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Jersey Coast Academy

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You should be aware, Monwell Brown and Jersey Coast Academy (JCA) are fully responsible from this debt and my name should not be associated with this claim. I resigned from JCA in 2016. I respectfully request to have my name removed from this report. It is slanderous, fallacious and unwarranted.

I was one of the founders and acted as the finance and business administrator for JCA. In the first couple of years 2012-2013, we accumulated a significant debt since we had players in the program that fully participated and failed to pay us for the services we provided, Housing, food, transportation, uniforms and football games. The monies we were due was approximately $250,000.

I implemented new procedures to recover from the debt instead of folding the program. In 2014, we were able to not only cover the current year, but also paid off the prior year of over $50,000 in debt, all while incurring reduced debts, including Under Armour. I made a payment schedule with Under Armour that we paid throughout my tenure. Monwell Brown and all the board members hid from the debts owed, while I personally made it a priority to work with all of our creditors, including Under Armour. In 2015, we paid everyone on time and had a surplus going into 2016, all while incurring some bad debts.

You will notice, that changed in 2016. In January 2016, Mr. Brown dissolved the Jersey Coast Academy Bank accounts. He reopened another bank account for Jersey Coast Academy in which he was the only authorized officer of that account. I was not privy to any of the account payable activities during 2016. I am not clear whether he made any payments to Under Armour in 2016, but, I do know you are correct, JCA did still owe Under Armour and the payment schedule I implemented should have been followed.

In 2017, after I resigned, things got much worse. I found out the coaching staff was not paid either. I contacted the business administrator for JCA, hired by Mr. Brown. I spoke with the business administrator that took over my roll in 2017, Elizabeth Moore. She resigned after only 4 months when she realized the account activity of Mr. Brown. In one month (in 2017), he transferred $40,000 from the Jersey Coast Academy bank account into his own personal account. Ms. Moore resigned because she recognized the activity was incredulous and Mr. Brown was reluctant to disclose all the JCA financial activity.
I would suggest filing a claim in Ocean County court as many other people have to date. The coaching staff was not paid. Several civil law suits were filed in Ocean County civil court, special civil and small claims court.
1. Calvin Thompson vs. Monwell Brown Jersey Coast Academy
2. Norris Daus vs. Monwell Brown Jersey Coast Academy
3. Jimmy Lopez vs. Monwell Brown Jersey Coast Academy
4. Norman King vs. Monwell Brown Jersey Coast Academy
5. Greg Segarra vs. Monwell Brown and Jersey Coast Academy
The American Express card, in my name and JCA that paid for helmets and shoulder pads to start the program was not paid.
Housing for the clients was not paid in full at the Sea Garden Motel in Seaside Heights, NJ. Mike Loundy is the owner of the Sea Garden Motel that informed me he was not paid in full.
Food was not paid for clients in the program. One of the players, Stephen Geralds, informed me players in the program said they lost almost 20lbs at the end of the season because Mr. Brown did not provide the food he was obligated to give them as part of their agreement.
Klarr Transport, located in Lakewood, NJ provided transportation to games for JCA. They were not paid. PR Newswire was not paid.
Throughout my tenure, I turned around an organization consumed in debt and paid off almost all creditors until Mr. Brown unilaterally and unauthorized by the board to do so, dissolved the bank accounts only to have everything in his name. That’s when the organization turned and you were not getting paid anymore.
I respectfully request to have my name removed from this fallacious report. If you need any help in legally filing a claim to collect the debt owed to you, I will be glad to help you any way I can.
Respectfully submitted,
James Ruocchio

Our company supplied Under Armour uniforms and equipment to the athletic department at Jersey Coast Academy.
We have been chasing the school for payment for a number of years. We currently have a judgement against the school. In my estimation Monwell Brown and Jim Ruocchio are 2
scam artists. They charged the kids for uniforms and did not pay for them. We have a Court Judgement against these 2 clowns. Buyer beware if you give them any money.

Review: Paid approximately $1500.00 towards payment plan for my son J[redacted] to, attend the Academy via attending the Ocean County College..., Son's financial aid wasn't approved in time for him to attend the ollege so, he did not/was not able to attend the Sports Academy.. Notified Academy representative whom payment had been made to (Mr. [redacted]). Also paid to the rooming house where Son would have been staying, a $200.00 "security deposit". That also has not been returned..., Being told that I have to write some letter to, a "BOARD", which will decide IF, I am to have my payment(s) returned, as well as the room's "security deposit". None of these refund conditions/procedure was included in any of the documentation, I have regarding my payment plan. This Mr. [redacted] was aware of the Financial Aid problems. Wanted me to pay out of pocket, for my Son's College course(s), until his Financial Aid came though but, when I refused to do so, he came up with this nonsense of me, having to write to some BOARD to, receive refund of my money....,Payments made in "cash".., Have receipts from/of all payments....,Desired Settlement: Return of all money's paid which include the $200.00 Room Security Deposit, as well as the payment(s) made (totaling aprox. $1500,00).


Hello I would like to know more info, about this situation I know someone who is thinking about sending their child.. If you don’t mind you can email me at [email protected] Thank you I would appreciate it..

This Monwell character is a scam artist andMr. Rucchio is his sidekick!! It's absolutely horrible what there're doing and how they're swindling money out of these parents pockets! Someone needs to go to the legal counsel...SOMETHING!!!!!! Because this just isn't right!!!

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Address: PO Box 373, Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States, 08733


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