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Jensen Custom Wood Products

18061 Pilot Knob Rd, Farmington, Minnesota, United States, 55024-9113

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Buyer beware
Seeing how I am unable to leave a review directly on their Facebook page (and any negative comments are deleted) I'll leave one anywhere I can:
I had several projects I want it done around the house, and after following Jensen Custom Wood Products (formerly Doors by Ty) on Facebook I went through them. I wanted to support a local business and liked the products they shared on their page. I started with a barn door as this was their main product at the time so I figured it would be quick, easy, and give me a good idea of what to expect for the more complicated items I wanted to order next.
I ordered the door and paid in full (yes, my mistake) in cash in January but had to go back and forth with their office manager (leaving names out) to get a receipt since she forgot to bring one when she came to pick up the cash (yes, I still gave it to her and I know that was a mistake on my part). I finally received a receipt 05January2019 and was told it would take 4-6 weeks. Long story short, I finally received a picture that my door was built and stained on 01October2020 and had it installed 11October2020. Here's an overview of the whole process:
+ She didn't bring receipt when she came to pick up cash, so I had to go back and forth for several days just to get a receipt confirming that she took my money for the product.
+ Was told 6-8 weeks until delivery and install but I had a receipt dated 05Jan2019 and the door wasn't installed and delivered until 11October2019.
+ I called several times to get updates and to see where people were on the days they had scheduled installs for me, until they removed their phone number from their Facebook page.
+ The only way to communicate after that was through email and Facebook messaging which was never responded to until several messages were sent on both platforms.
+ I missed several days of work due to no-call/no-shows on their part for installation appointments they scheduled.
+ I was told I would receive $200 back due to delays, the no-call no-shows, and lack of communication from them. I never received the $200.
+ The icing on the cake is I cannot even use this $800+ custom barn door. They didn't install the track level and flush so the door rolls open if I move it to the right and it gets stuck or thrown completely off the track if I roll it to the left. On top of that they didn't even get all the screws screwed all the way down to the wood level, so basically some of the screws are sticking out from the wood.
Just completely disappointed with every single step of the process and the worst part it there is no way to tell others about them because they delete comments on Facebook and don't have their page set up to leave reviews...
Buyer beware

• Jul 22, 2020

We hired Jensen Custom Wood Products for a fireplace project and it turned out amazing. We were so happy with the final result and the quality of the pieces. Kailin, Robbie, Ty, and the rest of the team were great to work with And went above and beyond. We’re looking forward to our next project with them!

• Feb 19, 2020

On 2/6/2018 I paid $1950.00 to Doors by Ty (Recently changed their name to Jensen Custom Wood Products) for a shiplap project to be done. On 2/15/2018 I cancelled the project as we unexpectedly found a new home to purchase and therefor the shiplap project would not be done, Doors by Ty issued me a credit of $1950. On 7/9/18 Doors by Ty delivered a table I order in the amount of $850. This was after them cancelling the delivery serveral times. Table was a quality product.

For the remaining credit I asked Doors by Ty to come quote me on an accent wall project, to which they again made several excuses of why they didn't show up to the appointment. At that time I asked for the remaining credit to be issued to me in cash, doors by Ty declared they would not refund me. On September 16, 2019 I ordered another table from now, Jensen Custom Wood Products to use my remaining $1,100 credit. They said the table would be completed in 12 weeks so mid-end December. table was not delivered.I then was promised the 2nd-3rd week in January, again table was not delivered. Since I have tried to contact them many times and I receive either more excuses from them or they ignore my attempts at communication all together.

I have documented conversations should you need for review.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Feb 19, 2020

We have been in communication with this customer regarding her project since she inquired about it. We have provided dates in which we can deliver the product to her home via email and we are waiting to hear back on what would work for her.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Feb 20, 2020

We have agreed to a refund in the form of a cashier’s check and it will be mailed within 10 business days. Thank you.

Customer Response time Feb 20, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

• Feb 11, 2020

2/11/20 I typically don’t write reviews, but am concerned about this business and their customer service. I can’t speak to quality of product because I never received my product after 15 weeks with an estimated completion of 8 weeks. I was unable to find a phone number and wasn’t given one after making several requests. I drove to the address listed on my invoice and found no signage to indicate it was a business rather a place to store campers and trailers with some sheds which could be a shop. I did speak to Ty as he was outside and had a pleasant conversation. He did not have any idea about my order but assured me he would look into it. I eventually cancelled the full payment upfront through my credit card company. I had been given several dates of completion with no product and I was told that they will sell my product through their Facebook site, even though I clearly stated that I wanted it if it had been started. Since then, they have blocked all ability to communicate through Facebook messager. Despite my best attempts to be understanding and kind, the customer service side of the business gave me great cause for concern.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Feb 13, 2020

We spoke with you regarding your product and had offered a refund to you.. You had already filed a dispute with your credit card company and it had been debited from our account. There are numerous ways to get ahold of us - including coming to our shop, in person, which you did. Our phone number, address, and email are available on all of our social media platforms and website. We responded to all of your communications in a timely manner. Without partial payment for a product that is custom made, we don’t hold it for that particular customer. Since you filed a dispute, we wouldn’t keep it on hold for you either as there’s no guarantee that it would happen again for another reason; we apologize if that’s concerning to you. We have been at our location for over two years, it’s a fully furnished workshop where we make all of our products, not a storefront or showroom. If we knew you wanted to come by, we would have advised you to wait until a customer service rep was available at the shop, Ty is not a part of that department. Feel free to reach out, as always,
to discuss further.

I reached out regarding building a bookcase. After six scheduled appointments and six no-shows, I contacted Kailin as to when someone could come out. She responded with a very rude email stating that I had contacted and she was choosing not to work with me. This was totally inaccurate, I had not....but, now I am. Very unprofessional. Poor customer service.

Ordered custom maintenance free tabletop. Paid May 30, 2019. Expected install 4-6 weeks later. Continue to reach out to company and receive excuses why install not complete. Want product completed or full refund.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Sep 09, 2019

We have reached and resolution and will be installing her product this week.

Customer Response time Sep 18, 2019

I am rejecting this response because: still waiting for installation, tentatively scheduled for Friday, Sept 27.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Sep 19, 2019

Install will take place on 9/27. Confirmed with customer.

Customer Response time Oct 16, 2019

We did not receive the delivery/install on 9/27/19 as promised and now not responding to my emails or calls. There is always some excuse. I am now requesting a full refund for non delivery/install.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Oct 16, 2019

We have rescheduled the delivery date for 10/26. Customer agrees to the reschedule per her email response received on 10/16.

My products were worth the wait!! The quality goes above and beyond what I expected! The office was communicative and responsive whenever I reached out and I can't thank Kailin enough for walking me through the ordering process and also the color selections. She sent us samples in the mail and also gave us her opinion on what would look good in our space. I can't wait to work with them in the future. Order and you won't be disappointed!

As a repeat customer of Doors By Ty, I hired them to do bi-fold barn doors for a home business boutique space in what would be a bedroom. I paid in full on April 14th, 2019. I was told the turnaround time was 6-8 weeks. Okay, I am patient for a good product so I was okay with that. Here we are at July 12th and I have no resolution of when doors will be installed. There has been no communication initiated on their part for delivery and install, or to say their timeline has been delayed. I have solely been the one to initiate contact and follow up. We finally nailed down a date and they had to cancel due to kids being sick. Again, I am sympathetic as a mother of 4 and small business owner, I get it. They promised to install the following week and that they would send me photos ahead of time to show me the completed project. Well we are another week beyond the reschedule install that they never reached out to set up. I initiated contact again explaining that I have had an event planned and needed these doors in, well now at this point with 2 messages to them I have not heard back ALL day and communication happened this morning. Again with a run around of how they don’t work Monday and couldn’t install until later in the week. My experience has been very poor and I have been left no choice but to help guide others. I paid in full and they haven’t provided a single service. I have enough to manage on my own without having to manage their business project timeline for something I am paying them to do. I was hoping they would find a way to accommodate and rectify the situation with all of this falling on them and after today I am certain they won’t. On a side note when I commented on Facebook to order I received a message from someone I didn’t know trying to save my the hassle of basically what is happening now. I even forwarded it onto them and stood up for them and referred their services to others. I’m not sure what is going on here but something needs to change. I was hoping they would do the honest and right thing but they have taking to avoiding me instead.

Our large project just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and I'm finally getting a chance to write this review! My experience with Doors by Ty was beyond amazing. From beginning to end, we were informed and consulted on all aspects of our project. We decided to do a full mudroom remodel including a mudroom bench, cabinets, and a utility cabinet. The quality was unmatched and Ty was extremely knowledgable. The project was completely worth the wait and we appreciated the time that went into making everything exactly as we wanted it to be. We're already discussing future projects that Doors by Ty can help us with and are looking forward to more of their work being in our home.

On 2/13/19 I paid my invoice for two pieces a china cabinet and a mud room system, I was quoted an install date of “end of March”. On 3/29, Ty delivered the china cabinet and then proceeded to tell me he would be by next week with the mud room system. I emailed almost weekly for updates on my install and finally on 5/13 it was installed…..partially. I wasn’t home when the install happened and I emailed them right away to ask where the rest of it was as there should have been a back and hooks since its main purpose was to be able to hang up coats and was told that wasn’t In the notes. Well, it was in the picture that I showed Ty and went over with him in great detail when he came to give us quotes. Kailin agreed to come “finish it” and Ty was repeatedly a no show with no communication. On 5/31 I finally told them that I felt as if I was getting ripped off and I hated this piece and I was tempted to take it down and bring it back to them because it surely wasn’t worth the obscene price they charged me nor was it to the standard that I have become to expect when dealing with them. This isn’t my first rodeo with Doors By Ty – I have 8 other pieces that they have done for me and all of them came with cancellations, no shows and reschedules, so its not something new to me but I wanted to help another small business owner and a young couple who were trying to make their mark. However, if this experience would have been my first, it would definitely have been my last. It is now 6/30, 4 months since I paid and 7 weeks since they said they would come out and fix it. All I can advise you is make sure you have EVERTHING documented that you are expecting on your order.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Jul 23, 2019

We have agreed to a refund and will send documentation when we have sent it, we still need to get the product back from her that she’s not satisfied with.

Customer Response time Jul 23, 2019

I am rejecting this response because: have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, back on 7/1 we came to a mutual agreement that they would come and pickup the piece and bring a full refund. I have agreed to that and as of 7/23, am still waiting for them to come and pick it up and bring the full refund. Would like a date when items will be picked up

Side Note: once we came to the agreement for full refund and return, they listed the product on their website for sale.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Jul 26, 2019

We are withdrawing the agreement at this point because we didn’t get notice of the original complaint she had filed with you - we would have never agreed to a refund if we had seen that. She has never had a conversation with us so I’m not sure why she said “it’s hard” - she has refused a conversation with us numerous times and at this point, she can pursue litigation if she wants to get a refund.

We’re not going to be going back and forth. I told her that we will work through this through the as she requested, or she can pursue legal action.

Thank you,


Customer Response time Oct 21, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 13651877, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Update for you-
They picked up the piece and refunded our money.

On 2/11/19 I ordered a corner entertainment stand & side table. I paid in full immediately. I was told 4-6 weeks for delivery during communications but did notice their contract said 6-8 weeks. I contacted them on 4/1/19 to check in since I hadn't heard anything since I placed my order. I was told another 1-2 weeks. After not hearing from them again, I reached out on 4/24 regarding delivery of my pieces. Once again, I was told another 1-2 weeks. Again, no communications or delivery was scheduled. I contacted them again on 5/14/19. At this time, I was told they had lost all of their employees and were behind on production. They asked if the next week would work for delivery. After multiple messages were sent, I spoke with Kailin on the phone. I was told she would talk to Ty regarding scheduling delivery. Again, no contact and no delivery. On 5/29/19 I spoke to Kailin on the phone. She promised delivery the following week or they would issue a refund. I was told they would deliver on 6/6/19. On the evening of 6/5/19 I was messaged through FB and told there was a death and no longer able to deliver as scheduled on 6/6/19. I asked for my refund promised, no response. I asked when they would be working again and no response. On 6/11/19 I messaged again notifying them I would be filing formal complaints. On 6/12/19 they responded confirming they would issue my refund UNLESS I filed formal complains. If I did, no refund would be given. Once again, I gave them another chance to deliver the following week. 6/14/19, no delivery date was scheduled so I once again requested a refund. Ty then messaged me saying he would work the weekend to catch up. The weekend came and went and I did not hear from them. On 6/23/19 I once again requested my refund promised. I was told they would do it the next day. It is 6/25/19 and they are no longer responding or refunding my money. I have proof of all conversations recorded. This is theft of money for no items made or received.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Jul 01, 2019

Refund was issued on 6/28/19 via money order by mail.

Customer was given tracking info for the payment and accepted refund.

Customer Response time Jul 01, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I received the check. It is a money order so I don't anticipate any problems with it clearing.

I paid for services around the date of 2/26/18. Install was promised 6-8 weeks from that date. Install was scheduled and cancelled last minute 3-4 times. Approx 9 weeks (end of April) after I paid for the product and services , I requested a refund as it was clear that the business was unable to fulfill their requirements of my purchase and their customer service / communication throughout was very poor. I was first promised a refund through the bank which never went through. Then promised a check in the mail which was never received, then promised a check would be dropped off at my house by the owner Kailin which never was, then finally on 6/13 promised a cashiers check by Kailin. In her email on 6/13 Kailin promised to send a cashiers check and would forward me the tracking info. As of 6/19 I have received neither the check nor the tracking info despite my outreach attempts. Doors by Ty owes me $345 for products never provided. I have email documentation from the owner repeatedly stating that they acknowledge the refund is owed and 3 times stating the “refund is on its way” sent over the past 2 months.

I contacted Doors By Ty back in March of this year (2019). We worked out what services I was wanting and what the pricing would be and I paid my invoice in full totaling $1,717.00 with a set date for install. Normally I would not pay an invoice in full but they were a local company and I trusted them. That date came and went. Along with many other dates that were scheduled and they didn't show. It is now May and I have not received anything I paid for. I have asked for pictures numerous times and have not gotten any. I have asked for a refund numerous times and they have said no. Finally today after another cancellation they agreed to a refund BUT said it would take 4-6 weeks to send out a check. I am definitely not holding my breath for that refund. I will be filing a police report in the morning. I do NOT recommend this company to anyone!

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time May 14, 2019

We reached a resolution on May 2nd - before the complaint was filed. We are giving her a full refund and it will be mailed directly to her within 4-6 weeks from the 5/2/19 date. We have sent many emails to her regarding this and she is aware of our refund policy and that she will be getting a full refund.

Wish I was able to give a good review and have my beautiful custom bathroom cabinets that were promised to me. I see they have a lot of great reviews and wonder why I was the one to get screwed.
Like every other negative review I too was promised a install date and had them reschedule several times. They then offered to refund my deposit but stated it would take 14-21 days. My bank confirmed that was not true and there was no refund initiated. I tried reaching out twice via FB messager and although both messages were read I got no response. I am more upset that I spent 4 months dreaming about my cabinets and have nothing to show. I really hope they try and reconfigure how they do business.

I ordered 2 cabinets from this business back in December 2017. They made them, delivered them and upon delivery I found that one cabinet was not made to specifications and the other was in unacceptable condition. I requested that they take them back and fix/complete the one and the other they stated they could no longer make according to my specifications. I requested a different type of cabinet with similar specifications to the original order and they stated that they would make it. To date, I have not received either of my cabinets. After multiple attempts to get my order, Kailin (CEO) stated that she would refund my money in February 2019. I have received no cabinets and no refund. On April 19, 2019, I contacted the business to get an update and I have received no communication in return.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Apr 23, 2019

The refund was initiated on March 29th. It does take time to process as stated in our messages. We’ve been communication with you regarding this matter with our last message being on April 9th. Please feel free to contact the office at [email protected]

thank you.

Customer Response time May 01, 2019

I am rejecting this response because:

No refund to date has been received which is why I filed this complaint. After months of waiting on my order, I am skeptical that they have initiated a refund for me.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time May 01, 2019

we issued your refund and sent several messages to you with no response. Please feel free to email our office at [email protected] and someone will be available to assist you further. Thank you.

Kailin and Ty are simply the best. We contacted them when we were in the middle of a basement remodel and needed our trim work done as well as two barn doors. We saw the extensive work they have done via Facebook and we’re impressed by what we saw. The consult and ordering process was seamless and we appreciated the amount of time they took to answer questions that we had.

We loved the end result and have recommended many of our friends to them. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Apr 14, 2019

Thank you so much for your kind words! We had such a great time working on your basement and we appreciate the referrals as well! :)
We would love to do more work for you in the future!
-Doors by Ty

If I could give this company no stars I would. Had the most frustrating experience ever with Doors by Ty. Like ever other bad review we were told 6 to 8 weeks for our custom made products to be done. 6-8 weeks from Oct 5th. The red flag should have been that your invoice has to be paid in full, no other respectable company asks for that. It was 17 weeks before everything was installed, Feb 5th. And by no means am I satisfied with our product. They rescheduled our install 7 different times with every excuse imaginable. 2 of these days both my husband and I had taken off of work and then they notify us last minute, literally the time that they should have been showing up. When Ty and Dom did show the first time 12/29/18, they were cutting and stain wood in my garage for something I was told had already been made, hence the reason we couldn’t get our money back. When our cubby system was installed it didn’t reflect what our detailed invoice was. 4 cubbies, not three, and a wall tree not upper cubbies. Ty said if he could either remake it to match the invoice or give us some money off since it was wrong. As you can imagine by this time I’m complete frustrated. I agree to keep and that it would need the upper cubbies installed then to match the bottom. He said he would let me know how much he would give us back after talking to Kaitlin. So they leave unfinished with the project, reassuring they will get it done ASAP. After asking multiple times for how much the refund will be I’m told we will get 100$ for the inconvenience of time but no money off for the wrong product. Why would I agree to something that was incorrectly made, and not get some kind of discount. Ty said we never had a conversation about discounting anything, which he stood right in our house and it was heard both by my husband and myself. So now since there won’t be a refund I wanted what my original invoice states to be made. So they reschedule us 3 more times and show up on 2/5, which is now over 17 weeks later. I had expressed my displeasure with the top of the bench that I wanted a new top, and after much back and forth Ty agreed to put a new top on the bench. I also asked for pictures multiple times and never received them. I finally get a picture the day they show up. Ty and his worker show up, track dirt all over my rug, leave without even mentioning to my husband that he’s done. Just leave, not even asking if everything looks ok. Use the excuse the weather is bad and they had to leave to get the next project done but had time to post our “finished product” on Facebook. They leave and the same top is on the bench that I was unhappy with and when I address it Ty said oh no it’s not. Well thankfully I’ve learned with them everything has to be documented otherwise they will try to get out of anything. I send I picture of the exact top from before and after...and the reply was “it appears there was a mix up on the top because I made a new one and stained it personally, I’m not sure why it wasn’t put on so that definitely needs to be addressed”. It’s funny how they only communicate thru Facebook messenger. But when you voice your concerns on Facebook, it’s deleted or removed and all of a sudden they want to call and talk about things. Why wouldn’t you call before when I had concerns. I also emailed them and tried to address issues but once again wouldn’t get any reply.
They agreed to compensate me for having the rug cleaned, but wanted to use their cleaner “ we will use our cleaner as they have worked with us on other projects and will invoice us directly when cleaning is done” interesting that they’ve had to use a cleaner in the past for other projects? When I’ve had any kind of trade work done they are sure to covers their shoes, lay down plastic or take their shoes off. Unfortunately the cleaning of the rug was not successful and I’m still waiting to be compensated when I sent the receipt for the rug back on March 13th.
Also the trim work under our cubby was never put back on and sharp nails are Sticking out from where Ty removed our trim. Interesting that if we wanted it back on that was an additional cost that was never explained to us. Also the top of the bench is still wrong and Kaitlin refuses to come back out and fix their mistake. We can pick it up at their shop is what she sates. Well the reason I paid for and hired you was because we don’t have this kind of equipment to make or remove cabinetry. It’s not something We know how to do.
She emailed me “based on what was said publicly about us (which was not the entire truth) we don’t think it’s appropriate to do any further work for you as you were clearly displeased with the product and your experience with us.”
I’m sorry but who would be happy with this service? I belle freedom of speech is allowed? I know it’s not fun when you have to deal with a negative comment but then like most of we learn from our mistakes. I encourage others to please share your experience, I know it’s time consuming but, the more people share their unsatisfactory experience. If I would have looked at I would have never even entertained the idea of hiring Doors by Ty.

Ty and Kailin are an absolute joy to work with. They created such a beautiful shiplap wall in our home in addition to some shelving. Ty came out and measured everything, explained the process, and answered all our questions. Once everything was installed, he even left us extra paint and stain in case we needed to touch up in the future which I thought was really great. They went the extra mile and I am looking forward to the mudroom project we're now having them do as well.


I saw an ad on Facebook for handmade items and I ordered an address plaque from Doors by Ty, Inc. on July 8, 2018. By July 14th I had received an invoice and sent payment. July 30th they confirmed they had received payment. On August 11th I requested an update as I wasn't given a specific timeline on production and shipping and I was told 1-2 weeks from payment, I could expect it to be shipped. I reached out September 5th since I had not received it yet, and was told it would be "shipped out today". I requested updates on September 13th, 27th and October 19th, at which time I was given an email address to contact them with (instead of Facebook messenger). I proceeded to email *** where Kailin *** apologized that I had not received the item and said it would be made and sent out immediately (no timeline, no idea where the original product was). I checked in again December 17th, January 7th and March 5th and have yet to hear anything. I really wanted this item and was willing to wait, but this is ridiculous and I want a refund for the $90 I spent.

Jensen Custom Wood Products Response time Mar 11, 2019

We were told on several occasions that you hadn’t received the product and immediately remade the item and resent it. We sent out three separate address plaques to you, none of which you said arrived. We had no way of knowing that they didn’t arrive as our tracking info stated that they have all been delivered to the address listed on the invoice. It’s been 8 months since you ordered initially and we’ve sent three out. We didn’t hear from you for three months at a time and had no idea that they still hadn’t been received. A refund is not a problem but please understand where we’re coming from as we didn’t have any reason to believe that you didn’t get th product(s). We had already emailed back stating that we would refund you and we have.

Thank you,

Doors by Ty

Customer Response time Mar 11, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Multiple times I requested this supposed tracking information since it was clear that the item was not coming to me. I was always ignored.

On September 5th when I reached out, you said it would be shipped out that day. On October 19th, when I reached out again you apologized and said "I believe it's been made, just not shipped"

I do not believe that you mailed out three separate items, and I would be highly surprised if you were able to produce tracking information for each of those. I received packages from Amazon, Etsy and other reliable private sellers all the time and have never had an issue. We have a Ring doorbell so we can see when items are dropped off and have never had a package stolen.

I also don't appreciate your voicemail you left me this morning, insinuating that I have three of these address plaques at my house. What would I be doing with three address plaques?

Also where were your calls all the other times I reached out, as stated in my initial complaint, when I wasn't getting my product. Now that there's an official complaint, I am actually receiving customer service.

The only reason why I am listing this response as satisfactory is because we have it written out in black and white that I am due a refund. And you better believe I will be updating with whether or not I actually receive it. I would ask for a timeline on when I will receive my funds but I will not be holding my breath.

We are yet another highly UNSATISFIED customer of Doors by Ty. I would also give zero stars if possible. My husband and I spent $1,800 on a kitchen table that is currently in pieces and would have been better off being used as fire wood than a kitchen table. Same story here as the other reviews - TONS of broken promises, excuses, delays, dishonesty and nothing but pointing the finger on their paying customers, on top of HORRIBLE costumer service by both Ty and Kailin. Super friendly in the beginning, but the minute you have an issue, it's a whole new story. After posting a negative review on their Facebook page they called the cops on me for harassment and also tried to say that my husband threatened Ty. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.

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