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J.J. Roofing & Gutters

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Called him because I got his number out of the Sentinel Newspaper. Came when I wasn't expecting him, [redacted] Before he even gave me a price, he had someone up on roof to clean my porch roof. I wrote him a check for [redacted] I went out after he left, and he only did a very small section of my porch roof. My neighbor told me, his guy was on the roof "Sweeping" not even shoveling. He was here for about 15 minutes. Called him back on phone many times, but always got his machine. Finally his wife called me back and said he'd be back, but never did. The side of the house that was the worse, he didn't touch. I feel he took advantage of me, because of my age.Desired SettlementI want my money back. What he did was certainly not worth [redacted]Business Response To Who it may concern, Mr.[redacted] called my office two to three times and left messages asking if we remove snow off of roofs. Later on that day my wife talked to him about removing snow off of their porch roof. she told them yes but there was a long list of costumers ahead of them.that we could possibly stop by with in a day or two to give estimated cost to remove snow off of the porch roof. He then called back first thing that next morning and said that his wife was really worried about the snow on the porch roof caving in, so my wife called me when I was in my truck on my way to another job and said Mr. [redacted] called back and said that his wife was really worried and that he just had heart surgery so it wasn't possible for him to do it himself. So I went against my better judgement and put customers that were already on the list aside in order to get to them. When I arrived I went to the door and knocked on it and told them [redacted] to remove 4 to 5 feet of snow off of porch roof we came to an agreement on the price, Then two of my men and I went up to the porch roof and removed all the snow that was on the front side. We came around to the right side to remove ice and snow. We shoveled three quarters of porch roof off below slate roof on right side. There was one little section that had really bad ice dam connected to slate roof that froze around Trim board and all the way down to porch Roof. We could not address that part of roof because it would of caused damage to slate , trim board and lower porch roof. So I had one of my employees sweep remaining snow off of roof so we would not damage with shovels. During the time he was sweeping my other employee was shoveling snow from the drive-way and making the side walk and walk way wider to make it easier for the elderly couple. During this time I was in the house talking to Mr. [redacted] about why we could not remove the little section do to the ice damn. He said it was fine and he understood the situation. Mrs. [redacted] then asked me if garage roof needed to be shoveled and I told her it was fine that there were couple more storms in the upcoming week. I told her that if I felt the upcoming storms were really bad and if I felt the roof was in any danger i'd call them. Two weeks after the job was complete she started calling my office and harrassing about shoveling off garage roof. At this point I no longer wanted to deal with Mr and Mrs [redacted] due to Mrs. [redacted] being a very demanding and inconsiderate person. She then started emailing [redacted] Representitive's and a State Counselor and both these individuals told her they could not help her due to the fact we were payed for porch roof and never made agreement on the garage roof. She then told them she gave me a [redacted] dollar check to remove snow from garage roof. That person contacted me later that day and explained her side of the story. I told him we received [redacted] for porch roof but never received any down payment on garage roof. She then later on changed her story and told him she had the check on her table. She then got upset that no one would do anything and she called the [redacted] Police department to complain. They called me later on that day and I talked to the officer and explained my side of the story. He told me not to worry about it seeing I did my part on the Porch roof and never received money for the Garage roof.I don't think its really fair that I went to their house before other customers that I had appointments with which is being very unprofessional in my eyes. I went against my better judgement to help this man who just had Heart surgery and he was very pleased with the work when I left. P.S I feel that Mrs. [redacted] used her age to manipulate my kindness by doing so she took up my time and she took advantage to get as much from me as she could. Sincerely [redacted] Owner of JJ RoofingConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I stand on my original complaint. It is completely accurate. I was charged [redacted] for 15 minutes of work done on my front porch roof before Mr. [redacted] came to my home early Am on [redacted] With no agreement he had his men on my porch roof. This shows the owner Mr. [redacted] is greedy. Mr. [redacted] was not able to deal with the ice dam. We had another roofer who was able to remove all but 3 inches of the ice dam without damaging the porch roof. This roofer charged me only [redacted] It took about one hour to clear the ice dam. Mr. [redacted] didn't have the tools or ability to deal with the ice dam. Mr. [redacted] offered to shovel our garage roof on [redacted] (As a favor) for [redacted] He never came back or called. My husband called a couple times and got a tape recorder. I called late afternoon and got a tape recorder. I was angry and left a message& said "i HAD ALREADY MADE OUT A CHECK FOR [redacted] and what kind of business has a tape recorder and can't call back its customers. I told the tape I was going to do something but didn't know what. [redacted] just took my check after our agreement and left on [redacted] I never seen his truck or men. I never called the Police Dept. about this matter.I never used my age to take advantage of Mr. [redacted]. It seems it was exactly the other way around. The point I want to make in this letter is that Mr. [redacted] response to my complain is full of inaccuracies. We also had the same man who finished our porch roof shovel our garage roof for [redacted] honest & Kind) Mr. [redacted] never showed any kindness to us. We are [redacted] Seniors and I am telling the truth.

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Description: Roofing Contractors

Address: 7 Hancock Road, Winchendon, Massachusetts, United States, 01475


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