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Jiffy Lube

221 Ohio River Blvd, Sewickley, Pennsylvania, United States, 15143

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Went in for oil change and declined having them replace the air filter (they accessed the engine air filter and physically showed it to me but I declined purchasing a new air filter from them partly because they did not want to access the cabin air filter out of concern that they would "break something"). When I got home I accessed the cabin air filter, saw it needed to be replaced so I purchased my own air filters went to replace them. When I opened the hood to replace the engine air filter I found part of the air system was broken and covered up with black tape. Although I cannot prove they did the damage, no other person to my knowledge has been under the hood of my vehicle in 6 months and the tape was looked clean and new. I called to discuss the matter with the person who serviced my vehicle and was told he would talk to the other technicians and get back to me. I left my contact information for the manager to call me back. No one has called back and so I now question what other damage may have occurred or if they even changed the oil.

Jiffy Lube Response • Sep 23, 2020

September 23, 2020
Via Internet
Attn: Stephanie Poling
520 E. Main Street, Suite 100
Carnegie, PA 15106

Re: ***

Dear ***

Thank you for contacting us regarding *** complaint and the issue on his Ford Explorer.

Our customer service representative from our corporate office contacted *** directly and we have agreed to refund his September 14th Jiffy Lube service. Additionally, we have sent *** a gift card that may be used for a future Jiffy Lube service. He should receive the gift card within a week. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If *** needs to discuss the situation further, please have him contact our office directly.

Thank you again for contacting us and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at ***

Best Regards,

Ryan R.
Customer Care Manager

Customer Response • Sep 24, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Over charged and/or billed for services not received, asked for a basic oil change, billed for 7 quarts of oil, my vehicle only takes 6 quarts. Charged for deluxe service which includes washing exterior windows and vacuuming interior, this did not happen, Total charges $62.53, most expensive oil change ever ! I emailed the company 8 times in the last month, each response stating “they will resolve “. Two weeks ago I was told they would credit the full amount to my Credit Card, no credit to date. No resolution, very poor experience with service.

Jiffy Lube Response • Sep 16, 2020

Thank you for contacting us regarding ***' complaint and the issue on her 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

Our customer service representative from our corporate office contacted Ms. directly and agreed to refund $62.53 for her July 16th Jiffy Lube service. Our accounting department processed the refund and the credit went back on Ms.' credit card on August 13th. Additionally, I personally spoke with Ms. and emailed her the accounting transaction showing the credit being processed, If Ms. needs to discuss the situation further, please have her contact our office directly. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
Thank you again for contacting us and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at *** Ext: ***.

Best regards

Ayan B Customer Care Manager

Customer Response • Sep 17, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.



I have reached out to my bank (PNC) and filed a dispute because even though Jiffy Lube said they sent full credit to me, it was not received. PNC is researching, Jiffy Lube is also checking with their accounting department to find out where the credit was sent. I am still not satisfied. No credit for services not received!

Took my car to jiffy lube on 5/21/2020 to get a oil change and in 4 to 5 days my engine locked up and cause my radiator to crack, due to lack of oil per Lifetime auto. Jiffy Lube is refusing to pay for car.
Product_Or_Service: Oil change
Account_Number: Invoice #

I will NEVER return here again. I had two horrible incidences at this place and I would much rather pay fives time to go to a dealership and get an oil change.

Incident #1 They put tires on my car in 2019 and on my way to Robinson, PA the one tire went flat. I had to bring the tire back the next day after calling AAA to put a doughnut on. I wasted a day and a half dealing with them fixing it and time off of work.

Incident #2 This just happened last week, the guy doing my oil change sprayed oil on the interior of my car. They told me to go somewhere to get an estimate to have it detailed. I go to my dealer who says that its hard to get oil out of a car and that if they tried to get it out of my car than they would destroy the seats. When I told them this, the insurance adjuster told me to get another estimate. Its a pandemic and I wasted time off of work to do this once. I'm not traipsing around the city to get an estimate for something you caused.

When I mentioned this, the franchise owner told me:

"Well, that’s where I stand. If you’re not able to get another estimate as requested than I can’t help you. We are the franchise owners and I make the final decision. I will not continue to argue with you."

I will never go back here and will shout it from the rooftop about how horrible this service is here. There is a reason why they have to use Groupon to get business. Stay away! NEVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN.


I recently had a terrible experience at the jiffy lube Shadyside location. I went in for a simple brake replacement. At the time of my arrival, I had already purchased my on brakes, they just need to be installed. I waited four hours to get the brakes put on because there were only two employees present. The day after getting my brakes installed I noticed a rattling sound. I took my vehicle back to jiffy lube to discuss the problem. I specially asked if it was the brake making the rattling sound. I was told that that was not the problem and that the brakes were installed properly. I was then given a list of different parts that were deemed necessary in order to stop the rattling. The price of the parts the employee suggested cost around $400- $500. I was skeptical of the diagnosis considering it took the employee around twenty minutes to find all of the parts he claimed to be necessary in order to stop the rattling under my vehicle. I then told them I would be getting a second opinion, at which point I did. Upon getting a second opinion I was told that the rattling was caused by brakes that were not properly installed. The cause of the rattling was due to the fact that the Jiffy Lube employee had cut the clips off of both front brakes. Along with not installing the proper bolt needed for my caliper. I then paid $131.90 to get all of the work I had already for at Jiffy Lube re-done. Along with paying for another set of brakes at $29.95 a set. I also paid the Jiffy Lube employee $50.00 in order to install the brakes, which now I’m being told there is no receipt because I paid in cash. I took about two weeks for me to hear from someone other than the store manager at the Jiffy Lube Shadyside location. I went back to the store about six-time demanding that someone contact me about this situation. The store manager called his district manager and left him text messages, but he never got in contact with me. I asked for business cards or a corporate number to call myself but that manager was unable to give me anything besides the district managers email. I emailed him to file a complaint and never got a response. I got tired of waiting so I googled Jiffy lubes corporate offices number and finally got in contact with someone to file a complaint. Once someone from the Jiffy Lube corporate office reached out I was then told that they will not give me a cash refund because their employee failed to create a receipt, and without a receipt, I couldn't prove that they were responsible for providing me with faulty brakes. I expressed to them how it was not my fault that their employee was pocketing the cash paid for services. They then offered me a $200 dollar gift card that could only be used at Jiffy Lube. They then offered a $300 dollar gift card that could only be used at Jiffy Lube, I explained to the man that I did not wish to get any more services from Jiffy lube after this experience considering it was one of their managers at this loctaion that preformed this bad break job. Jiffy Lubes corporate office then told me that that was the best he could do. I later found out that the real reason no receipt was made was that the employee was taking the cash customers paid for services. The store manager informed me that that employee stole over $1,000 dollars in deposits. I truly believe this company is scamming good paying customers into paying for services that are not complete. I have several statements from the store manager at this location acknowledging that their employee made a mistake and that the company should refund me, the corporate office is simply refusing to do so. This faulty brake job is more serious then what Jiffy Lube is acknowledging, I was fortunate not to have gotten into an accident because of this others may not be so lucky. With that being said I would like a refund in the amount of $241.80 in order to cover the cost of the brake job I had to get re-done, along with the cost I paid to Jiffy Lube.

Thank You

Jiffy Lube Response • Jul 19, 2019

July 12, 2019Re: *** Case ***Thank you for contacting us regarding *** complaint concerning the problems with her 2005 Chrysler Sebring.***r brought her car into the Jiffy Lube store on Baum Boulevard in Pittsburgh, PA on June 19th. According to our company's records, the only invoice we have for *** Chrysler Sebring was from November 11, 2018 when she purchased a battery for $235.40. There is not a Jiffy Lube invoice from June 19, 2019. As ***w indicated in the letter to your office and told our customer service department, she paid the Jiffy Lube employee $50 cash for the brake service. The arranged cash agreement between ***w and the Jiffy Lube employee was strictly between them. Jiffy Lube does not have record and has no contract for the $50.00 transaction.We investigated the complaint and found the Jiffy Lube employee did conduct unethical business practice and Jiffy Lube does not condone this type of behavior. Our company takes these types of matters very seriously.Based on the fraudulent service our company declined taking responsibility for the brake issue on *** Chrysler Sebring. On a customer relations basis, our customer service representative offered ***r a gift card she may use towards a future Jiffy Lube service. If she wishes to accept our company's offer, please have ***r contact our office directly. Thank you again for contacting us and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 919-828-9511 Ext: 300.

Best Regards,

Ryan R

Customer Care Manager

I took my vehicle ( 2013 BMW X3) to Jiffy Lube for an oil change on 04/20/19 around 3:16 pm. I had to take a trip to Cleveland Ohio that same night and my vehicle warned me to shut down the engine immediately as I was driving to Cleveland that night. I got stuck in Youngstown OH, which is 1 hour away from Cleveland and 1 hour away from Pittsburgh. I had to call Triple A and waited hours for them to come. I got to my destination around 2 am, when I originally was supposed to be there by 7 pm.
My car got towed to the nearest BMW service, which happened to be *** located on *** They repaired it there and I did not have a car for about 2-3 days. They summarized that Jiffy Lube "broke the oil filter cap and a missing part found oil filter housing damaged and missing center section. Small amount of metal present in Oil. Tested Operation and no faults have returned at this time." The BMW service charged me 285.57$ for repairs and a new oil change. The person who took care of my vehicle at the BMW service center mentioned that he could be reached to further discuss the issue if needed. His name is *** and the service center phone number is .

Jiffy Lube Response • Jun 03, 2019

Thank you for contacting us concerning Mr. complaint.Our customer service representative sent Mr. an email on May 22nd and our company has accepted liability for the oil filter issue on his 2013 BMW. We paid for the *** repair bill and refunded his April 20th Jiffy Lube service. The $387.21 check was mailed last week and Mr. should be receiving it soon. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to resolve the issue.Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at .

Best Regards,

Ryan R.

Customer Care Manager

I have been bringing my 2012 Jeep Patriot to this location since 2014. I have had 7 oil changes here since then. Yesterday, 3/20/19 a service member told me that the wrong type of oil has been being used that entire time. He informed me that my engine needed a synthetic blend and I have been given conventional oil since 2014.

Customer Response • Apr 02, 2019

This is in regards to complaint ID: ***

They contacted me on Wed 3/27/19 with this message. I informed them that this solution is not acceptable to me and will never be doing business with them in the future. I didn't know how to upload this correspondence to the site.
Thank you for taking the time to make us aware of the issues you had during your recent service. I apologize that we fell short of your expectations when servicing your vehicle. I have contacted the District Manager for this location and I assure you that this will be addressed with the employees at the store. Although the manufacturer recommends products, often customers make their own selections. Following the initial service, we would just ask if the customer wants us to use the same oil as last time. It is entirely the customer choice. I apologize if we failed to provide you with a thorough explanation each time your vehicle was serviced.

I would like to offer you a gift card toward your next service as an apology and to encourage you to give us another try. Would that be acceptable?

Again, my apologies.

Sherry P.
Customer Care Coordinator
Team Lucor


Customer Response • Apr 04, 2019

They just contacted me now to say they checked with Chrysler and my vehicle can have synthetic or conventional and it won't hurt my vehicle. I asked for a refund on my last service because of them telling me two different things about my oil. So I guess by the letter, they are not negligent, they just kind of suck. Feel free to close the complaint. I'll take my review online.

Jiffy Lube Response • Apr 16, 2019

Thank you for contacting us regarding Daniel ***'s complaint.Our Customer Care Coordinator emailed Mr. on March 27th regarding the oil changes on his 2012 Jeep Patriot. She sent him a $150 gift card he may use towards future Jiffy Lube services. I personally spoke with Mr. today regarding the services and explained the oil applications and the manufacturers requirements for his Jeep. If Mr. would like to discuss this further, please have him contact our office directly.Thank you again for contacting us and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Ext: .

On July 23, 2018, I took my Subaru Forester to Jiffy Lube to have an oil change. While the car was being serviced, an employee came into the waiting room with what I was told was my air filter to see if I would like it replaced due to its dirty condition. I agreed to have it replaced. After I paid the bill and was in my car about to leave, the same employee approached me and said that my brakes were really worn and needed replacement. The cost would be $200-250 and the work would take a couple of hours. Would I like them fixed? Because I already had the car scheduled for maintenance with a Subaru dealership on July 31, 2018, I said, "No." I planned to just have the brakes repaired then rather than staying longer at Jiffy Lube. When I took my car to the dealership for maintenance, I excluded the oil change and told them that the air filter had been replaced as well. They asked which one because there were two on the list to be checked. I told them that it was the round one which was about the size of a dinner plate. I was then told that all of the air filters on my car are square. The filter I was shown at Jiffy Lube was definitely round! Then later in the day, the dealership called to say I could pick up my car because everything looked good, including the brakes, which I had specifically requested that they check. Jiffy Lube did sell and was trying to further sell unneeded parts and services, which is a completely unethical practice! Stay away from this business!

On Saturday, 3/17/2018, I took my 2011 Optima LX to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. The young woman who waited on me told me that I needed an air filter and a cabin filter. I told her that I could change the air filter myself, but she stated that I needed both an air filter and a cabin filter, and gave me a price for both then said that she could take 25% off, so I told her to proceed. With regard to the cabin filter, when I asked her the price, I thought that her reply was $17.99.

When the work was done, I realized that I was being charged around $70.00 for the cabin filter, not $17.00. I kept my mouth shut, assuming that was just the price, and paid my bill. Later, I decided to look online for the prices of cabin air filters for my vehicle, and was shocked to see that the most expensive cabin filter I saw anywhere was about $40.00, and that was for a washable, reusable filter.

I feel that I was taken advantage of by Jiffy Lube and grossly overcharged. I could have easily replaced the cabin filter myself for as low as about $11.00. My Kia has over 125,000 miles on it, so I definitely would not have selected the most expensive air filter, even at around $40.00.

Jiffy Lube Response • Apr 17, 2018

Re: ***

Dear Ms.:I apologize for the delay in responding to your office regarding this case. Our customer service representative left a message for Mr. on April 3rd at the phone number provided and as of the writing of this letter, we have yet to hear back from Mr.. We would be more than happy to further investigate Mr. situation with his Kia Optima and resolve the matter. Please have him contact us to discuss a resolution.Thank you again for contacting us and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Ext: ***

Best Regards,

Ryan R

Customer Service Manager

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