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Owner charged double payment incorrectly.Myself and 4 others prepaid on her online payment system for the wine painting class on 11/19. When 4 of us showed up on this (12/10) icy evening the owner stated publicly to the room that anyone not showing up tonight would be able to reschedule the class. One of our party was told that she was not signed up, which again, we all signed up in November, we didn't think to bring proof of payment because it's not usually neccesary when you prepay. Nonetheless we were met at the door by the owner who had a nice size chip on her shoulder immediately and began telling us that she only had a certain number of glasses and bottles and that one of us couldnt paint. We didnt think that this was correct, but again, didnt bring our proof at the time. A few people (including one in our party) could not make it due to the weather, so she had some extras for the person she stated was not signed up. We finisehed the class with no instruction which was also not listed on the website and went on our merry may. The next day we all printed our reciepts for payment. I proceeded to call the business and got the grumpy owner. I simply stated that I had proof that we all payed, and she went on a rant about how she already told us she only had enough spots for the people that showed up??? Not sure how that has anything to do with her double charging, but that was her defense. Again, I went on to state that I had the receiepts, and would just like the $20 refund, and she became loud and stated that "I was not going to tell her what she owed me!!" I said "ok" and asked if that is the customer service she supplies to all of her customers, as this is not customer service I have EVER received from any business I have ever frequented. I simply wanted my $20 back, which I AM entitled to. I can't understand why she would go to such lengths to steal $20 from a potental future customer. Desired Settlement$20.00 refund

I had previously attended an event at Just Paint in Worcester, Ma owned by [redacted] and was hoping to enjoy another event. Upon arriving, my party was told by [redacted] that we "no showed" the night before. I said she must be mistaken and showed her multiple emails that confirmed the current nights date (including one 12 days prior to the event). She stated that I had called and changed it and if I looked at my check, it said the correct date on it. I pulled up a picture of my check (from my bank account) that showed the current date on it. She became rude and hostile and insisted I was wrong. I asked for my deposit back and she refused, stating she needed to look at the evidence. I forwarded all communications to her that clearly stated the correct date (as well as an email to a member of my party that stated the correct date). She responded via email saying the dates were mixed up, but that I should forfeit my deposit because I did not produce enough people for a private party. I had originally booked a private party and having spoken with her via phone in early August (which was our only phone conversation), I was given until August 16th to confirm this. Due to diminishing interest, I asked if cancelling the private party and joining a scheduled class would be an inconvenience and could the deposit be used towards 3 peoples' spots. She replied "that's fine" - and I naively assumed it was. I also emailed her September 19th asking to add 2 more people, she said great, again no mention of requiring 10 people to a non-private event. It also does not change the fact that she had mixed up the dates and instead of maturely reaching an amicable resolution (we could have discussed rescheduling), she berated me in front of my family and friends and a class in progress. She continued to assert that I was wrong despite overwhelming evidence and her manner was rude and hostile. The customer service was atrocious and I do not believe my deposit should be forfeit due to her mistake.Product_Or_Service: Painting classDesired SettlementI am requesting a refund of my $90. I have a list of emails and a bank photo of the check to back up my claim as well as an email to another person in my party. She was initially not refunding me due to the wrong date (and she admitted there was a mix up in dates) and then changed tactics to refute my refund for another non-issue. Her treatment of what would have been paying customers was appalling and embarrassing. Business Response [redacted] booked a private party with a $90 non refundable deposit. She did not have enough guest for a private party. The deposit was forfeited. I never advised her to take another class. They did sign up for a class. There was a mix up on dates. NO one had paid for that night class prior to the class. They arrived at 6:45pm. She came in and complained in front of others who were finishing up a class. I did say they could stay for the class at 7pm. She went outside to discuss it with her friends. She came back in to the studio and said they didn't want to stay. That was her decision not to attend the class from 7-9pm. You can't demand one thing and do another. She decided to leave. I had 2 artist ready for the class which was still held with 5 other people.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)If [redacted] had said that the $90 would have been forfeited instead of saying I could use if for an open class, I would of absolutely come up with 10 people. I have an email with her saying the change was fine. Obviously, I do not want to waste $90. If I had shown up with 10 people on the correct date, would it still have been forfeit because she insisted I showed up on the wrong date? As far as complaining in front of another class, I would have been happy to have the conversation elsewhere, but the minute I walked in the door, [redacted] had a chip on her shoulder (I am assuming because she thought we showed up on the wrong date) and confronted me in front of both the class and my family and friends. If she had only agreed a mistake had been made and helped reach a resolution (ie. reschedule) this whole situation could have been avoided. Instead she chose to be confrontational and create an extremely tense atmosphere. She did, very condescendingly, offer for us to wait and she could set up for us to paint once the current party left. There was no mention of a class after (and I have multiple witnesses). Nonetheless, the situation was so uncomfortable, plus that you are supposed to drink wine with this, it did not seem like a responsible choice. We left the premises at 7:15pm and nobody arrived for another class and the party that was currently there was still there painting. Regardless, I am going to stick to the facts and I believe that I provided those. If this is how [redacted] wants to handle customer service, it is her business. I should have read reviews prior to booking, customer service has clearly been a problem in the past. I have booked with another venue and will hope to be a repeat customer there. I am still debating on pursuing a small claims suit. Final Business Response To the last email- [redacted] knew the deposit was non refundable. She did not have enough to sign up for a private event. I tried to work with her. She came in for a class. There was a mix up with dates. The class still ran at 7pm. They decided not to stay. That is considered a "no show". On my web site there is NO refund for no shows. I was willing to work with [redacted] but she demanded an answer by noon on Monday. I told her I would get back to her in a timely manner. She did not give me ample time to respond. She filed with the When am I protected. All info about refunds are on the web site. So she booked a private party then decided she didn't want a private party. Well I lost business because I did at first "X" out that night because she did book a private event. After she said she didn't want a private event I opened a class to the public. If this was any other business she would of lost the deposit for cancelling a private party. I was willing to go over everything with her, but like I said she wanted an answer on Monday at noon. You can't work something out with someone who doesn't want to. On my web site I only offer credits for classes no money refunds. It says it in black and white.Thanks,[redacted]

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