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Review: We (my landlord and I split the cost) contracted Joe Blue pest control for a be bug problem. They sent and exterminator on the first appointment everything went fine. We set a time and date for the 2nd appointment. (July *, 3:00pm) nobody showed up, or called. My landlord ([redacted]) contacted them to find out what happened, they claimed to have left us messages canceling the appointment, nobody was actually contacted. The secretary ([redacted]) called me on 7/* to reschedule so we rescheduled for 7/* at 3:00pm. I also requested a return on some of the money because the services they promised were not provided correctly. She told me that I would have to talk to her boss "[redacted]" and that she would have him call me. I have called her at least four times to talk to "[redacted]" he's never in the office, she claims to have forwarded the message, but I have not heard back form him yet. The secretary has repeatedly been rude to me when all I want is to talk to somebody who is going to take responsibility for this mistake. My roommate had to leave the house at 3:30 today (7/*) the exterminator still was not at the apartment when she left. I was very clear in informing them that they had to be there before 3:30pm, He arrived at 3:45pm. That makes him two days and 45 minutes late. Now my land lord has to go out of his way to let this guy in. We also now have to wash all our stuff again, because they never showed up. This has now cost us a lot of extra time and money because they can't do there jobs properly. I tried to contact [redacted] several times in the past two days to resolve this matter. Something needs to be done, I would like a partial refund. Thank you

I would also like to add to my complaint. I spoke with the owner [redacted], he basically asked me what was wrong I told him then he yelled at me, refused to refund anything and hung up on me. I asked him several times to stop yelling at me, because I couldn't understand what he was saying. So he is apparently ruder than is secretary. I don't understand how people can treat their customers like this and still be in business. We payed for a service and expect it to be done during the appointed time. We never expected this to be such a stressful and costly process.

Thank you,

[redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like at least a partial refund. All services will be completed, but not within the contracted time.



When the client in question first contacted me ([redacted]) Office Manager I extended my apologies to the client and explained to to her that she was called and left a message calling to confirm the appointment on the next day 7/**/2013. It is Standard procedure to call the clients who have bedbug follow ups the day before their appointment to confirm that someone will be home to have the home treated. When I returned to the office Monday morning I was first contacted by the landlord ([redacted]) of the premises and was asked if I could please get in contact with [redacted] regarding her appointment. When speaking to [redacted] she explained to me that [redacted] was very upset. When I placed the first call to [redacted] I spoke to her and she explained that she was very displeased with the service that she was being provided. I explained to [redacted] of the procedure that goes on when calling to confirm an appointment for a follow up service of bed bugs. [redacted] explained to me that she did not receive a phone call the prior day. [redacted] became very rude and nasty over the phone with me at that point, to not further upset [redacted] I told her that I would be more than happy with giving her the next earliest possible date to have some one come to her home for treatment. [redacted] then told me that she would like for someone to come out on July *,2013. She also told me that she would like someone to be there at 3:00pm and no later when I asked [redacted] if she was prepared she then began to get rude again and say " everything was prepared on Sunday when your company was suppose to come out and didn't come". I explained to her that she would have to be prepared for when the exterminator came on the 7/**/13. [redacted] also stated that her roommate had to leave for work. I explained to [redacted] that this was going to be a process that took longer than a half and hour and she told me " I still want someone to come out". [redacted] then called and asked to speak to my boss which I then informed [redacted] that he was not in the office and that I would leave a note for him when he arrived. The next day [redacted] called back about three times all phone calls being very rude, I explained to [redacted] that my boss had not been in the office nor had he arrived for the day as of yet. [redacted] then became very rude again and I very politely explained to her that my boss would give her a call back when he was available to do so. On the day of service [redacted] called me and told me that her room mate was going to be waiting I told her that was fine. At about 2:45pm The room mate called me to inform me that the technician had not yet arrived. I explained to the room mate that I would call him to find out his where about and I would call her back and let her know what was going on. When speaking to the technician he said that he was in traffic. I called the room mate back and informed he r of the situation. Later on I received another call from the room mate stating that she had to leave and that she would be leaving her keys with the superintendent of the building. Later on in the day after the service was done I received another phone call from [redacted] stating that she wanted to know the information of the company which I gave her. Then she began to make threatening statements stating that she was going to call the Revdex.com and make a report. At this point I again explained to [redacted] that my boss would be giving her a call. [redacted] is asking for a partial refund back, [redacted] did in fact receive the Services that she paid for. She also still has a guarantee on the treatment service that was done on her apartment. Our Technician was also not considered late because he was within the two hour time frame that he is allowed for arrival time. which is given to him in case there is traffic.Which this is also explain to our customers.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: Some of what she said is true. The things that are not true. She was only polite to more for the first ten minutes I talked to her. Nobody in this company is willing to take responsibility for their mistakes. They didn't call to confirm the appointment the first time they came or when they were supposed to come the second time. I was never informed about any two hour grace period, not once was anything like that said to me. The third appointment made was for 3:00pm I told them that they had to be there no later then 3:30pm those terms were verbally accepted. My roommate didn't call them until 3:15pm (not 2:45pm like she said) She also never said anything about how long the process would take, not that it matters, because we aren't allowed in the apartment during or after treatment for several hours. I was probably rude to her on the phone I was being treated poorly and nobody was willing to do anything about it, or accept responsibility. The girl that I talked to told me that she didn't know what happened because she wasn't there and that some other girl was and so it wasn't her fault. I don't really care who specifically is at fault. The business is at fault and the little interaction I had with the owner was disgraceful. I did not threaten anybody.

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