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The company and owner Vincent L*** don't follow up with customer and fail to abide to the contactThis business is very unprofessional and lacks proper care to the animal at the stores selling sick puppies that are unfit for sale as per very reputable vetinarian

Review: I paid the price for a pure bred puppy and was told that the pedigree papers was forthcoming and it has been over a month and they still have not sent them to me. I am concerned that my dog may not be purebred and that the puppy sold to me was misrepresented.Desired Settlement: I want the store to provide me with the pedigree papers that they promised proving the puppy is a purebred chihuahua. If the dog is not purebred I would like to be reimbursed the money I paid to Just Pups.

The company and owner Vincent L[redacted] don't follow up with customer and fail to abide to the contact. This business is very unprofessional and lacks proper care to the animal at the stores selling sick puppies that are unfit for sale as per very reputable vetinarian.

Review: On 3/15/15 Purchased ar Malti-Poo DOB 1/15/15

On 3/22/15 took to [redacted] - low blood sugar/infection Pneumonia also noticed three dogs identical mine there

3/25/15 Picked up puppy was given Baytril for bacterial infection and clindamycin for a antibiotic

He was a good puppy and finished his meds and ate his food recommended by vet [redacted] 4/11/15 took to vet for rabies seemed ok

5/12/15 Was taking for a walk puppy collapsed and died instantly, took to vet who confirmed death.

Called just pups 973-503-0700 they told me our vet needs to do a necropsy and to keep puppy on ice.

Called Parkway Vet Dr. [redacted] to do and results were the puppy died from a congenital lung malformation there was a tear in lung that filled up with blood and burst, Dr [redacted] called and spoke with them and took pictures of lung and sent to there vet

Called Just Pups and asked to speak to owner vincent losacco was given the runaround for three days, he told [redacted]_manager of store to tell me we could have a replacement puppy on 5/13/15 we

really just didnt want another puppy from them we wanted to speak to owner

On 5/14/15 they said will give us 40% off another puppy, still no response from owner I still have a dead puppy sitting on ice PLEASE HELPDesired Settlement: Refund plus cost of vet bill

Review: I bought a dog from just pups on April 22nd, and because of my children's allergies I was looking for a hypoallergenic dog.based on my research I wanted to get a pure dog not a mix. the store sales associates suggested to get havanese puppy since they do not shed and are smart in nature. I bought the dog and paid $1940.98 I was told that his paper work would arrive in the mail after the sale and to date I haven't received any thing in the mail. I contacted the store 4 times twice in june and twice in sept and to date no one called me back. My dog was 3 month old when I bought him and developed kennel cough then when he didn't get better my vet took an xray that revealed the dog has a collapsed techea. I faxed all of the to the store and the manager indicated that the store owner will contact me, after 2 failed attempts I took him to another vet that indicated that he seen brocnhointerstital pattern and may need bronchial lavage with culture and cytology, and he asked if the dog is mix or pure breed. I contacted the store and they asked if I can fax all of the invoices to just pups but no one called me my dog is shedding which leads me to believe that he is a mix and that's when I called to ask about his paper work again and still no answer. I like to know what kind of dog I purchased. mix dogs should not be sold as if they were pure breed with the cost of pure breed.Desired Settlement: I need the paper work for my dog, I can't keep a dog not knowing what he is and I can't sell him without any documents on him.

Review: I purchased a puppy a week ago from this place I took my puppy to the vet they recommended in 14 days they did a check up when I brought the puppy home she had a bowel movement and I found worms in her poop. The type of worms she has were from ingesting a flea a tape worm so she has had this worm for a while. The vet commented she was underweight you can feel her ribs. If she was being dewormed like they said she wouldn't have worms. These dogs are not being treated properly and someone has to be their voice this isn't right. This place has numerous complaints and its able to treat the animals the way they do. I was at the vet today where two other people were with puppies one had a cough and was sickly and is now on antibiotics the other one has bad blood work and had blood in urine possible UTI. This is disgusting if you are going to be in charge of these animals they need to be cared for especially when people are paying over 1,000 dollars for these puppies. I have read online all the horror stories of this place and I'm questioning why it is still able to run the way it does. I am going to be taking my puppy to my vet and have bloodwork done on her to make sure there is nothing more going on. I want to be contacted to understand why this place is able to operateDesired Settlement: I want this place looked into I will call whoever I need to and keep up. This isn't fair to these animals!!!

Review: On Sunday, September 14th, I bought a puppy at Just Pups, located at [redacted]. Unfortuantely, the puppy purchased, and the service offered, were comlpetely inadqequate and gave out mis-information. I was under the assumption that I bought a dachshund dog to join my other dachshund--as that is what I requested and paid for. However, I later found out, after purchasing my alleged dachshund, that my dog was in fact a chiweenie--a non-pure bred dachshund. The business gave me false information about the type of dog I bought and was furthermore rude and negligent towards further follow up inquiries and investigation cocnerning my dog. Additionally, the affiliated vet also expressed his doubts to the pureness of his breed. He called the owner and expressed his thoughts. When I called to follow-up, the owner and store manager declined my calls. I have been chasing them for four weeks and the business employees continue to decline contact and questioning regarding the dog purchased.Desired Settlement: To resolve this problem, I would appreciate your immediate assistance with refunding my credit card charges and returning my numerous phone calls and voicemails.

Review: My husband and I took our daughters (ages 6 & 4) to look at different breeds of dogs. We wound up falling in love with a soft coated wheaten terrier. We read on Just Pups website that their puppies do not come from puppy mills and how their store is different from other "puppy stores". After taking him home we knew something wasn't right. He had blood and mucous in every bowel movement. The following day I took the puppy to his free exam at Animal Clinic of [redacted], courtesy of Just Pups. I left with a $166.00 bill for 3 vaccinations and fecal concentration. I was not pleased that I was not told about these fees, but just wanted my puppy to be healthy. The veterinarian informed me that the [redacted] stools were most likely from the puppy being in a new environment. I called the following day to find out the results of the stool sample, which came back negative for parasites. The vet recommended that I come back to pick up medicine and special food ($33.28). The young employee working at the vet was extremely rude so my husband and I decided to switch to a new vet. The new vet [redacted]) took another stool sample ($51.00) and diagnosed our puppy with Giardia. After 4 rounds of medicine and 2 more stool samples, our puppy was finally healthy. We spent a total of $346.85 to get him better, on top of the $1,500 for the puppy. I have spoken to [redacted] from customer service several times and not once was I able to actually speak to the owner [redacted]. I do not think I should have to pay to get a new puppy healthy. After looking into my dogs breeder information, I have come to realize that the Just Pups website information is incorrect and my dog is actually from a puppy mill that has had numerous violations! My husband and I are extremely disappointed and want answers! I will also be contacting my towns mayor to discuss the issue!Desired Settlement: Reimbursement of $346.85 for getting my $1,500.00 puppy healthy. The owner has all bills and is completely aware of the situation, but every time I call I either leave a message or talk to [redacted] and she tells me that the owner will contact me. I have everything documented as far as phone calls and left messages. I also have photos of my puppys stool that I had to clean up several times a day for months!

Review: My wife, [redacted] has contacted Just Pups on multiple occasions since we purchased our maltipoo from the East Hanover location, because part of the agreement was that the first vet visit at one of the Just Pups "Approved" Veterinarians - and any relative medicine needed if any issue, would be covered. The issue arose because we brought our newly adopted maltipoo to the list approved 'Rockland Veterinary' in Pomona, NY and the vet stated that we had to pay directly and get reimbursed by Just Pups.

Once that happened, we contacted Just Pups that stated we should not have paid directly, but since we did, to fax the receipts and we would be reimbursed as per agreement. There were 3 receipts provided at least 4 times via fax and confirmed received but no success. On multiple occasions we were told that, "it had to go through corporate."

Now at over 7 months since the initial vet visits, we still haven't received any approval, nor follow up on the matter. I find it hard to believe that for a small enterprise, although with multiple locations, that it should take this long to get reimbursed. Nevertheless, we are looking for an answer on when the reimbursement will be taken care of.

Faxes sent on:






On a side note, we haven't bothered to pursue a further complaint as he was born Jan. 1st, 2015 - purchased originally on April 11th, finally picked up April 26th, as he had to gain a little more weight - and since then still remains at only 3.5lbs. He is evidently a teacup and we were sold a full maltese/poodle whose parents were 6 to 10 lbs.Desired Settlement: April 28, 2015 - 1st visit reimbursement: $180.15 (medication needed for eye infection and other issues such as fecal sample testing for giardia)

May 18, 2015 - 2nd follow up visit $139.85 (additional medication needed for eyes, and additional sample testing)

May 21, 2015 - $84.10 (additional medication needed and final testing to make sure giardia is cleared up_

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