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Its amazing how something so small can really change the perspective of those who have no choice but use your serviceTheres places like *** who show care and commitment to their consumers, and then there is CEMC who is cold and indifferentI grew up here with CEMC I grew up seeing how they treated my mom, my friends and their parents, and now myselfI read the posts made on the White House *** page about the lack of quality in service, the inability to do right by its patrons, and as far down as the inability for the teller machine to read cash and take people's money uncountedIt is truly devastating to live in such a wonderful community that is growing, vibrant, and celebrates togetherness with an organization such as CEMC looming over the heads of our residentsThey invoke fear, business practice is jokable, cost is higher than metropolitan area, and they have zero flexibility with regards to pay

I missed a billONE BILLThe email went to my spam box for the first time everWho knows why, but the result was that I missed itThat was on 7/
I triple checked my email just now and I have not received either an email OR a paper statement since that last bill on 7/
However, not sending me another bill with a past due amount OR any separate past due notice did not stop them from coming out to disconnect my service just now or receive a payment IN PERSONI received no email, no mail, no phone callThe bill is only one month past due and the August bill still hasn't arrivedRegardless, I had to pay a $charge to have someone come out and collect the money in personTWENTYFIVE DOLLARS that could have been prevented by a phone call or even an automated emailAnd I know they have an excellent automated service, because that is all you can get when you try to contact themThey are excellent at avoiding customers
I hate that in TN there are monopolies with the utility companiesYou can't escape them, so there is no way to even use your customer power to go to another companyIts awful and it should be allowedI wish I could tell you to avoid them, but sadly, you won't be able to

their autopay system did not draft as it was supposed to, so I paid it manually (they were about to shut off my power I found out later with no second attempt to contact me!) I didn't think anything of it later, until I tried to move my service to a new house they told me since there was a missed payment, I would have to pay a deposit because it affected my credit score I said that's impossible, my credit score is She said that it was my "CEMC internal only credit score" So basically this company has its own internal score that it just decides that you need to pay a deposit with no third party impartial score And since they are a monopoly, they get away with it!!
so their system messes up, and I get stuck with a ridiculous "credit score" that says now I have to pay a deposit!?!

I have had nothing but issues trying to get this company to install a power meter on my home.

Last week I called, after being told by my home builder that I would have power by Monday the 20th. After a couple of days, I contacted their customer service line on Wednesday the 22nd. I was told that, the order and final inspection was just turned in on that day, and was ASSURED that the power meter would be there by Friday the 24th. Friday came and went and no power meter. I contacted the company via their support page on Friday and was told via email that they require up to 5 business days to turn it on and that it would be complete by Tuesday. Today is Tuesday, the 28th. Still no power meter. I called your customer support line and was told that the order was just printed last Friday and since it would take 5 business days, it would be installed on Friday. I told your representative what I was told last week and all she could say was, "I don't know why they told you that".

This is totally ridiculous. On the blue tag on my home, the final inspection was done on the 16th of this month. I know that it doesn't take 12 days to get a meter installed. What makes matters worse is that my builder told me he turned in 4 power meter request last week and they have all been delivered. Of course, those were to other subdivisions. I'm not sure what the issue is, but it needs to be fixed. I would hate for someone else to go through this. This company is the only thing holding me up from moving into the home.

Below are the emails that went back and forth from their support form yesterday. I deleted my email for privacy reasons.

We require up to 5 business days to put a meter on a house. It should be done no later than Tuesday. Thank you

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016 8:33 AM
To: CEMC Livechat
Subject: RE: New Service

I don't have an account as of yet, since the meter hasn't been installed on the house, but the address is [redacted] Dr. Im trying to get power on so I can move in my house and start paying an electric bill. But if you guys don't want my money.. lol.. I cant even say Ill chose another company. Im at your mercy, but I really want to move in my house. Any chance it will get done today?


-----Original Message-----
From: CEMC Livechat [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016 08:30
Subject: RE: New Service

May I please have your address and last 4 of your social? Thank you

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 8:01 AM
To: CEMC Livechat
Subject: New Service

I had a home built and you guys are the electric provider. According to my builder you guys were supposed to bring the meter to my home last week. You did not. Also, I called on Wednesday and was ASSURED that I would have power and as of 5pm Friday no meter was delivered. Is this the kind of customer service I can expect from your company? I realize you guys are the only company so I'm stuck with you, but, come on man. Don't make promises you don't know if you can keep.

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