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Johnson Paving & Sealcoating

1148 Eddie Dowling Highway, North Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States, 02896-8208

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On July 19, 2017, Johnson Paving of ***, RI created a contract for my residence. The contract included excavation, preparation, and compaction of driveway pavement. Per the contract the compaction would be prepared prior to the driveway material being applied.
• Preparation of the area
• Leveling of the parking area
• Water drainage
• Final thickness of the pavement
Once the driveway was completed and the crew had left, I was able to see the finished product. It was immediately evident that the driveway process did not follow the contract, and I contacted the owner on July 21, 2017.
I spoke with *** and asked him to come see the driveway with me so that we can discuss my concerns. I was told that there was nothing to talk about and there was no need to meet. I was also told that the driveway work had a 1-year warrantee and there was no need to meet. I have been trying to meet in person with this company for over 9 months.
On May 1, 2018, I spoke with Mrs., and I still was unable to meet with them. I was asked to provide photos to show the areas of my concern. I provided several photos and indicated areas that did not meet my expectations. I was then contacted again that the photos did not show enough of a concern, and that they recommend that they see it in person – Yet as of May 6, 2018 they have not contacted me to meet. They commented or suggested the possibility of someone parking or storing something heavy on the driveway that may have damaged it.
Since the issue has not been addressed over the last 9 months.
• The driveway has started to sink in several areas and has noticeable “waves”
• There is a marked difference from the driveway and the parking area, looking like 2 separate areas
• Water drainage should have been away from the residence & is also draining into the neighbor’s property
• There is a noticeable rock protruding through the pavement and is noticeable
I have been unable to have direct one-on-one conversation with a member of this company since the driveway was completed. I have also have had no response to the email sent on July 23, 2017. Per the contract the driveway is warrantied for 1 year and that date is approaching.

Johnson Paving & Sealcoating Response • May 07, 2018

Hi Mr., As per our conversation, *** is going to be going out to the residence to look at the areas of concern. I cannot comment any further as of yet until we get a closer look at the driveway. That being said, we install ALL of our driveways with the same quality and process that we have built our great reputation on for over 10 years. *** and the majority of or crew have been experienced in the asphalt paving industry for well over 20 yearsT and have many repeat customers to justify our quality of work. That being said, we are unhappy with your negative feelings toward our company and want to resolve any issues you have, within reason, to make you satisfied. Upon examination of the areas of concern, hopefully we can come up with a resolution to your disapprovals. I will be in contact with a day to meet at the property. Thank you. *** 05/07/2018

Customer Response • May 15, 2018

I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***.

As per our conversation, *** did stop by the residence on May 9th, to look at the driveway concerns.

I understand the quality and process that is built into the reputation of your company. I understand that your crew has experience and understands quality. I do not understand how with all this experience and quality that after *** saw the driveway on Wednesday May 9th , *** believed the driveway was so bad that he offered to repair it.

This offer proves that there is a concern about the quality and process put forth by your company. After asking for proposal paperwork and that being rejected, you counter-offered to return half of my original payment for me to go elsewhere to get it repaired.

I reject this offer by the business.


Johnson Paving & Sealcoating Response • May 16, 2018


I am sorry that what we offered you was not to your liking or acceptance. Upon looking at the driveway, it was shown to have NO workmanship defects. It was noted to have spotting from leaking oil, possibly from a car leaking, in a few areas. That was explained to you. The areas in question were found to be where the asphalt seams connect together when installed with the asphalt paver. There was no "sinking" as you stated whatsoever. Any water on the driveway diverts directly off of it causing NO puddling. The processed gravel base, as we know because we installed it, is structured correctly and the 3" asphalt, compacted is intact. *** explained this to you. You had concerns with, as you stated, "the water flow pitching in the neighbors yard". We have to be sure, when installing a driveway, the all water is directed off of it. The way you driveway is sloped toward the back, the water flows into your neighbors yard. We offered to raise the rear grade up and install a small berm, if needed, to help the water flow go more slowly. There was no offer to "repair" your driveway, as it is not failing. At the same time in trying to help the water flow go a little slower, *** offered to overlay the entire driveway to put your mind at ease. It was not necessary. You agreed and then an appointment date of July 9 was set to install the overlay and raise up the rear grade a bit. The next day, you then contacted me to obtain it in writing as well as the warranty. I told you I had no problem giving you a contract, in writing, but I could not extend the warranty any further than the year we gave you. Once we go out, at our cost, to do any adjustments to the driveway, that voids the warranty. You did not agree with that. I then gave you the option of giving you a 1/2 discount of your total cost you paid for the driveway, and you could find another company to apply the overlay if you felt more comfortable with that. You did not want to go that route. I don't know what more I can offer you. At the time of the install, in July of last year, you were concerned with the asphalt seams and in general the driveway. We went and inspected and saw no issues. We told you that you have a one year warranty and said to call with any issues. I then discounted your install 100.00 for your worries. Each time you called, we went out to observe the driveway and it was structurally sound. I feel I have went far and beyond to try to satisfy you and am sorry we can not come up with a solution.

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Address: 1148 Eddie Dowling Highway, North Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States, 02896-8208


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