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I have been working towards a Bachelors degree with Kaplan for years and am approaching my capstone class to finish my degreeTransferring to this school was a breeze and they sold me with a military scholarship they offer for military and their dependentsAfter Kaplan implemented a new system they no longer automatically apply the fundsYou must call repeatedly to have them apply the funds (all forms of funds actually) in order for anything to be paid including VA or loansMy account takes 6-weeks before they apply money the already have access to weeks or months in advanceIf you depend on your stipend to be processed in a timely manor FORGET IT! I have only had one smooth credit term out of credits go without a phone call alerting them that they dropped the ball yet againYou get a variety of reasons, excuses and explanations each term but the problem always remainsThey hold the funds, improperly refund, over pay, don't pay at all and the student suffers each timeIf you want an opportunity of a degree that your state won't certify you for, don't mind your focus pulled from your educational focus to stressing when or if your tuition is going to be covered, like excuses followed by slow results then this is the school for youI am currently waiting for them to explain HOW I was over paid when they calculate fund dispersant and I conveniently won't get a stipend this term because of their mistakeIn addition to Kaplan's poorly ran Financial aid department, their sense of urgency to resolve any student concern is nilThey "say" how sorry they are but in my experience actions speak louder than wordsKaplan wants the reputation of a great Collage without actually doing what needs to be done to make getting an online degree a painless experienceI couldn't get any other college to take all of my credits I earned through KaplanSo If you start here you have to finish hereJust do the research unlike myself, you could save yourself so much time, money, stress and frustration

I enrolled at Kaplan in Septafter transferring from another schoolThe transfer was smooth, most of my credits transferred and the communication was greatUntil I needed to talk to the financial departmentI have sent several emails since January 13th and have not received a reply yetSo I tried to email the academic adviser in hopes she could at least get my message across to financialOnce I emailed her about my problemguess whatshe stopped answeringI tried the chat line and was always told I was either #or in the queBy the time it would get close to my number coming up there would be a message that they were not available and I should try during business hoursWell I didmany times
My reason for trying to contact the financial office was that my funds are not being transferredThey are sitting thereYou can't see expected disbursement dates since they changed the portal but you can see that they accepted the funds from the government months agoSo why are they holding my money??? I was told many times that funds will be disbursed and stipends sent out within days of disbursementI am getting ready to end a term and my funds haven't even been taken care for the previous term!! I trusted Kaplan in the beginning but now I feel like they are avoiding me in order to keep my fundsI have seen over complaints on Kaplan so far and I'm sure there are many more to come

I have been told, by multiple schools, that once a school has your financial aid disbursement they have to credit it to your account and return your refund to you within daysKaplan has found a way around this by "updating" their financial aid system and removing the student's ability to see when the money is "supposed" to post to your accountThey have also fallen behind on their refunds due to a systems upgradeThey have days to post my scholarship money to my account after the term endsThe term ended days ago and still nothingI have not been able to view my financial rewards in over weeksWhen I call, I am placed on hold for over hours at a timeWhen I e-mail, I get no responseWhen I go to their "convenient" online chat, I am #in line and told to please holdWhen my turn comes the representative apologizes for the delay and asks me to hold againThirty minutes after that, I am told things I already know such as, "the school has days to credit the money to your account", or "we have been doing a system upgrade from Oct 28th through Nov 9th" IT'S DECEMBER 21st!!! I was also recently told to "call back Friday if it is not there." Guess what, I called and was placed on hold for hours and min, and gave up because I had to workI am extremely unhappy with this schoolThe return of the excess disbursement funds has been an issue since I started attending Kaplan over a year agoTHE STUDENT is responsible for paying back every penny of that money out of THEIR OWN POCKETTherefore, I do not see the fairness of the school feeling they can hold this money at their own willIf it took a week or two, fine, understandableHowever, it's been THREE weeks waiting on my scholarship money, and it will be another two weeks after that before the check even comes in the mailThey are a poor excuse for a Collge

Do not waste your time with this "university." When I tried to withdraw completely from Kaplan University, *** S would not help meWhen I called Student Services to withdraw completely from Kaplan University, I was transferred to different peopleI had to go to the Kaplan University web site and explain my situation to someone through Live ChatThe Kaplan University enrollment process is easy, but the Kaplan University withdrawal process is very difficultKaplan University customer service is horribleChanging people's lives daily through the power of education? This is much more accurate: Ruining people's lives daily through the power of deceptive marketing and advertising

I have been waiting nearly months for the school to disburse my financial aidIt has been such a disheartening situation! I've been attending Kaplan's online program for almost a year now, and the hoon financial aid began in November of As of date, its mid February, I have not received a disbursement for the November term or January termNow almost going into March, a 3rd term, nothing yetI have given up hope with this university's financial aid departmentI genuinely enjoy the university's online program and would like to continue, pending this issue can be resolved

I am presently attending Kaplan University for a Master Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have been attending the school since 2013 using my Financial Aid loans. All of a sudden this term, the Financial Aid Dept choose to go into my Undergraduate past loans that were issue and added up the amount of money I had previously received and claim that my College in New York gave me $25 more than what was allotted for Undergraduate Subsidized Loans. Keep in mind that I completed my Undergraduate program in another State in another school in 2012. Due to this they have determined that I need to either pay the $25 back or get a reaffirmation letter stating that I will be repaying the $25 or else I will not be receiving the $23,000 that I was awarded by Dept of Education. The joke is there is no one to pay the $25 and Fedloans faxed the re-affirmation letter to Kaplan's Verification Dept and 1 week later, they are claiming they don't have the letter although they verified receipt.

I received a Bachelor's of Science in Health and Wellness And have nothing but praise for Kaplan. There were no devious motives or hidden agendas. When it came to registration, fees, loans, course work, and the like; I had absolutely no issues. All of my classes were online. You put in the time and reap rewards. Professors were very understanding with issues and advisors were checking on my progress at least two or three times in the 10 weeks of each course. I took 3 classes each 10 week session and finished this degree in less than a year due to my transfer credits from a previous degree. You need discipline. You need to keep on your toes. Be proactive and not reactive. I give Kaplan a perfect score. There are also career advisors that help you find employment leads and give you advice on polishing up your resume. I even did a capstone class that had me design a professionals website for potential employers. Highly recommend Kaplan.

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