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The End!  P.S. Thank You to the over 14000 great customers that I could satisfy over the last 24 years!!!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
First I would like to thank [redacted] for taking the time to comment on this complaint. With that being said I thought it necessary to comment one last time to set the record straight since nothing that [redacted] wrote is true. I am not sure why [redacted] thinks it necessary to write such false comments, but now the conduct and mindset of his employees is a little more understandable. I am writing this response to hopefully help other consumers be alert to some of the issues I was unfortunately presented with by [redacted]'s Northshore Auto.
 I did test drive this vehicle before, but it was back farther than a month. It was on December 26, 2013. (see attached offer total and mock appraisal sheet from that visit) [redacted] was incorrect in the amounts that were discussed. I did put a verbal offer in on the vehicle but is was $17,500.00. The tires were in terrible condition and needed to be replaced immediately. [redacted] Hanson (the salesman who was helping me... but does not work there anymore) provided me with [redacted]'s lowest offer which was $18, 179.00 plus tax, title, and licensing. [redacted] was not even involved in the negotiations which were nothing more than a one minute conversation. I respectfully told [redacted] that was outside of my current budget. We shook hands and I stood up to leave. My wife and I got halfway to the door and [redacted] walked into the showroom. We greeted each other and started small talk. When he found out my trade profession he offered to hire me to do some work on a remodel project he was going to do for his wife while she was out of town as a surprise.  If I was such a rude and offensive individual as [redacted] puts me off to be, why would he offer to pay me money to spend more time with me in his own home? Doesn't make sense to me, sounds like [redacted] may have been confused on the first transaction and visit since he was not involved.
 The second visit involved [redacted]'s son [redacted]. Now let it be known I enjoyed dealing with [redacted]. That is why I accepted his offer on Monday morning at 8:45 am. He was clear in what his offer was and did try to get the deal completed Saturday night. The statement by [redacted] accusing me of threatening [redacted] that I would not leave unless he accepted my counter offer is ridiculous.  If that were the case, then wouldn't the "fake offer" be for what I offered them? Not what [redacted] countered??? I offered $15,000.00 and he countered with the reduced sticker price of $15,900.00 which is what the offer sheet that is attached shows. [redacted] did call [redacted], but my wife and I were on the other side of [redacted]'s desk during the phone conversation. Nothing that [redacted] said took place on that call was accurate. Quite the contrary, [redacted]'s abusive voice could be clearly heard telling [redacted] that he could not move at all on the price. I felt sorry for [redacted]. I have seen all to often a father who speaks to their son like that and I felt uncomfortable listening. That was when I understood that if I wanted the truck, the price was what it was. Also, a key point to remember is that when the call occurred I already had the sales contract in my hand and [redacted] called [redacted], not the other way around. [redacted]'s statement of me being rude and demanding is so false. My wife and I had a pleasant conversation with [redacted]. He and I shared a good well wishes, shook hands and he took my cell number to call if he could talk his Dad into getting me a second key or door opener. 
 [redacted] said he never had to deal with a customer like me before. Hard to believe since he and I had absolutely NO dealings together on this transaction. I am not sure if he has me confused with someone else, but other than him offering me a job at his house, I never spoke with him or even saw him there. Another false statement by [redacted] that makes me wonder what is going through his head? Does he have me confused with someone else? Is he just having a bad day? I just can't get a clear understanding how a salesman offers me a vehicle for $15,900.00 at the end of business on Saturday and then tries to get an extra $1,000.00 from the customer after he pays a $1,000.00 down payment on the vehicle? 
 Lastly, [redacted] stated that when he spoke to me Monday AM that he knew he didn't want to do business with me. Funny, since I never got a chance to even get a word in. He erupted with anger, insults, and derogatory comments when he got on the phone.  I asked if I could explain what happened, and he refused to listen. He called me a few more names and yelled goodbye and hung up! Never was I ever treated so poorly and rudely in my life. 
 It is truly unfortunate that I would have to be a part of this complaint. I am not doing this to try and smear [redacted]'s Auto. I am trying to protect the next customer who get's caught in the middle of this father and son dynamic. I am very grateful that my wife was with me that day so I have another eye witness to their behavior at this dealership. 
 [redacted]'s prior statements are not credible and he should be ashamed of himself for misrepresenting the truth in such a horrible way. If we have a difference of opinions, that is fine. I can respect that. But to blatantly lie to try and cover up rudeness and bad behavior by himself and his employees, that is  disgraceful. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
 I do not accept the response from [redacted]'s Auto as an acceptable apology. They owe me a written apology at the least and a public reprimand should be in order. Backing out of a verbal deal because the sales contract was not signed is unethical in my opinion. Receiving money down on a vehicle that does not have a signed contract is against the law per the WI state DOT laws. 
 I was treated terribly and will never enter their establishment again. All customers looking to purchase a vehicle should beware of dealerships that have a track record of poor conduct. Buyer beware! Thank goodness I had my wife with me so there is a witness of what happened. Truth always prevails. 

Review: I received a purchase agreement at end of buisness on Saturday 2/8/14 from [redacted] Frees to purchase a 2008 Avalanche for $15,900.00. He was also going to sell me new tires for the vehicle at $214.00 each and mount and balance them for free. He was going to contact his dad ([redacted] the Owner) to try and get a better deal for me for which I gave him my cell phone number to reach me. I did not hear back from him Saturday night so I called on Monday the 10th at 8:45 am (15 minutes prior to start of their buisness day) and I gave Kevin my charge card information and deposited $1,000.00 towards the purchase of the vehicle. I told him I accepted the contractual price listed on the purchase agreement and reviewed the total dollar amount with him. We both agreed upon the total and he charged the $1,000.00 onto my card while I waited on the phone. He then called me an hour later to say they put a set of used tires on the truck and the price is now $16,900.00. I disagreed and he rudely told me that the price is $16,900.00 now. I asked to speak to the Owner or [redacted] and neither were available. Later I called and spoke to [redacted] and he rudely explained that I can not buy the vehicle for the agreed upon amount and that the price is now $16,900.00. I tried to calmly explain that when the charge was put against my card I assumed the purchase agreement was then executed. He angrily told me that he will not sell me that truck for what was agreed upon on Saturday. He told me a few untrue statements about myself and disagreed with the verbal agreement we had on saturday to purchase the vehilce for $15,900.00 unless his dad offered a larger discount. I asked to speak to the Owner who was not available at the office. I asked to have [redacted] call me and [redacted] agreed to have him call. An hour later I called the office again asking for [redacted] who was not there. I told [redacted] that I was going to file a complaint with and the DOT and he suddenly had [redacted] in front of him and available to speak on the phone. [redacted] was rude, boisterous, insulting and very bully like. He would not allow me to explain my view of the situation after numerous calm requests to inform him of what happened. He actually referred to me as a dishonest customer and insuled me with a few other verbal remarks. He would not allow me to even speak as he loudly told me he would not allow me to purchase the vehicle from him and that a refund is coming back onto my credit card. He then yelled a few more comments and accused me of acting poorly towards his son and he hung up on me. I was hurt and shaken emotionally. I could not believe how mean and hurtful the entire sales team was to me.Desired Settlement: I would accept a written apology. I know it is probably not possible but if I would have done what they did I would anticipate a fair settlement as them paying the difference in price from the $15,900.00 amount that they agreed upon selling me that vehicle to what I will have to pay elsewhere. I know that is far fetched, but I feel they costed me a 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche for $15,900.00. Not sure what is fair, but an appology and a public notice of guilt to help avoid them from getting away with this in the future would be acceptable.



In response to [redacted]s complaint; I have been selling cars at Menasha's Waverly Beach for 24 years. I have sold over 13000 cars. [redacted] was in approximately 30 day's prior trying to beat us up on the price back then. We were asking 16,900.00 at that time.He at that time offered us 16000.00 for the truck! He came in now when the truck was priced at 15,900.00 and wanted to pay 15,000.00 for it and wanted us to put new tires on it for free! My son [redacted] called me on Saturday and told me what [redacted] offered and I said no that I would not except this offer. An hour and a half later my son called me back and said that [redacted] was still there and he would not leave until we excepted his offer . At that time [redacted] felt very uncomfortable with the customer! I told him to give him an unsigned purchase agreement to get the guy to leave. I felt as though we were not dealing with a regular customer!!?? In all my years of experience I have never had to deal with somebody like this!! When I talked with this customer on the phone Monday Am. I knew at that time that I just did not want to do Business with this person. I have tried very hard over the years do to great things for our customers!! It is just a known fact in business that some people are just impossible to deal with! This is clearly the case here!! Thank You! President [redacted]'s Northshore Auto. [redacted]



I bought an old truck and wanted to find the right place to take it and have it fully customized. I heard that [redacted] had the best people and after doing a little home work I decided to hire [redacted] to build my 49 Ford. I am very pleased with the truck and [redacted] and his crew are the best. I shipped the truck in from Texas. Great experience and an amazing result.

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