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Review: I am writing to dispute this account for both [redacted] I have contacted fitness 4 u and they are no longer in business and stated they have no corporate office for the Hurst location. They stated it was sold to fitness 2000 and that they no longer have [redacted] working for them who was the person that sold me the member ship that was month to month and that told me that it would be discontinued . I have filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General and sent an email to the operation manager for fitness 2000 [redacted] . I am DISPUTING THIS DEBT AND REFUSE TO BE STRONG ARMED AND INTIMIDATED BY USING MY CREDIT RATING AS HOSTAGE TO PAY FOR SOMETHING I DO NOT OWE .

I asked them to discontinue the month to month contract on both my sons account and mine and I spoke with [redacted] to stated he would take care of this . They then went out of business . I received my credit report for both mine and my sons and in June 2013 I was put on a collection service for 128.00 each and they refuse to remove this and are trying to force me to pay for something I did not want and cancelled just to repair my credit rating . The name of the collection service is FIRST CREDIT SERVICES [redacted] They state that it was a 1 year contract and that is not true and they state that I would have to have written the corporate office and they have no address for this as the other fitness for u also has no corporate address NOR DO THEY HAVE A HURST ADDRESS IT HAS GONE OUT OF BUSINESS .

I called another fitness 4 u and they stated they have no corporate office and that it was sold to fitness 2000 . I am a single mom and trying to go to school , I cannot afford an attorney to fight this nor can I afford to pay for something we did not want and cancelled .

© [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like this to be taken off mine and my sons name and collection efforts to stop and for it to be removed off of our credit reports .


This letter is in regards to your complaint submitted on 1/23/2015 5:25:57 PM against Just Fitness 4 U and was assigned complaint ID [redacted]

We have made three attempts to contact the business however we have not received a response. At this time we find it necessary to close the complaint as Unanswered. This complaint will remain in the business's record for 3 years from the date of closure and will impact their rating.

Please let us know if the business has resolved your complaint.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-621-8566 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or by email at [email protected]


Review: I purchased a two year membership to Just Fitness 4U in Hurst Texas in October 2013 for $431.92. I also purchased a package of personal training sessions for $199.02 in October 2013 and took advantage of a special in January 2014 to add my husband to my membership for $9.99/month which is automatically billed to our debit card account. In addition, we were charged $20.00 to our debit card on March 11, 2014 for an annual processing fee. We had been happy with the facility until we went to the gym the weekend of March 29th and discovered they had closed down and cleared out the building with no notice to the members. Representatives from another gym, Fitness 2000, which is a few miles away were in the parking lot telling everyone they would be honoring our memberships to Just Fitness 4U. However, upon visiting Fitness 2000, I determined that it is too far from my home and it is not a comparable facility. Transferring my membership to another facility without communication to me, the consumer, is unacceptable. I've tried to contact Just Fitness directly however have been unable to reach anyone that could help. I was told that each individual location is owned independently and I would have to speak with someone from that location. That has been a dead end as all phone numbers have been disconnected, the building has been cleared out, and there is not a website with any additional information. I have been unable to track down contact information for any cooperate Just Fitness 4U offices that manage franchise relationships.Desired Settlement: I have disputed all charges with my credit card and debit card providers. I am seeking a pro-rated refund to my credit card for 19 months of membership that I have remaining on my contract, a full refund of $199.02 to my debit card for the personal training package due to services were never rendered, and a refund of $30.31 to my debit card for my husband's March membership and annual processing fee, as well as protection from any future charges to my debit card for my husband's monthly membership. They gym is not there. They have closed.

Review: Two years ago three of my family members signed up for a two year contract with this gym and paid cash for the contract. With the understanding that after the two years each member would only pay $53.04 per year. The two years ended and each paid their next years fee. However, this Sat. when I went to the gym, I noticed about 4 u-haul trailers and the place was closed & they were removing the equipment. No notice was given to anyone, except one of the movers said another nearby gym will honor the agreement. I went there and the gym was less than 3/4 of the current gym with substantially less equipment. I spoke with the owner, [redacted] and explained the contract I had and he said that he could not honor the $53 per member. Since I will be paying hundreds of dollars more for membership per year for the three family members, I find this to be a breach of contract. I attempted to call the Hurst number ###-###-#### and get a dead phone response. I called the Dallas offices and no one was able to give me a home office phone number. I googled just fitness 4U and a corporate website came up. Unfortunately, I called them and, to my surprise, they did not know that they were the "corporate headquarters." After some discussion, he gave me a number to call (###-###-####) which I found out is the international billing office. I talked to [redacted], who also had no knowledge of the Hurst center closing down. I explained to her the situation, and after a while, she responded with the option of going to the new, much smaller location, but she was not able to make any compensation suggestions for the increased prices we will have to pay. For those of you who read this, I would suggest that you never sign up for any extended contract with these kind of sleezy organizations.Desired Settlement: [redacted] let me know that the best they MAY be able to do is $100 per member per year, which means I am out $150 per year for many years (as we had planned to use this gym for a long time). I think a reasonable response would be a refund of $1,000 (which would only cover the cost of a comparable gym for one year for the three of us (as the Fitness 2000 gym is at least 3/4 smaller than the gym we had signed up for).

Review: The club signed up members, collected upfront fees, monthly dues and then another annual due and then closed and moved all equipment out in the middle of the night. I signed up on 1-11-14, paid $69.00 sign up fee and monthly dues. On March 11th was hit with a $30 annual fee and then they closed the doors before the end of March. ABC Financial will not return the $30 fee and require a 30 day written notice because they sold the memberships to Fitness there is not another Fitness 4 U within 10 miles. Not giving us the choice to cancel or choose that gym. It was chosen for us. ABC financial is guilty by associationDesired Settlement: They should refund the $30.00 annual fee and not require a 30 day written notice for cancellation.

Review: Charging extra fees that were not agreed to by myself, fees were not explained. Charged annual fee for each membership after annual fees were already paid at sign on two months prior. ABC Financial refused to credit any fees. Informed them , I just signed up for just fitness two months prior to them shutting down and closing their doors. I only had a membership for 2 months and they charged over $250.00 for what was suppose to be a $9.99 a month membership fee. It's unethical and false advertising.

Review: Hello my Name is [redacted],and I"m being taken advantage of.I Received a Flyer in the Mail,that stated $10.00 a Month Membership for Abc just fitness.Well,on02/22/13, I went to join,and it was 74.58,and 2weeks later,they charged 10.83 again.On 04/24/13,they charged me 42.22,and then 2 weeks later,another charged of 10.83.I was now upset,and tried to Cancel,and they keep charging me.I want these People to stop ripping me off,as I have never work out there.People at work have told me,to get a different Checking Account,but have to many Problems with that.I hope someone can Help!Maddox.Desired Settlement: Please Refund my Money,cause your Flyer was Bad Advertisement



Review: two weeks after joining just fitness 4 u the doors were closed and I was out $158.95. no I not only cant get my money back but I, my wif and my daughter get harrasing emails and voice mails from fitness 2000 and abc financial want more money!

Review: My wife, son, and I joined this fitness center Pivotal Fitness LLC d/b/a Just Fitness 4 U and then the facility closed. They owe us $677.60 for unused membership fees and prepaid personal trainer feesDesired Settlement: Refund of $677.60

Review: at the time of enrolling at Just fitness gym facility, I was not provided with copy of agreement only a reciept was provided and I signed on acredit card pad as acceptance of transaction for initial fee, which covered initial fee, 1st and last month of . An annual membership fee in the amount of 42.22 was never disclosed at the time of enrollment. I was advise I will be paying a 10.00 month to month fee. I requested a hard copy of agreement I signed and was advised they were not able to do so, that I had to retrieve it myself. their radio advertisment does not mention annual fee either.Desired Settlement: I want a refund for the annual fee to be credited back to my bank of america debit card.



All memberships have a annual service fee and are month to month no contract.

when signing up a electronic signature pad ask 3 question 1. are you 18 years or

older 2. there is annual service fee of 39 plus tax. 3 that monthly dues of

10.83 will electronicly pull from your account on the 5th of each month. The

membership can not be processed or even activate with out the member signin and

agreeing to each item before it goes to next then to end and activates. thanks

so much

Review: I signed up for a month to month membership at Just Fitness 4U in Hurst Tx on February 13, 2014. I was specifically told by [redacted], general manager, that my membership did not include a long term contract. No mention was ever made of any requirement to notify a corporate office of membership termination. Upon enrollment on 2/13/14, I prepaid the first and last month dues in the amounts of $15.00 for each month. I also paid a $9.00 enrollment fee. I have copies of my receipt. On March 27, 2014 Just Fitness 4U went out of business unexpectantly without offering its members any advance notice nor instructions to terminate our memberships. So effectively I paid for two month's worth of dues but only used the gym for less than a month and a half before the gym went out of business. ABC Financial Services, the billing company for Just Fitness has continued to bill my credit card for April and May membership dues plus late fees. I have disputed the charges with my credit card company. I explained this entire situation to ABC Financial in a letter dated 5/19/14. I asked that they update their files and terminate my membership on the date the gym closed its doors, 3/27/14 , but ABC continues to harass me with collection letters and threatens to hand my account to a collection agency if I don't pay April and May monthly dues plus late fees for a gym that is non existent. I was never told that the gym was in danger of going out of business otherwise I never would have enrolled.Desired Settlement: Terminate membership as of 3/27/14 and clear my account of all charges including April and May 2014 monthly dues plus late charges.

Review: My husband and I joined Just Fitness in Hurst last year, I was asked to sign the agreement on what looked like a Credit Card Reader. I realize now that was a big mistake because I didn't read the agreement before signing. On Saturday last we went to work out and found the club closed and the machines being taken out the door and put in trucks. We were advised by a gentleman standing outside that the club was closed and out membership had been transferred to his club. We were first angry that Just Fitness hadn't advised us in advance that they were closing and then that they arbitrarily transferred out membership to another club. We checked out the other club but decided against it as the location was further away. I was told to call ABCFinancial to cancel my membership in Just Fitness and they advised it would take 30 days to cancel the membership even though the club is closed and we cannot use the facility we signed up for. But according to ABC Financial we can use the other club which of course we won't be doing. I love how Just Fitness can close their doors without advising their customers but we have to give 30 days warning regarding ending our membership. Our story is not the worst, I met a gentleman outside the club who had left a lot of clothes and other valuables in a locker inside and now the lock is broken and his belongings gone. This is such sleazy business practices and they should be brought to task for treating people so badly.Desired Settlement: I would like to see Just Fitness change their practices with regard to having people sign up at the Gym. They need to give people time to read the contract and point out that should the gym close your membership will be transferred to another gym and you have no say as to where that is. And point out that you have to give them 30 days notice to close down your membership even if theres no gym to go to.

Review: Just Fitness 4 U in Hurst has closed and they moved our membership to Fitness 2000. We were given NO notification. I was there on March 28 and they were moving out the equipment on March 29. There was no email or written notice. The only reason that I know my membership was transferred to Fitness 2000 is due to friends that went to Just Fitness and asked about the next steps. There is a 30 day notice that I must give to cancel my membership. Therefore, I am going to be charged in a few days because I did not provide notice. I did not know the club was going to close, so I did not know that I needed to cancel. We chose this location due to convenience and the new location is not as close by for us. It is not even a gym with the same company, so this does not make sense.Desired Settlement: I would like to be reimbursed the fee that will be charged to my credit card in April.

Review: My family entered into three contracts with this company for use of the gym. I also entered into a contract for a personal trainer for 24 sessions. Our bank was charged for the three contracts on a month-to-month basis, as well as a last month's fee and an annual fee. My bank was also charged for over $600 for the personal training. Shortly after entering into these agreements, the company closed the gym in Hurst without any notice to its customers. The contract clearly states that 30 days notice is required by either party before making a change to the contract. Initially the company communicated with us and told us they were providing an alternative gym within 10 miles. This gym is not in any way comparable to the gym that this company had when we signed our contract. Additionally, we were told the personal training fees would be refunded since there was no way for them to fulfill their side of that contract. Over the last three weeks, we have been unable to contact the company. They have not returned phone calls or emails and a certified letter to them was returned.Desired Settlement: I believe we are entitled to a refund of all amounts over the initial month of service. We did not get to use the gym past that month, so all "last month" fees should be returned. Additionally, the company continues to deduct monthly fees from our account and I believe those should be refunded. The annual fees should be refunded because we did not get to use the gym past one month. The amount of the personal training should be refunded. Lastly, I believe every penny of the contract between the company and my son, [redacted] Griffin, should be refunded, as this contract was entered into illegally. [redacted] is a minor so contract cannot be entered into with him. Additionally, he is not a signor on our bank account, so would be unable to authorize charges against our account.

Review: My wife and I got these memberships to exclusivley play racquetball. On 3/31/2014 we were informed that the club had closed but that Fitness 2000 would honor the contracts. Fitness 2000 does not have racquetball courts. I called ABC Financial, told them we would like a refund for the remainder of the unused time and they said no. Does not seem fair since we are not being provided what we had payed for.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of our money. I'm not confident that a check will be any good from them. Maybe a cashiers check or cash.

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