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To whom it may concern;
I would like to take this opportunity to respond the the complaint filled against Juliano's Pools on 6/27/2014 on behalf of [redacted].  [redacted] first contacted Juliano's Pools in late May to open the pool, he selected the date of June...

6th 2014, and requested an early AM appointment.  On June 6th we sent a crew out for the first job of the day to [redacted] home for a basic pool opening.  The opening was performed by 2 Juliano's Pools technicians, the 2 men opened the pool successfully and did not report any problems.  It is typical of jobs that require a return trip for any reason to have notes on the slip stating what the problem is, and what the course of action should be to repair problems, [redacted] slip had no such notes.  Thus meaning, the pump had achieved a full prime, pool was running as expected, and there were no leaks in plumbing system.
The following morning as the slip was turned in with out a payment in hand for the service, only a hand written note that stated home owner would call in credit card, the next course of action for the office at that point is to call to retain a credit card for the service or arrange some form of payment.  [redacted], our accounts receivable coordinator made a phone call to contact [redacted] to set up payment.  The call was not received and not responded too, in the following days we made several attempts to reach [redacted] that were also unsuccessful.  It was in the days that followed that [redacted] had started to call to state there was something wrong with the pool, we attempted to trouble shoot everything over the phone with him as he was experiencing normal pool problems for the beginning of the season.  The pool was green when it was opened due to be opened so late, so naturally the filter had caught quite a bit of algae and debris.  At this point we had instructed the home owner to back wash the filter and attempt to reconnect vacuum.  As he began to become frustrated with the pool he then started to make comments like why am I being charged a different amount to open the pool, after the office staff had explained to him what the difference in his opening compared to, as he called it " his neighbor down the street", he grew increasingly more frustrated.  
Juliano's Pools goes above and beyond to ensure that no charges are being hidden from the customers and even sends out the mailer that you can see attached to this response as proof that [redacted] was not only mailed a pamphlet describing  the price to open his Gunite swimming pool, but was also told about the cost when he booked the opening.  It was only after he was having difficulty cleaning the pool that he then had a problem with the opening.  Once office staff started to field complaints from [redacted] we then quickly involved [redacted], as he is extremely involved and wants to make sure every client is given the attention they deserve.  [redacted] had attempted to contact [redacted] on 2 separate occasions, finally reaching him on the second attempt to discuss the service, on June 26th 2014.  It was during this phone call that [redacted] again described the procedures, expectations, and cost of a gunite swimming pool opening.  [redacted] then attempted to work with him and offer $100 dollars off the original service, [redacted] response then was he wanted to pay half of the cost.  [redacted] feeling that it was nothing Julianos Pools had done wrong, negligently, or incorrectly, unfortunately had to decline [redacted] offer.  
The following morning [redacted] alerted the staff of the phone call he had with [redacted] and asked that we send a letter to him still with the offer of $100.00 off of his service, and stated that he would be happy to work the the customer to set up payment or any follow up service he required.  To this date the matter is still unsettled and unpaid for.  Again I ask that you review the letter that was mailed to [redacted] in February, and also take into the account that no payment has even been rendered for the service that [redacted] says was performed less then satisfactorily.  In closing we would like to re-affirm our offer to discount the rate of the opening, and state our willingness to send a service tech out to his home to meet with him to show him how to properly connect the vacuum equipment so he can clean up the pool, providing the advise session lasted less than 30 minuets we would be happy to provide that service at no charge to assist [redacted] with his Gunite swimming pool.  
Again I would like to thank you for the opportunity to respond the the complaint in this forum to attempt to come to some sort of resolution.  We look forward to tabling this matter and moving forward with the 2014 pool season, and hope this information proves valuable in settling this matter.

Review: Juliano's was hired to open my pool on 6/4/14. The first issue is that they billed me $200 more than my neighbor, who has the same size pool. I called them to find out why there was a difference in the pricing and they told me that my pool is "more complicated, involves more risk," and "needs a special crew to open it." They said that I got the "[redacted] service." When I finally talked to the owner he told me that there was no real difference except that because I had a concrete pool, the market dictated I pay more, not that there was any difference in the service I received. I have since contacted another local vendor and their prices are not skewed in this drastic fashion.The second issue is that once my pool was opened, after 2 men spent 1 1/2 hours on it for $526.43, it never suctioned properly. I ran the filter for a week and it never worked. I called the service department and we fruitlessly went through a few possible issues; they then told me I would have to have to pay for service come out to trouble shoot it. This was a week after I spent $526.43 for the "[redacted] service!" Why should I have to pay for a service visit for a pool problem that was never sorted out on the initial visit?!I then spent most of an afternoon trying to figure out what was wrong and eventually took apart the pump. It was full of rocks, sticks and leaves. Since the skimmer basket had been left in place, there was no way for new debris to enter the system so this was clearly left from last fall. When I called the owner to tell him that his men not only charged me a premium to open my pool, but that they didn't clean the pump basket, he told me that he could do nothing for me and that there must have been rocks and debris left in the line from last fall. If so, why didn't they 1) clear the line when they opened it? 2) suggest I look into and clean the pump basket myself when I called them? In addition, they also broke my pool heater enclosure when they opened it!Desired Settlement: I don't think I should pay anything for this very poor service and even poorer response from ownership. I had initially offered to pay half to the owner which he refused. I also think they should pay for the damage to my pool heater enclosure.



To whom it may concern;

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