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Katchmark Construction Inc.

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Complaint: ***
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Katchmark did not do any caulking in as stated in their response
A warranty inspector visited my house in October to view the areas needing caulk In addition to the area referenced in Katchmark's response, there were several places where gaps in the caulk existing Theses places included seams at corners, seams around windows, and seams around the porch railing I was informed that the subcontractor that did the siding work would do the work There was some delay in the arrival of the subcontractor, and, as stated in my complaint, the caulking could not be done due to cold temperatures I was advised by the subcontractor that the weather conditions would be monitored and that the caulking would be done as soon as the weather permittedContrary to the records of Katchmark, I contacted the company several times between March and May Because of my persistence, Katchmark finally sent the subcontractor out to do the repair work The gentleman that performed the repair work applied what can only be described as a glob of caulk on the porch railing (as shown in the Katchmark photo) in an attempt to cover the wood rot which resulted from the seeping of moisture into the area that was left unprotected by the inferior application of caulk following the replacement of the siding
*** ***

• Katchmark did a TERRIBLE job reroofing on my house in after a hail storm including new siding, gutters and downspoutsThe sub-contractor they hired was not supervised nor was the work reviewedThe most important defect, failure to install the water shield in the valleys leading to a leaking roof The owner’s brother charged me over $to fix their mistakeThere was also another earlier roof leak by a vent pipeThe other defects were almost as bad, including siding under a bay window that sagged and was falling off, a light fixture that was not attached to the house and sagging badly and the use of screws in the downspouts that rusted almost right awayThere are other issues but I'll stop thereThe Katchmark "salesman" was a bullyMy wife had the same independent opinion of him so I asked for another represented to finish the project Be careful, I believe he is still with the companyRecently, in May, 2016, a Katchmark salesman made an unsolicited stop at my house to discuss recent hail damageI showed him the remaining issues with the previous workHe made no offer to include repairs while they were on-site doing new workWhen I eventually selected another roofer for the job, the Katchmark representative got nasty saying he would get the attorneys involved though no commitments had been made to KatchmarkHe also had other nasty commentsI will not be using them again and can not recommend themThey had many opportunities to make good on their mistakes, including May 2016, but chose not to do so

Complaint is about phone and door-to-door solicitation practices.
Phone solicitations every three days from a Racine Wisconsin phone number. When calling that number, one gets a recording saying the number is not in service. Caller will identify as a representative of Katchmark, but does not reveal location and claims that the Racine number is a mistake. Offers free roof inspection. Calls continue after I requested no further calls. Have blocked the number.
Door-to-door involves person in truck how wants to inspect roof for damage from a hail storm about six weeks ago. Very, very persistent even after told that roof had been inspected by a certified independent house inspector. Considered calling police to have this person removed from my property. This was quite upsetting to me.

[redacted], Response to claim: ID of [redacted]. Again, I apologize for the delay. We have a personnel shift and the person previously assigned to respond to any claims is no longer here. Attached is the paperwork we have for this homeowner. [redacted] contacted...

us twice after the work was done on her home. First time, 10/10/2014. She said the siding we just completed was not sealed properly and she’s getting bugs in the house and is deathly allergic to bees. We went to the house and made sure all holes were sealed. We didn’t see any issues at the time we inspected, but made sure the homeowner’s concern was addressed. The second time the homeowner contacted us was 5/15/15. She said that again, that un-caulked holes rotted her porch over the winter months. We inspected again and found no evidence to support her claims. We did not do any further work at her residence. Let me know if you need further information please. Denise K[redacted]

Katchmark was professional and installed a new roof and siding after a bad hail storm. House looks great. Very favorable customer experience.

Review: Katchmark was hired to fix my roof in early December. I had to harass them to get it scheduled 4 weeks later (they said it would take 2 weeks). They finally came out and 'repaired' the roof. The roof continues to leak. Katchmark has come out twice since then to look at it and both times have promised resolution. The last time they came out was 3 weeks ago to look at it and I've heard nothing back. I've spoken to numerous people at the organization, including the owner, and still no one can tell if they're going to come fix it as originally agreed, or even that they won't do anything.Desired Settlement: I shouldn't be held responsible for the bill if the leak wasn't fixed.



[redacted]>3:39 PM (8 minutes ago)to meKatchmark’s consultant first went out to see [redacted] on October 15, 2012 for storm damage that occurred in July 2012. A tree had fallen on his house so we replaced 3-4 cedar shakes, dented drip edge on the TPO roof, gutter repair and 2 rakeboards that were damaged by carpenter bees. There was no mention of any leaking. It was written on a service ticket and the customer knew there was no warranty. On January 15, 2013 the consultant went back out to address a leaking skylight. He mentioned to the consultant that he thought the roof was replaced in 2010 and that’s when the skylight was replaced. He was told by the consultant that there was ponding water around the curb. The skylight had a flat glass that was on a flat roof with no slope on the curb. He did not want to pay for a new skylight. He was trying to get another local company to come back out who had installed the roof however they would not because of the warranty not transferring or something to that effect. Our warranty specialist, was called out for a leak on Febuary 7, 2013. The wife took him into one of the bedrooms where the wallboard was taken down to the frame, buckets were sitting there catching the water. He asked the wife if they ever showed this to the consultant and she said no. He didn’t really know what they wanted him to do because it was not a warranty problem and it had nothing to do with any of the repairs that we had done for them. Our warranty specialist told her that there was no flashing on the roof when it was done. He told her we could do the repair and gave her a price to do it. We have not heard from them. The roof is a cedar shake roof but was not properly installed. The homeowner is asking for reimbursement on a job that we were not called out to look at. We did the work that he had called us out to do without ever mentioning that there was a leak. We do not feel that he has just cause to ask for any money back. To address the claims that [redacted] is making in his complaint (1) we fixed the areas of the roof he called us out to look at and we have been waiting on him to call to let us know if he wants to fix the bigger leak problem that we gave him a price for (2) he did not speak to the owner of the company, he spoke to [redacted] which is the owner’s son (3) he signed the contract on Dec 6, 2012 and we let him know that we were 3-4 weeks out because of all the storms and hurricane and (4) he paid his balance of $500 on Jan 11, 2013 and didn’t submit his complaint until Feb 28, 2013. If he was unhappy and there were still issues why would he have paid the rest of his invoice? [redacted], please let me know if you need any other information. Also, since I am just seeing this for the first time can you tell me when you first alerted Katchmark to this complaint. I did not receive any kind of email or letter. Thank you, [redacted]Residential Sales ManagerKatchmark Construction Company[redacted]



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