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Jim's Auto Repair

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Review: I was in Marshfield to attend school. My car broke down and [redacted] knew what was wrong with it. The first repair seems okay, but I have heard the same squeak since he fixed it.

My real issue is with the starter he put on my car. He knew it took everything I had to pay for the first repair because my bank doesn't operate there. He said he would install a new starter because rebuilt starters fail too quickly.

So, he charged me to $280. to install a new starter. Since $50. was labor, he charged me $230. for that starter. New starters only cost $150. (I looked once I got home to my computer). Now I've been overcharged $80. for the part (IF he put a new one on), and the starter is beginning to fail. Half the time it makes a grinding sound (like trying to start a car that's already running) and then works on the second try. I'm certain he took advantage of me because I'm from out-of-town.Desired Settlement: The biggest reason I want this outcome is because he could have prevented everything by installing a new part at a fair price.

I think it's fair to expect a full refund. I'll ship the bad part back to him when the dealership installs a real, new part.

I had vehicle repair done to the tune of over $700. My vehicle was returned with 2 studs broken off. 4 months later, the same problem persisted. After looking at the part that was supposed to be replaced, it was discovered that the part was still rusted and was never replaced. I took the vehicle back and had them fix it. It took them over a week. The NEXT DAY after I picked up my vehicle, it started making a new noise. Ironically, the wheel bearings just happened to go out. I asked them to take a look at it AGAIN to see if it was something they were responsible for from the previous work. He went ahead and fixed it without talking with me. I would have NEVER used their service to fix the wheel bearings but now I had no choice. I am a single mother who had very limited funds mainly due to vehicle repairs. He wasn't willing to work with me on payment. I have since discovered that my sister had almost the same thing happen to her. This is the first complaint I have ever filed against a business.

Review: This business is a towing company. He towed our BMW car and ruined one of the wheels on the car. He refuses to admit guilt, refuses to discuss the situation, calls you fowl names and then hangs up on you. When you call back he will not answer your call.Desired Settlement: I want him to pay me $500.00. The cost of a new wheel for the BMW. And $350 refund for towing fee`s.

Review: The waterpump failed on my Subaru Legacy stationwagon while in Billings, MT visiting my daughter in the hospital, so I chose a mechanic within walking distance of the hospital. The date of the water pump replacement with Jim's Auto Repair was 4-26-2013. I had problems with the car during the fall of 2013, but didn't believe it was the water pump and even had the radiator replaced, but during a trip in October 2013 the water pump failed and I limped the car to [redacted] Complete Auto Care in Kennewick, WA and had to pay $510.18. Today's date is 4-11-2014. I have been trying since December 2013 to collect $421.73 from Jim's Auto Repair since I have proof from them of the failed water pump and damage to my timing belt cover. I was told by[redacted] that [redacted] would reimburse me. he submitted the copy of his repair of 4-26-13 and [redacted] Repair of 10/7/13 to [redacted]. [redacted] told me that they reimbursed Jim's Auto for the faulty water pump and labor and could not reimburse me.[redacted] insulted me during our last phone converation on 4-7-14 and told me to "kiss his [redacted]" when I asked him to write a check. I advised him I would be reporting him to the Settlement: I would like the full amount of $421.73 paid to Jim's Auto Repair on 4-26-13 since I had to pay $510.18 to [redacted] and he was reimbursed by [redacted] (Delvin ###-###-####). I am no longer satisfied with reimbursement of the part and labor because of all of my attempts to collect. I have record of 12 visits and phone calls since 12-17-13 the date I visited Jim's Auto Repair in person and gave him copies of the [redacted] repairs.

I owned a [redacted] that had a bad head gasket so the motor needed to be replaced. On [redacted] I contacted the owner of Jim's Auto and asked him if he could change the motor. He said yes he would do it for [redacted] cash plus the cost of the motor. I gave him [redacted] to buy a motor and I brought the [redacted] to his shop. [redacted] was having difficulties finding a motor because he claimed they kept sending the wrong motor and as time went on I would contact [redacted] on the status of the vehicle and it would usually take him a few days to return my call, or if he didn't return my call I would need to drive to his shop to find out on the status. The [redacted] sat in [redacted]'s shop on one of his lifts and I offered to take my vehicle out of there until he found a motor so it would free up space for him. [redacted] told me not to worry about it he was doing alright working around it. As a result of Jim's Auto NOT being able to complete the job I hired him to do after about 7 1/2 months I was forced to sell my vehicle in mid [redacted] of 2015. I repeatedly asked [redacted] over the phone to send me a refund and the bill for the work that he did which was ONLY UNBOLT THE MOTOR FROM THE MOTOR MOUNTS. He would respond back to me he wasn't able to finish the bill. AGAIN I was forced to drive out to his shop to talk to him and again the bill was not ready and he did not have my cash or refund check on hand. [redacted] finally sent me a refund check in [redacted] in the amount of [redacted] He filled in on the copy of the bill he charged me [redacted] to pull engine out. HE NEVER PULLED THE ENGINE OUT of my vehicle and he filled in on the bill that he charged me [redacted] for storage fees when he never discussed a storage fee even when I told him if it's in your way I'll take it out. So a total of [redacted] to let my vehicle sit in his shop for 7 1\2 and him failing to complete the job he told me that he could do. I feel this company used and took advantage of me and never really planed on doing the work I hired him to do.Product_Or_Service: mechanical workDesired SettlementI gave [redacted]'s Auto a total of [redacted] in cash on [redacted] He failed to complete the job and he showed me bad business practices, I feel taken advantage of. I sent him a certified letter on [redacted] XX XXXX explaining my concerns and gave him ten days to respond back, I even gave two extra days because of the Easter holiday. He did not respond. I now want ALL of my money back totaling [redacted] plus another [redacted] in punitive damages. I imagine I'm not the only person he has taken advantage of.Business Response In [redacted] 2014 [redacted] brought his ford explorer in to my shop to have the engine replaced he gave me a deposit to purchase a new engine after several weeks of trying to find engine within the price range that [redacted] wanted to spend I informed [redacted] I could not find one for the amount that he wanted to spend so [redacted] decided to sell the vehicle. so after a awhile [redacted] called and said they decided not to sell it so try again to find engine which I was unable to find engine at the price we wanted to spend so then he decided to sell vehicle again I then informed him I would be putting vehicle outside because I could not have it tie up space any longer. so then after several weeks he finaly sold vehicle then [redacted] was billed for labor for services rendered and a small storage fee although vehicle was left for a long perioid of time while not being able to decide to fix vehicle or sell it I am willing to refund storage fee but not any labor.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The refund of the storage is a good start. But there is still a concern I have with [redacted]'s labor charge. I am being charged [redacted] to pull a motor out and the fact is the motor was never pulled out of the vehicle it was only unbolted from the motor mounts. Our verbal agreement was [redacted] would pull and replace the motor in my vehicle for [redacted] plus the cost of a new (used) motor. I am aware these motors are costly especially for one with lower miles, but we did talk about putting in one with higher miles for a little less money. [redacted] wanted to shy away from that because he was worried a motor with higher miles could create problems in the future. [redacted] informed me he found a few motors and I think it was two maybe three times he ordered them from his supplier and when they arrived at his shop they were the wrong motor. (Only a very specific motor fits properly in this vehicle) so they were sent back. [redacted] stated in his response that after several weeks of him not being able to find a motor I decided to sell the truck, it was more like several months of him not being able to find a motor I wanted to sell it. One because I needed this or a vehicle to get my son to his school classes and two because I was concerned it was taking up valuable space in [redacted]'s shop. Once I told [redacted] that he said it really wasn't a problem he got used to working around it. That was a relief to hear so I thought it over and asked [redacted] to keep looking more months went by, phone calls went unanswered for days. So yes after a total of about seven and a half months I made a final decision to sell it so I could get another vehicle. Not really a concern of mine but just for the record I was never told it was going to be put outside, I was just told it is outside when I told [redacted] I had a potential buyer going to look at it. I sent [redacted] a certified letter of my concern with his storage and labor fees so I know he received it because he signed for it and I got absolutely no response from him. Out of the [redacted] in cash that I gave him he has refunded only [redacted] for a job that he could not do. In my letter to [redacted] I told him I would gladly pay him that exact amount for the unbolting and disconnecting the lines on the motor but the [redacted] he charged me is just ridiculous when the pull and replace price was a total of [redacted] - I agree to [redacted] refunding the [redacted] "Storage Fee" that was never brought up in any conversation that we had and He needs to reduce his labor fee by [redacted] - The reason is like I have said before on his bill he sent me he is charging me to "PULL ENGINE OUT" when he did not pull it out, he merely disconnected it and left it in the engine compartment. So in conclusion If I am sent a check for [redacted] I will consider this complaint resolved.

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Address: 5561 US Highway 42, Mount Gilead, Ohio, United States, 43338-9692


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