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From: Joey DeMalavezDate: Fri, Oct 21, at 8:AMSubject: ID#***To: ***Joey D***Joltin JabsID#***Hello ***, it was nice talking to you the other dayThe following is my statement with pictures on the complaint....She has been a
client since Feb and purchased 2- 12class packagesFirst I need to add and you will see it in the pictures that I have absolutely no refundsIt is in the picture of the "shopping cart" during final purchaseBasically she liedI have spoken with the other three clients, they are willing to come testify or whatever type of hearing is held to settle this disputeI'm not even talking about what the other three clients saidShe said my son took his good old timeMy son had health issues and was in a walking boot up to his kneeHe did apologize for being a few minutes late according to the other clientsThe one time she said that she waited for a class and my son didn't show up, is because there was no class, and she denies but she did sign up for the wrong class, as you will see the proof in the picturesI even emailed her that she signed up for the wrong class and she gave me no responseShe says I owe he an apology, I think she owes me an apologyMy desired outcome is no refund, and I will continue to pursue thisI never had a complaint against me and I am the best at what I doI built a business from the ground up and it is recognized worldwide and my reputation speaks for itselfThank you ***, Joey D*** Joltin Jabs Sent from my ***

From: [redacted]<[redacted]>Date: Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 2:34 PMSubject: Re: [redacted]To: [redacted] <[redacted]>Hello [redacted], Thank you for allowing me the time to get back to you via email. I have been in contact with my credit card company and with my own personal legal counsel over the last several weeks to resolve this issue and wanted to email you back with a complete, and hopefully resolved, story. First and foremost, this issue has been resolved but is being done so at the expense of my credit card company. I provided them with an extensive amount of documentation including a review of PA consumer/contract law which they took very seriously. They agreed that I had the right to request a refund but felt that I was not going to get a refund from this merchant considering the unprofessional behavior this merchant displayed as a result of me requesting a refund and making a complaint against an instructor, who happened to be the merchant's son. My credit card company advised me that it would be in my best interest to discontinue my pursuit of a refund from this merchant as he would likely become even more agitated and aggressive towards me. They agreed the merchant inappropriately lashed out towards me and made a personal attack on my character, which was unfounded, unjustified, and irrelevant to the case at hand; they were very sympathetic to my situation. They have taken the cost upon themselves in order to provide me with a full refund, which I find incredibly admirable. This resolution satisfies me from a financial perspective, but I would like to point out that this merchant still has not apologized to me for his instructor/son being late to class, even though the merchant admitted that he was late. I find this unacceptable and inexcusable. My goal in pursuing this with the was to allow the merchant the opportunity to take ownership for his faults and provide an apology. This is a very reasonable request. The merchant even provided documentation from another student agreeing that the instructor was indeed late to class. Perhaps the instructor apologized to other students once I had left, but he never apologized to me. When I wrote to the merchant to complain about the lateness and request a refund, the merchant wrote me back admitting lateness but never apologized. It has been months since this incident occurred and I have yet to receive an apology from the instructor or the merchant. It is absolutely deplorable how this merchant has handled this situation and he should be ashamed of himself. However, I have come to realize that this merchant does not have the capacity to feel shame, admit wrongdoing or even to apologize for his faults as he has continued to display himself as an overly defensive and aggressive person by nature. As I shared with my credit card company, I would also like to point out that this merchant continues to bring up a claim that I signed up for the wrong class, of which has absolutely nothing to do with the case at hand. It does not even make sense to me why he keeps bringing this up; it does not help to support his case. However, in my defense I think it is important for you to know that I have over 5 years of experience working on the studio membership system that this merchant uses, called MBO, short for MindBody Online. This program allows students to sign up for classes online. It allows instructors to check students in when they arrive for class. It also allows instructors to sign students up for a class on behalf of the student. I don’t go around accusing people of things I don’t have proof of, however, since the merchant continues to bring up this unrelated issue, then I must point out that it is possible to retroactively use the MBO software to re-register a student for other classes after a class has already taken place.  Using the software, it is also possible for a merchant to remove a student from a class, to cancel that class, and then sign that student up for a different class at a different time, without permission from the student.This merchant has proven himself to be unprofessional, unreasonable, disrespectful, and thinks it is acceptable to bully his clients. He has even made grossly libelous statements to my credit card company, which I am happy to provide proof should you desire. I have not only been verbally accosted by this merchant but I now fear for my safety were I ever to return to his facility. I, of course, will never go near this facility again or engage in any form of business transactions with this merchant. Under no circumstance should a client be made to feel this way by a merchant. What happened to me was so egregious that I fear the same or worse has already or will occur to another client. I just hope those individuals are as brave as I have been in standing up for myself as a consumer and as a human being, even in the face of a bully.I am ready to move forward and move on as this issue as it has taken up a significant amount of my time and caused me a tremendous amount of undue grief. I would like to close with a request to the to keep a very close eye on this merchant and to be fastidious in responding to future consumer complaints or concerns. I sincerely fear for the livelihood and safety of those who continue to do business with this merchant. In fact, I continue to fear for my own safety and would like reassurance from the that this merchant has not been provided with any of my personal information, such as my home address. I am happy to divulge more details or discuss further on the phone as well as provide a copy of my documentation to my credit card company as well as their response back to me.I do hope the takes my case seriously and sees that the responses from the merchant have been extremely unprofessional, to say the least. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions. Regards, [redacted]

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