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Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc

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Jolin paving worked on a residential drainage project at my home. I paid [redacted] and the problem is not fixed and getting worse over timeI hired Jolin paving to perform a small-medium residential drainage project at my home. I paid over [redacted] for what I thought would fix my drainage issues. The drain held for almost two years and after that, I began experiencing flooding issues in my garage again.I hired Drain-a-way to come out with a camera and they found that there was dirt, silt or mud washing back into the pipe from the dry well that Jolin dug out. I tried to clear the mud through a clean-out valve or port but the mud, silt or clogs are getting worse over time and my garage is flooding just as badly as before I hired Jolin Paving.I hired someone to come out who consulted with a drainage expert, and they said that the dry well should not have been simply filled with stone. It should have been lined with inexpensive landscape fabric, which would have acted as a filter and kept the mud or silt from washing back in and clogging the drainage pipe.I have tried since early in 2013 to contact Jolin paving to assist me in rectifying this issue, but I was told "that we're very busy" and will come over when we can. Well, that never happened and winter came. Now, another year later, it's worse than ever. I placed 7-8 calls with [redacted] and several calls with [redacted], and again, all I get is that "I gave him the message", and when speaking with [redacted], he was rude, condescending and it's obvious that he does not want to make good on his work. Now, I will have to spend thousand more to remediate something that should have been done right in the first place.This is just not the way to do businessDesired SettlementRemediation of issueBusiness Response Dear you for allowing our company the opportunity to respond to the complaint opened by customer case #XXXXXX on [redacted].Upon early in-depth discussion while proposing the project for Mr. ** back in [redacted] I explained to him that we were limited on drainage system options due to grades, the Town of [redacted] not granting permission for any residence to tie into their drain system as well as if pipe were left open at end with no leaching pit, water runoff had possibility of running into neighbors yard. Unfortunately due to these limitations and along with these explanations to Mr. [redacted] we proposed the best possible solution in which he agreed to and we performed 100% correctly by installation a large drywell of stone and covering the top of stone with fabric cloth so as dirt on top of drywell would not contaminate stone in drywell. It appears the current problem Mr. ** is experiencing is due to the gutter as well as drain at entrance of garage, overtime, has collected dirt and debris such as leaves which has ended up at end of pipe leading into leach pit. The only way to correct this new problem with silt at end of pipe leaching into drywell would be to excavate end of pipe to daylight and allow water to run towards downhill side of property, possibly putting rip-rap stone beyond open pipe to help dissipate water runoff towards downhill neighbors side.Prior to receiving this complaint I had all intentions of returning an apology phone call to Mr. ** on [redacted] for our conversation in which when Mr. ** called while I was in the middle of a project. In 60 years of doing business, we have never had a single complaint. We have held an ** rating with the [redacted] as well as [redacted]'s [redacted] not to mention 1,000's of customers and their reference of satisfaction in our quality, professionalism and knowledge for the services we perform. Since opening our doors in [redacted] we have pride ourselves on assuring each and every customers' complete 100% satisfaction on their project before asking for a single penny of payment. We are completely booked for this season and began scheduling projects 2 months ago for spring [redacted] We have passed over 150 jobs this fall due to the overwhelming request for our quality services and I called back each and every customer to personally explain that we will not be able to get to them this season, to give them direction and to thank them for considering our company to perform their project. At this time, Mr. ** should look for an excavation company to expose end of pipe to day light. We did the best we could at the time under the limited circumstances and options, again, Town of [redacted] was not granting permission for residence to tie into their town drains as well as to avoid having water run towards neighbors. Unfortunately silt is now plugging at end of pipe. The project in which we performed for Mr. ** in the amount of [redacted] was performed 100% correctly as proposed and he received everything agreed to and more. Unfortunately Mr. ** current new issue is no cause of our work, but by silt and leaves plugging end of pipe. If possible and if time allows in [redacted] we may be able to help him by excavating and exposing pipe to daylight. This would be for a charge for machine and labor as well as any additional materials if required. Or, he can elect to hire a contractor of his choice. If we were to come back, we would not be held responsible where water runs off too. Again, we had spoke in great lengths with regards to these issues when we originally performed this project.Anyone who we have ever had the pleasure of doing business for knows how we run our business and is one of the many reasons why over 90% of our customers come to us through personal referral and/or [redacted] We take every customers project to heart and perform as if it were our very own. Again, the issue Mr. ** is experiencing does not relate to our project or work that we had completed. We sincerely hope Mr. ** can resolve his issue whether he pursues to requests assistance from us or another contractor as stated above. No hard feelings are held against Mr. ** for opening claim and wish him the very best.Sincerely,[redacted], [redacted]JOLIN PAVING & EXCAVATING, INC.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not dispute Jolin Paving's reputation - that is precisely why I hired him. With that said, I do however disagree with several of Mr. [redacted] responses.First of all, I took pictures of the entire project from start to finish. They did not put landscape cloth over the top of the leeching pit or around the sides to mitigate dirt and mud contamination or run-off. I had another drainage expert look at what was done as well as the current issue. Since there is no lining or covering of the leeching pit, as it fills with water, it mixes with dirt/mud and is back-washing into the pipe. I feel that for a residential drainage job that cost [redacted] another [redacted] worth of landscape fabric was warranted and would have mitigated 90% of the issues. I don't think that Jolin did a 'bad' job overall, but it was done only 85% correctly.I will now have to pay another [redacted] to remediate what should have been done right in the first place.I began calling [redacted] back in the Spring/Fall of [redacted] I spoke with him and left messages at least 1/2 dozen times, and his response was the same, "I'm very busy and will need to back with you". When we spoke last, it was late fall [redacted] and he said that the ground was too hard and couldn't do anything until next year, so I began calling him again in [redacted]I left 3-4 messages for [redacted] again in August/September with not a single call-back. So, I called his brother, [redacted], who listened to my issues, and each and every time, all he said was that he would "relay the message to [redacted]". Again, not a single call-back. So, once again, I began calling [redacted] again. After leaving another 4-5 messages, he finally answered and it was apparent that he was agitated. I asked him why he was rude to me? I was a good customer, was easy to work for and with, and he just shouted profanities at me and hung up on me.This is just not the way to conduct business. I don't care if they have not had a single complaint for 200 years. This is not how a customer should be treated. No way, no how! Final Business Response Dear Mr. **With regards to your follow up to our response, I am hurt and deeply saddened on both on a personal and business level. My family, friends and customers of over 40+ years can attest that I would never have used profanities in my dealings with a customer. As I ADMITTED in my previous response, the day you contacted me by phone I was in the middle of a complex project and had apologized for being short but had NEVER used profane language as you have indicated. I have always gone over and above to make my customers happy and see to their satisfaction. Being a small business and "personally" wanting to address any customer concerns, yes, due to this I ADMIT I can not always respond immediately and it may have taken time due to emergencies and schedule but eventually I make sure I am there to resolve any/all of my customers concerns and can provide references to that. As far as his regards to the "fabric cloth", I thought it was installed but if Mr. * says otherwise, we would be happy to send him a check for [redacted] should he request. I am very sorry that Mr. * is having an issue unrelated to the work we performed. I have attempted to offer our services at cost of machine, labor, equipment and any materials to excavate pipe to daylight and a refund of [redacted] check for fabric cloth he states was not used. Again, we performed this project 100% as proposed and more given conditions we were confronted with at that time which we were that Town of [redacted] not issuing/permitting residents to tie into town drain as well as to prevent heavy water runoff from running into neighbor's yard. Both of which had been discussed in great lengths prior to start of work. Again, we truly wish Mr.** the very best and our responses rest in this matter.Very best,[redacted]Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Again, the last time that Mr. [redacted] and I spoke over the phone, I had asked him why he had been so rude to me? He replied, and I quote: "I have work coming out of my "expletitive" [redacted], "I'll get to you when I get to you", and he hung up on me.Also, the reason why I opened this claim was not to ask for a small monetary concession. While I appreciate his offer to reimburse me [redacted] the bigger issue and the reason why I opened this complaint in the first place is because Mr. [redacted] neglected to complete the job properly which is causing mud back-washing into the pipe. I had asked Mr. [redacted] several times what he was going to do and the materials that he was going to use etc. Each time he stated that he would use the landscape fabric in the hole to ward-off contamination from mud, dirt etc. Now it appears as if the hole has been filling with mud from the dirty water run-off after every heavy rain.I will now need to pay upwards of [redacted] to mitigate the issue and have all of the stone removed and the leeching pit lined and topped with landscape fabric.So, in my opinion, a [redacted] concession will not fix my issue, and still attest to the fact that the job was not performed as originally specified.

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