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Joshuas Carwash

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Review: I went to [redacted]'s car wash on August **,2013 to get an oil change. I received an oil change and a car wash. I paid for my service then left. After about 5 minutes of driving I hear a scuffing sound as if something is dragging underneath my car. I stop the car and et out to look and I see that the panel that is supposed to be closed after receiving an oil change was not closed at all!!! And that two of my tires were missing the knobs. I called the store today asking to speak to a Manager and a woman named [redacted] answered the phone and stated that she resolves all the problems in the store but indeed transferred me to the same incompetent mechanic who performed the service and he starts arguing with me stating he didn't do anything wrong and that's how he found my vehicle which is a LIE because that's not how I brought it in. I called back and yet again [redacted] tried to play it off as if it wasn't her on the phone when I asked for her last name she said I don't have to give it to you. I told her this is not how you resolve a problem and I was going to make a complaint to and she said go ahead and hung up the phone. This is the WORST place to go!!!! I WILL NEVER RETURN and make sure I let all of my friends that go there NEVER TO GO BACK!! [redacted] I hope they close this place down cause this is not how you deal with paying customers!!!!!Desired Settlement: A partial refund since I had to get the panel fixed myself and buy two nozzles for each tire. A letter of apology from the owner insuring that someone else will not have to go thru what I did. Train [redacted] on customer service and management skills because she handled the situation poorly and get a better mechanic!



To Whom It May Concerns at The In reference to ID# [redacted].

I'm sorry to hear that you had an unfortunate experience at [redacted]'s car wash. I went over the incident in details with both my manager as well as my technician. My technician [redacted] recalled the incident clearly and indicated that he noticed several missing screws which hold up the dirt shield located at the bottom of this Volvo, as well as missing valve caps prior to working on the vehicle. [redacted] unfortunately did a few things wrong in handling the matter, if you noticed something wrong 5 minutes after servicing your car, your first reaction should have been to return to the shop so we could have immediately resolved the issue not waiting days. However, my technician ([redacted]) should have told [redacted] that she had missing screws prior to working on the car. Whether the car was really missing screws or my technician forgot to replace screws, we would have rectified the situation immediately we have an abundance of screws within the facility which fits all makes and models. The valves caps has well, we sell valves caps in the store so it would be nothing to give a customer 2 valve caps they only cost 99 cents for four. If [redacted] came back to the facility when she first noticed something was wrong we would have alleviate this entire misunderstanding. I also spoke to my workers about the alleged negative interactions and they informed me that it was [redacted] whom was yelling and cursing and it was also [redacted]. who hung up the phone. This fact is easy for me to believe because even in this complaint [redacted] is still very angry (the capital letters and the exclamations) are evident that [redacted] is still dissatisfied with [redacted]'s Car Wash. Well [redacted] Please accept my sincere apology for this really unfortunate misunderstanding but [redacted] my Technician is very competent we've performed over 2000 oil changes so far this year and we have not had 1 issue. Nevertheless, I had a meeting with all parties involved and I was adamant about practicing diplomacy regardless of how rational or irrational a customer may be, also going forward the technician must point out any and all missing items prior to working on the vehicle. Again, I'm sorry about your recent experience and I hope you will give me an opportunity to make it up to you by offering a free V.l.P wash (value of $25.00).

Thank You for your help in the resolution of this matter.

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Description: CAR WASH & POLISH

Address: 8610 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, New York, United States, 11236

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