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Review: This was the email I sent to the owner of the company about the issues I had at this business.

Hi [redacted],

I booked a party at Jump n play a few weeks ago for this past weekend. It was byfar the worst experience I have ever ever had with any place that I have visited. To start off, I booked my party online. Prior to booking it, I called and asked a team member for some information. My aunt purchased the same package as I did a few weeks prior but I had a few more people coming than she did. She was in the room to the far left which is what I expected as well with choosing the same package. When I spoke to the lady on the phone before scheduling, I asked her about set up time since my party was from 1:15-3:15. She told me I could be there at 1 o'clock to have 15 minutes to set up, which was already not much time for prep or turnover at that. I showed up a little early around 1250 and just hung out on the benches to wait for our room. I was then told the room wouldnt be ready until 115 which gave me ZERO time to set anything up and have it prepped for the guests. Mind you, you only allow 2 hours for the room to start with, which has to include setup and cleanup. The room wasn't cleared out until 115 in which a male employee came to me and told me it was ready. So my mother and I went and started setting up the room. Got table cloths on and stuff set out, all for a female employee to come in and tell me that I am in the wrong room " because you didn't pay for this room " and that I had to tear it all down and switch rooms. I chose the exact same package as my aunt a few weeks prior. So I get all my stuff tore back down & get over to the room on the right side. At this point its around 120 - I get over there, hands full of things that I had already unpackaged, and the previous party hadn't even cleared out yet nor had they started cleaning the room. The staff was the rudest group of young high school people that I've ever met. When I got upset, the girl made a comment that " my party wasn't until 115 anyway so I shouldnt be that mad because they arent running that late " In all the chaos, only one person apologized to me for the inconvenience and the rudness of the other employees. ( young girl with short hair ). We finally got the room set up & the huge party I had in, and it was so miserably hot with no airflow in the back corner due to the bouncehouse that my group couldn't even eat in there. On top of the $200 party I chose, I additionally paid for more pizzas and pop all for my group to have to sit split up because people were complaining that they were going to pass out. I complained to the staff multiple times, as well as my father complaining because it was such a bad experience for my 5 year old. I got my room cleaned up a little early as a courtesy to the next party ( who Im sure would have been equally unhappy ) so that they had to to set up a decent set up for their childs perfect day. You guys are so money hungry that you have to squeeze people back to back to back to make all the money you can & that leaves people so unhappy with your business. Believe me, I know you have to make money to keep going, but it was so ridiculous. I'm am so displeased with my sons party. All the one girl kept saying to me was that there was nothing that she could do other than give me a free pass to come back. She said " we dont have upper management here & you would have to contact him directly, but he doesn't issue refunds or even partial refunds, he will just have me give you some future passes ". I have NO desire to come back there whatsoever. It has taken everything in me to not publically bash this place on social media. But being an office manager for a business, I know how that affects your place of business and your staff, so I thought I would reach out to you first to see what could be done. To end a horrible experience, the team gave me one of your see through trash bags to gather all the things I wasn't able to use for my sons party because of lack of time and space. It was full of party supplies, birthday cards, my 18 month olds shoes and cup, & some other random party things. I placed the bag wide open on by the tables where we sat our coats after I cleaned the room out so the kids could still play for a bit. Once I got ready to leave, I couldnt find it. I assumed one of my family members had grabbed it for me earlier before leaving, only to come home to realize I didnt have it. I called back up there to ask about it & they explained to me that one of the staff had thrown it in the dumpster while I was still in the building. I intentionally left it untied so that it could be seen ( as if you couldnt see right through the bag ) so that it didn't get thrown away. The first person I talked to said " im so sorry you've had such a horrible experience, let me get you a free jump pass ". She told me she couldn't do anything but apologize for all my sons stuff getting thrown away & said " I'm sorry about your sons shoes and birthday stuff ". I ended up finally talking to someone else who was willing to at least go look in the dumpster so that I myself could come and get my sons gifts and things back. She went a actually found it right on top and got it out for me. I seriously just have never had such a bad experience with you guys, & I was so put off that all they kept telling me was that you wouldn't refund me for my bad experience that all they had to offer was passes. I do not want to come back there. I want this made right for me & for my 5 year whos party was ruined. I would like to hear back from you whether its by phone or email. I'm at work until 8 this evening but can be reached at 317-445-7369 or at this work email. Thank you.

I have all of the emails that he has responded to me with if you need them. He has been rude and disrectful to me. He left me a voicemail telling me he got my email but that I needed to " cut to the chase " with what I wanted. He asked me what a reasonable solution would be and I asked for portion of my money back. I had paid a $50 deposit that I told him to keep but that I wanted the $149 from the day of. I had spend an addition $69 in pizza to support his business that I shouldn't have. But all I was asking for was my money back from the party $149. This was his response " [redacted],

If you would like to discuss a reasonable solution I would be more than happy to discuss the situation. As of yet you have yet to be reasonable.

[redacted] "

I told him I thought I was being reasonable and that he needed to tell me what reasonable was. this was his response

" Let’s start with the fact I have already had a negative review written regarding the party. If this is to remain there will be no reasonable solution for either party. [redacted]

This man is now telling me that he will not do anything to make this right unless the review was deleted ( it was written by someone in my party who was unhappy ). It is not professional to send open threats over the issue. He can't demand I do something for him to make me happy. I am VERY unhappy with the situation at this point.Desired Settlement: I would like my money refunded from this business. I was willing to let him keep the deposit, but after the rudness with how he handled the situation, I would like a full refund. I paid $149 on my chase visa & $50 on my child support visa.

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