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John C. Fiderio & Sons, Inc.

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Review: We had a new rood installed in May of 2010 since then in Spring of 2013 we have had a leak in the back part of the house which was fixed after 3 months of trying to contact he company ( finally resolved in August of 2013) May of 2014 another leak in the next section of the roof in my dining room I contacted them and no response. I have spoken to the office, the manager and the owner [redacted] 5 times - told in July someone would come look at the leak [redacted] came on July 14th said they were swamped with work and would try to fit us in soon. July 21st called for update not able to get any information whether they had come or attempted to fix leak Spoke again with the office [redacted] was suppose to email pictures when leak fixed, nothing from him called August to check on progress no help said [redacted] would call requested owner [redacted] to call me. Leak is now spread to a large section of the dining room ceiling. Called again 10/27 spoke with office they will have [redacted] call. I don't know where to take this now since I have not had any success in resolving the issues through the company.Desired Settlement: I want the rood fixed, I want pictures proving that the roof has been repaired. I also think that I should be compensated for the time and anxiety of trying to get this resolved.



The [redacted]'s originally contacted us on May 19, 2010 to come out to their House to give them a proposal to "repair a Ceiling". When my Representative went out to the site it was determined that the rear roof was in need of replacement. We submitted a proposal for this work and the [redacted]'s hired [redacted]'s to replace the Roof on the Rear of the House on May 25, 2010. The new roofing was installed on June 15, 2010. Note that the Proposal they signed on May 25, 2010 did not include any Ceiling Repair, it was Roofing only.

In December of 2010, which was one of our recent "monster winters" they called and said they have a roof leak. When there is Two to Three feet of snow on a roof it is not a roof leak, it is an "Ice Dam" situation. The type of roof they have on the rear of their House is especially susceptable to Ice Dams. It is an older Home with a low pitched roof. This means that the Ceiling has much less insulation than on a newer home. This results in a huge heat loss up through the Ceiling, which then melts the snow on the roof. This melted water then runs to the Gutter Edge of the roof which, because there is no Heat loss there, is colder, so the water freezes, which then causes Ice Dams across the back of the House. As the melted water continues to run down to the Gutter Edge of the House, where it runs into the "Ice Dam", the water starts creeping backwards, under the roof shingles, where it eventually starts leaking into the House. In hard winters like we have had the last 4 or 5 years this is a very common problem in New England. This is not caused by faulty roof installation.

Looking through our records, we dispatched my Roofer there to look at the problem on December 14, 2010. His comments are "There are no leaks this weekend", which would be consistent with an "Ice Dam" situation. Once the snow melts the leaks stop.

There was no further contact from the [redacted]s regarding any problems with their roof until June of 2013. They called and said the side of the Dormer leaked over the weekend. On June 11, 2013 my Roofer went over there, and his first comments were "There is nothing wrong with this roof. If it leaks again it has to be the Siding on the Rear of the House (which was done by some other Company, not [redacted]'s)." Since he was there I had them remove the siding on the side of the Right Side of the Rear Dormer, reflash the side of this Dormer, and then reinstalled the Siding. This was done in spite of the fact that we didn't feel there was any problem with the roof we installed.

There was no further contact from the [redacted]s about any problem with their roof (or anything else) until June 10, 2014. At about the same time I was contacted by their Insurance Company wanting me to pay for the repairs to their Ceiling? What repairs were they talking about? When the [redacted]'s first contacted me on May 19, 2010 it was to come out to their House to give them a proposal to "repair a Ceiling" in their House that had occurred prior to [redacted]'s ever doing work on their Home. They hired us at that time to replace the roof, not do any repairs to their Ceiling. I still think the Insurance Company was trying to get me to pay for the original Ceiling that was damaged before we ever got involved with the [redacted]'s.

Based on the fact that we had been there multiple times, and the general consensus was that any of the problems the [redacted]s were experiencng had nothing to do with the new roof we installed, this situation did not get addressed again until I finally went out there myself on October 30th of this year.

I met with Mrs [redacted] at her house that day to assess what was the problem with her roof. We went inside first, and she showed me a spot on the Dining Room Ceiling where the Ceiling was stained. The area where she showed me the stain in the Ceiling was approximately 12' to 14' from the right side of the House. The Ceiling, in the area that she said was leaking, was dry to the touch. If it was leaking every time that it rains as she claimed then it should have been at least damp.

I then went outside and looked at the rear of the House, where there are two roofs, an Upper Roof & a Lower Roof. There is a section of Wall running the width of the rear of the House separating the Rear Upper & Lower Roofs. I then went around to the Rear Right side of the house and noticed that the Upper Gutter & Fascia Board appeared to be pulled away from the House.

I came back the next day with one of my Carpenters and a Ladder. We went up onto the roof and indeed the Upper Gutter & Fascia Board were actually pulled away from the House approximately 12' to 14' from the right side of the House. This is a common occurence when there are large Ice Dams on the Rear of the House. This was exactly in the location she claimed she was experiencing the roof leak.

The following week, on November 5th, I had two Carpenters at her House to address this situation. The existing Gutter on the Upper Rear of the House was carefully removed, as it was to be reinstalled after the repairs were completed. We then removed the existing White Aluminum Fascia Trim (approximately 26' lineal feet) to expose the Fascia. When we exposed the existing Wood Fascia it was not in good condition. We removed all the existing deteriorated Wood Fascia (approximately 26' lineal feet) and replaced it with new Pine Fascia Board. We then rewrapped the new Fascia Board with White Aluminum Trim and reinstalled the existing Gutter on the Upper Rear of the House.

All of this exterior repair work was done at no charge to the Homeowner, even though it is very clear that the problems she is experiencing both inside and outside the House were the result of Ice Dams, not through any faulty installation of the Roof or Gutters.

When I met with Mrs [redacted] on October 30th I told her that I wanted to come back the next day to "open up" the Ceiling in the area that she said was leaking, as it was dry to the touch. If it was leaking every time that it rains as she claimed then it should have been at least damp. She said she wouldn't be home to let anyone in to the House until until two weeks later, whcih was today, November 13th. One of my Carpenters was there this morning and "opened up" the Ceiling in the location she stated was leaking. The sheetrock he removed, as well as the Ceiling Insulation above it, were both bone dry. We have had plenty of rain lately and if this was an ongoing "Roof leak" both the Drywall & the Ceiling Insulation would have been wet, or at least damp to the touch. This clearly indicates that the problems she experienced were as the results of Ice Dams on her roof, not the roof we installed on her Home.

In closing, it is my belief that [redacted] has gone above & beyond in attempting to remedy an existing situation that is not of our makings. I will leave the ceiling open for a week or two so Mrs [redacted] has the opportunity to call me and show me any water infiltration, although I highly doubt that this will occur. If after a few weeks no water is evident (which I am sure will be the case) then I will send my Painter there to "patch" the Hole in the Ceiling, and then repaint this Ceiling. At that point I will not be responding to any more calls from Mrs [redacted] regarding her roof, because, as I stated above, it is my belief that [redacted] has gone above & beyond in attempting to remedy an existing situation that is not of our making.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:In all the dealings with [redacted] concerning the leaking roof, I was never informed that the leak was due to something not related to the replacement roof. Not when the initial complaint was made or when the initial complaint was resolved. ( Again this was a period of time that extended over months - messages not returned, information that was given to me that was not correct etc) The roofer who did the initial complaint repair indicated that the leak was due to incorrect installation... nothing was said at this time that it was due to incorrect installation of something other than the replacement roof. Since there was another leak and I have a 20 year roof warranty why would I not call them to take care of the problem. If they had responded in a responsible time ( not the 5 months of periodically calling them) and taking the time to investigate the problem, and explaining that the problem was not with the roof but something else I wouldn't have contacted [redacted] did eventually come out and replace items as stated however a week after this was done (November 17th) we had a heavy rain storm and I came home to a puddle of water on the hardwood floor and water dripping from the hole in the ceiling. Obviously the repairs made did not solve the problem. Since I still have a leak the "ice dam" problem was most likely not the only issue. I emailed [redacted] this morning to advise that the leak is continuing. As of now I have not heard anything. [redacted]'s statement concerning the insurance company contacting them has nothing to do with any work that was or was not done on the interior of the house. I put a claim into the insurance company for the water damage done to the ceiling. What their insurance adjuster chose to do is not under my control. (The claim on the initial leaking problem) I have put another claim into my insurance, water damage done to the ceiling of my dining room . This is within my rights and what the insurance company adjuster decides to do is strictly up to them. I am not sure how to resolve the issues remaining since [redacted] stated that they will not be responding to any more calls from me regarding my roof since they feel they have gone above and beyond in attempting to resolve the issue. Why do I have a 20 year warranty if they will not honor it?


My wife and I called Fiderio & Sons in early December 2014 to ask them to quote a new deck for our 30 year old home. After we met with them we decided to contract with them to build the deck.
We were surprised that they said they would be able to start the deck right after Christmas. Eighteen work days later the deck was finished. And that included the take down of the existing deck. This was not a small deck (350 sq. feet) and the new deck would occupy the same footprint. But they would install new footings and larger posts to support the new deck.
We could not be happier with how the deck turned out and the quality of the construction is exceptional. The two carpenters, Ryan and Tont, were on site everyday even when the outside temps were single digits. I highly recommend Fiderio and Sons.

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