I had it towed back to his place. He did not know. He said I needed to replace the engine. I could not afford a new engine.I had the car towed back to my place. As soon as the tow truck driver lowered my car onto the pavement, I noticed a lot of oil coming from the engine. I was confused as to why this was happening. There was no oil on the ground before the car was taken back to Jeff's Auto. He said there was no oil in the car and that caused the problem, but there was oil in the car before I had it towed back to his business and now there was oil leaking all over the ground. I have had a few mechanics look at the car and said Jeff should have known that the stalling was a gasket over heating and not a battery problem. If Jeff had properly diagnosed the problem, the fix would have been to tighten the gaskets, not a complete engine failure. I was given the car as a gift from my daughter because I live here alone. Jeff was quit rude when I said I could not afford to replace the engine and he said, "you got the car free". I was shocked and angry that he could be so rude, and uncaring. My daughter paid $4,000 for the car, it was not free. The car was for me to have reliable transportation. Jeff did not properly diagnose the problem, therefore the engine was ruined, while at his shop. I cannot afford a new engine. I am extremely frustrated. As I have talked to more people about my frustration, they say Jeff completely failed in properly diagnosing the problem with the car. A battery does not cause stalling. The stalling was caused by the gaskets overheating. I went to Jeff because of his 5 star rating, this was a big mistake. The car sits out front. I am unable to afford a new engine.......
Response from the owner8 months agoThank you for taking the time to write a review. Reviews are a great way to help us become better at providing the best service possible to all of our customers. We are sorry to hear you had an unsatisfactory visit. We recommended replacing the battery due to it being so old and under powered because it would not even start the cars engine. When you choose not to have us replace the battery that halted our ability to diagnose the stalling issue. Low battery voltage can cause multiple problems with all electrical systems on fuel injected cars. We can't make a proper diagnosis for a drive-ability issue on a vehicle with a bad battery. When I mentioned you got the car for free, I sincerely meant it in a positive way; what a blessing in your life during such a stressful time to have a daughter that cares for you and provided a car for you to use. I wish myself, your daughter or you could have known the vehicle was being driven while low on oil. We would have checked for engine damage prior to replacing the radiator. We now check the oil level on every vehicle that comes into the shop regardless of the repairs needed. We will continue not diagnosing drive-ability issues on cars with bad batteries. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do to help.I feel bad for *** but wish she would own her part in the situation, checking the oil in your car is your responsibility. We have implemented a new policy to check all vehicles engine oil regardless of repairs needed to prevent any future situations like this one. In my response to her review I did ask her to please let us know if there was anything further we could do to help her she has not been in touch with me to date.

Jeff J

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Address: 490 28 1/4 Rd, Grand Junction, Colorado, United States, 81501-5182


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