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John's Great Cars, Inc.

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On 7/26/2016 I met with John's Great Cars sales representative James S[redacted] concerning a 2015 Dodge Challenger I decided to purchase. S[redacted] recommended I complete a credit application for financing before all details about the purchase were settled. I explained to S[redacted], that I did not want the numerous hard inquiries that is typically done by car dealerships to effect my FICO score and told him to contact the one financial institution that approved financing for my vehicle. James S[redacted], did not follow my instructions and instead contacted six other financial institutions which downgraded my FICO from fair to poor! The vehicle that I wanted was overpriced by $1,400 dollars which John's Great Cars declined to adjust. I excepted the higher price and the financing was completed after I submitted a pay off figure of my trade in and was told by S[redacted] that his finance department will contact me with purchase details. There was however damage to the left front tire and wheel of the purchased vehicle, which I asked if the dealership would repair or apply as credit to the purchase amount. James S[redacted] stated he would check and get back to me. Neither party got back to me, instead I received a text from S[redacted] stating the Dodge was being sold and he would let me know if the sale goes through. I called dealership 7/28/2016 and was told the vehicle was sold on 7/27/2016! John's Great Cars is a third rate establishment with third world business practices and are ONLY looking out for their own monetary gain and not the positive experience consumers deserve. I now must put on hold a new vehicle purchase until I clean up their incompetence and my FICO score is repaired...Berks County and beyond be warned!

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I do not dispute that they took care of the problems. However for having this [redacted], for such little time. Never should it have had CONTINUAL problems. The issues may not have been related. But have been troublesome. The water and fuel lump replaced were covered by warranty BUT. I had to pay 242.00 dollars out of pocket as I am ok with. And understand. 
 As for John offering my money back, this is a mere joke. He did offer to give me 800.00 dollars down back. Then proceeded to tell me that I then let the bank REPO. The [redacted] wich affects my credit rating. If this is professionial then I fail to see it. A car dealer who says [redacted] did buy a 10 year old car with over 120 thousand miles on it , and hides behind that statement is not standing behind the name. Johns Great Cars. I understand as a customer I  WILL IN FACT have issues with a car. Understand that. Regaurdless of age of vehicle,  I did in fact go through Johns GREAT Cars. The name is very misleading. I assure you. The [redacted] I am buying from Johns Great Cars is far from great. In fact its not great. It still has issues apart of those addressed. How is my [redacted] a great car from johns great cars when John refuses to stand by his less then great car. Im not looking for Perfect. Relialable yes.
John has replied and his reply is misleading.
1. Radio. 1st day.
2. No heat 2nd da
3. Check engine light. 3rd day.
They fixed these gave me a loaner for this. Wich waa 1 lump fix.
next had codes go off for check engine a week later. Car was overheating as well. They took across the street to [redacted]. They told [redacted] to put in new  thermostat, however [redacted] said this was not the issue and did not replace it. And thats fine if thats not the issue. At that time [redacted] told me that Johns Great cars sold me a car with the wrong sized battery in it.  And replaced the battery.  I did not have a loaner. Every other week for 3 months I had a check engine light go off. Johns great cars got upset withh my calling in.
It then spits off a trans code. Johns took the car to [redacted] in Bernville, and another shop up there. I was without car for 2 to 3 days, I did not have a loaner at this time either. I did have my water lump and fuel pump replaced at the same time. My car still continues to overheat periodically, wich was known by Johns. In Johns response he even admitts that this [redacted] has given me my share of problems. Well then stand by your car. Stand by the name on your buisness. Its Johns GREAT cars....I did not in fact buy the car off [redacted]. I did not buy the car off a private seller. I bought a 2005 [redacted] off Johns Great Cars.   Not Johns second had jollopies. I ask you to stand behind your name.  I am sorry, but this is something inportant to me. I feel wronged. Maybe not the intent of Johns Great Cars.  However please stand behind the name. 
 As I said. I understand I will encounter problems with any car. For me to have AS many problems in as little time, its not fair to me. And if Johns Great Cars can see this and say it is a 2005 with 120 thousand miles. That is true. It is. Fact is the [redacted] was purschased at Johns Great Cars. A REPUTABLE dealer. 
All I am looking for is trade me put me into another vechile, or refund me, by refund  me. I mean refund my money, you said you offered me a refund. However if you do that. I would not have to have car REPO and settle with the bank. This is insane for any buisness to try to do to a customer. As far as Johns offering a refund is not entirely true. I just want to resolve this. 

Ever since I graduated High School I wanted a Jeep, but I know the price tag that comes along with the Jeep I want! For 13 years I owned Mitsubishi after Mitsubishi, and I liked them. A friend of mine recently purchased an affordable Jeep and it gave me the "itch". I am forever seeing cars driving around with the "JOHNSGREATCARS.COM" logo on them, and have wanted to check it out just out of curiosity, so I finally did. AND THERE IT WAS! My 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and she is beautiful and I love her (even though we hadn't met yet!) I sent in a request and Jim contacted me via e-mail with some detailed information and links to complete an application. He not once called me repeatedly, nor did he hound me. He sent me a nice little, "head's up, here is this and this and this and let me know if you can come in". No pressure, no nagging phone calls, nothing. Even the tone, in what was probably a standard e-mail was nonchalant and laid back.
NEVER would I have imagined that I would walk out of that office the following day with my Jeep! BUT I DID! Dan (finance) called me minutes after they opened Saturday morning (thanks for that wake-up call!) He asked me a few questions; where I needed my payment to be; if I would consider other vehicles or if my heart was set on this one; if I had money down (I didn't). Dan said he hoped to see me later, there was not, "what time can you be here?", "Will you be coming in?", "How about right now?", "Our hours are... please be here by", Just a simple, "We hope to see you soon." I walked around the lot just to be curious, Jim came out and met with me, shook my hand, and brought out the key to the wrong Jeep (which made me laugh) for my test drive. I FELL IN LOVE!!!!! (AGAIN!)
After the Drive:
Jim provided us with the carfax report and reviewed that , as well as the warranty they offer STANDARD ON ALL CARS THEY SELL! We were offered coffee and PEANUT [redacted] from his personal stash! (He knew the way to my heart!) The entire process was painless, not even a pinch of pain. The guys were all great! Jim sat with us and chit chatted, just general conversation while we waited for approvals. You can talk to him about ANYTHING! BUT be sure to remind him that his wife plays golf better than he does! :)
Finishing Up:
During the wait for one last lending company reply we were offered lunch on them at a place across the street, which we politely declined and ate more [redacted]. Joe delivered the car too us and went over all paperwork, he was easy going, organized and friendly. And we were off! I am now a proud owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee (Sorry, it just has such a nice ring to it!) The guys were all great and I can FINALLY vouch and feel a sense of pride when I see that JOHNSGREATCARS.COM logo driving around.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:From: [redacted] <[redacted].com>Date: Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 3:58 PMSubject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #[redacted].To: <[email protected]>My car payment went from $233.39 per month to $254.23 per month after purchasing the Gap Insurance more like $20.84 more. Even $13 dollars is too much for 72 months. Unless once the($700) Gap Insurance is paid off my car note decreases?

Review: I purchased a car in Feb 2012 from John's at $12,000. Its a 2006 Hyundai Sonata. A few months ago I noticed that the hood of my car was turning gray from black and was rusting. I took it to a body shop to get an estimate on getting a paint job and he told me that the hood of the car and the front bumper were not the original on the car and that was why it was fading the way it was. He also showed me that there was a slight difference in the headlights and an area where paint had peeled off and it was painted over. The man asked me for my [redacted] and said that you can't always go by that because if there was damage done to a car the owner will fix themselves and its not reported. A few weeks after that I had to take it to the garage to service my ABS light that was on. I also mentioned to the man at the garage that ever since I had the car it always seemed that my car had a bit of a feeling bumpy noice and I thought it was my tires. After he serviced the car and I picked it up, he asked me if I noticed that the front of the car was not the original. I called the dealership and told him what I had found out and he told me that there was not anything he could do for me because they were not awrae of it when they sold the car.Desired Settlement: I would like them to either pay to have the hood of the car properly painted or deduct money off the amount owed on the car.



Hi [redacted]:

My name is [redacted] and I am writing this response for John’s Great Cars Inc. regarding the matter you discussed with John Bowers; it is in reference to ID #[redacted].

We received the complaint dated 7/29/13 concerning a customer who purchased a 2006 Hyundai Sonata from us in February 2012. She stated that she noticed a few months ago that the paint on the hood of her car was turning from gray to black and was beginning to rust. Her mechanic advised her that the car had been in an accident and the hood and the bumper were not the original, and that is why the paint was now turning colors.

Upon receiving the complaint John, the owner and President, contacted the customer to discuss the situation with her. He explained he handles all warranty and after the sale issues and had not been made aware of the situation with her vehicle, but if she could bring it in he would be more than happy to take a look at the car so that we could resolve the situation to her liking. She said she would bring the car in Saturday 8/3/13 so John could look at it and take care of it for her. She didn’t seem upset on the phone and was very happy to get the call. She did not bring the car in on August 3rd so John reached out to her the following week to resolve the situation. The next time they spoke she informed John she had to go out of town for a death in the family and was unable to bring the vehicle to the dealership. John explained that was not a problem and as soon as she was able to bring us the car we will take care of the paint issue as she requested.

To this date she hasn’t brought the car in to us, or called with a date or time that she would like to bring it by. As soon as she does we will be more than happy to work with her to resolve the situation so that she is satisfied with her purchase.



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