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Kaz USA, Inc. (Headquarters)

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I bought a [redacted] Walter Filtration System on [redacted] The unit started leaking water where it attaches to the faucet. I tried calling the company several times, but never got an answer, so I emailed them three times. The third time I finally got a reply back, saying they would not reimburse my money, because the adapter that connected the system to the faucet wasn't part of the warranty. However, on their packaging, it states "Two Year Warranty. Kaz (Warrantor), warrants your [redacted] faucet mount water filter unit [redacted] for two (2) years from the date of purchase (except for the filter cartridge which is warranted for 30 days) against all defects in materials and workmanship, when used in compliance with the owners manual). The unit was installed per the manual instructions, but it started leaking quite a bit of water, so I had to go get another unit.Product_Or_Service: [redacted] Water Filtration SystemDesired SettlementI paid [redacted] for the unit and want my money back, as the materials failed to operate correctly.Business Response Dear Ms. [redacted],We want to take this moment to apologize for the overall experience you had with our product. We want to offer the option for refund. We will provide a pre-paid shipping label to get the product back to our company. Once we receive the unit back we will issue a check refund. Please understand that out response prior to this was made with every attempt to resolve the situation you were having. Please allow a few business days for the label to arrive US Mail.Sincerely,KAZ USA INC.

I purchased the [redacted] Heater approx. a year ago. Product already broken. Insufficient resolution offered by company.I purchased the [redacted] Heater approximately a year ago and paid almost [redacted] At first, the heater functioned sufficiently. However, the product malfunctioned within a year, intermittently shutting down for no reason at all. At this time, every time I try to use it, it becomes overheated and turns itself off in 10 minutes, with the front grate of the product remaining hot to the touch for another 20 minutes. I called Customer Service and was told that I would need to ship the product to them in [redacted] The woman with whom I spoke was sympathetic, but only offered this option for resolution. I've since learned that it will cost me between [redacted] to ship the defective product back (with no indication from the company how the problem would be addressed once they receive the product, i.e. replacement or service). It is unacceptable that: 1. the product is obviously defective; 2. the consumer has to pay almost half the price of the product to return it to the company; and 3. no offer of a replacement product was made. I feel as though I was unfortunate enough to receive a defective unit, and that I should not be penalized in the form of shipping costs and wait time during the cold Pittsburgh winter (for shipping, service, return, etc.). A product that comes with a 3 year warranty obviously is meant to last more than a year.Desired SettlementSince the product worked well in the beginning, I can only assume that it malfunctioned. I feel as though I should be provided a replacement unit without the hassle of having to lug the heater to a post office and pay exorbitant shipping costs when the onus of the defective product should be on the company. Business Response Dear Ms. [redacted],We want to start by apologizing for the unusual experience with our heater. We agree that this heater should have lasted longer without any trouble. With this being a newer product we would like to get this back to our lab for evaluation to see why you were getting the results you are. We would like to send you a pre-paid shipping label to get that unit back and once we receive it we will replace the unit with a brand new heater. Sincerely,KAZ USA Inc.

Complaint[redacted] warm air humidifier (white and blue) leaked through floor and caused damage to ceiling belowPurchased humidifier for baby's room. Stored on some washcloths in case any drips came out. A few months after purchasing, noticed two water stains on ceiling. Assumed they were from bathroom leak. A plumber came and had to cut a hole in ceiling to determine issue. No pipe issues. Cause was the [redacted] humidifier, which had leaked out quite a bit of water that seeped into floor and stained ceiling above.Contacted Kaz and they refunded the cost of the humidifier; however, I am now in the process of getting the ceiling fixed. Drywall repair and repainting will cost at least [redacted] on top of the plumbing fee of [redacted] All due to this [redacted] machine. Conducted research online and found numerous complaints from other consumers who experienced the same issue - hairline crack that allows water to leak. These complaints date back years. Kaz is fully aware that this regularly occurs and has done nothing to prevent it. Why aren't these humidifiers in a crack-resistant material? Why is there not a large warning on the outside of the box? Why have they not addressed the problem via R&D improvements?In my opinion, it's unethical to sell products known to be prone to develop small cracks that will then cause the product to leak. Leaks cause significant and extremely expensive damages to homes.While I am grateful for my [redacted] back, that does nothing to solve my new bill of nearly [redacted] due to this poorly designed product. And the fact that the company is well aware this is occurring makes it even worse! There is no reason this product should still be on the market when it can cause so much destruction.Kaz should be ashamed of its business practices, and the should help consumers put an end to this.Desired SettlementI would like the damage from this humidifier to be paid for. Business Response This case was handled as a claim by our company (KAZ). We were able to test the humidifier in question and found no evidence of any manufacturing defects to Ms. [redacted] humidifier. We were and are very apologetic about the situation and offered a replacement or refund for the product returned. The consumer asked for compensation for damages and a refund the for humidifier. We created the refund check which was mailed out at the end of [redacted] however because there were no defects in manufacturing to Ms. [redacted] humidifier the request for reimbursement for any damages that occurred were denied.We believe that the matter is resolved with Ms. [redacted] and we hope that this provides additional information for your office to evaluate the claim and KAZ's position.

On 11/4 we purchased a Vick's V750 Humidifier and were very pleased at first until Plastic Canister easily broke when dropped from a short distance. On 11/4 we purchased a Vick's V750 Humidifier and were very pleased at first until Plastic Canister easily broke when dropped from a short distance. I called [redacted] at Kaz and he stated that he couldn't help me since it was dropped but could sell a replacement canister to me. After I objected to the cost of the replacement he put me on hold and spoke with a Manager and then asked me to send in the receipt as proof of purchase which I did. I $29.86 was the purchase price at Walmart. I hadn't received a response to my original email sent on Friday, November 26th and so I sent another email on November 29th asking when I should expect a response and received one on December 1st telling me that the receipt was received and a label was being sent out to us so we can send back the humidifier for testing. No mention of replacement, refund, nothing. I hadn't seen that email until December 5th and responded that the canister was broken so we threw that away but have the rest of the unit. I had also asked if the Canister can be replaced or not. I have yet to receive a reply at this point so I sent an email this evening letting [redacted] know that I would be reporting [redacted] and KAZ to the SettlementAll we want is a replacement Canister for the Vick's V750 Unit as we are happy with the product's overall performance. The Canister is flimsy plastic but the unit works well.Business Response Dear Mr. [redacted],I want to start by apologizing for the overall experience with our product. Understanding this was not a manufactures defect and in normal situations the responsibility for replacement would be that if the consumers. However in this case I will replace this tank for you as a courtesy for the loyalty to our brand. The tank will arrive within the next few business days.Sincerely,[redacted] Consumer Response Although the company went to great pains to pack the Canister properly it arrived today with a crack in it. At this point we don't have confidence in this product or the company which manufacturers it. We will just accept the loss at this point as it is a defective product obviously but appreciate the efforts of the to make things right.

Company will not pay for shipping label for my air purifier RMA, the cost to ship the item is [redacted] using USPS, half of the purifier's original cost.Company will not pay for shipping label for my air purifier RMA, the cost to ship the item is [redacted] using USPS, half of the purifier's original cost and they even want me to pay for the label for them to ship the replacement back to me. What a total rip off.Desired SettlementA refund would be nice, or the company would pay for the shipping, both ways to replace the product.Business Response Dear Mr. [redacted]We want to take this moment to apologize for your unusual experience with our product. The normal warranty procedure that was explained to you is normal protocol. However in this case we will honor your request to pay for the shipping of your defective product back to our warehouse as a onetime courtesy.In the future you would be held to our normal warranty procedure. Your prepaid shipping label will arrive via US Mail within a few days. Once you have received the label please take the defective unit to any location that accepts UPS packaging, the label will only cover the shipping cost.As a courtesy we have waived the [redacted] return shipping fee as well. Once we receive the defect product we will replace your unit with a new one. Please allow a few weeks for the process to be complete.Sincerely,KAZ USA Inc.

Purchased a [redacted] temporal thermometer, and the probe cover got lost. Asked to get or purchase a replacement, was denied.Purchased a [redacted] temporal thermometer, model [redacted] on [redacted] The probe cover got lost. Worried about the probe getting scratched or damaged when stored without a cover, and the thermometer showing inaccurate results.Sent the following e-mail:"Hello,I have a [redacted] temporal thermometer, model [redacted] and the probe covergot lost. I am afraid that it could get scratched or damaged without acover and won't show accurate results. Is there a way to get or purchasea new cover?Thanks! [redacted]."Received the following response:"Dear [redacted],Thank you for your recent email.Unfortunately, we do not have the protective cover available as a replacement part. This situation is not covered by our limited warranty because it is not a manufacturing defect. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.[redacted]Kaz, Inc - Southborough, MA"I think that a company should be able to provide a replacement for a part that could easily be lost, either for free or for a fee.Desired SettlementI would like to be able to obtain a replacement probe cover, either for free or for a fee.Business Response To whom it may concern,Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will send the missing item the customer requested at no charge. They should receive this with-in the next 2-4 business days.Consumer Response Hello,I recently filed a complaint for Kaz USA, Inc. in regards to their customer service. They responded and sent me a part that they previously stated was not available for replacement. I am satisfied with their response and would like to close the complaint.Thank you,[redacted].

I have brought a humidifier January 1 but didn't get here till the 1/8, it worked only 6 days. You can't believe how much trouble it caused me. On the 3 week the cleaning light started coming on 5times a day and I said this is it with this. I'm complaining for my money back. Why are they being so hard on me? I didn't even have it two months.Order_Number: XXXXXXXAccount_Number: protocol XXXXXXXDesired SettlementI told this company about 2 weeks ago money back or I post complains on the internet. [redacted].Business Response The refund has been entered and will be processed this week. Ms. [redacted] should see the credit on her card by the end of the business day Friday at the latest.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Waiting till I see the money back in my account Thanks I will write you after I see thatFinal Business Response Comments state to close the case, do you need anything further from us?Final Consumer Response I finally got the Money back from Kaz. so you may close my Hudmidifire case with them

I contacted customer service about a faulty Air Genius 5. I provided a copy of my receipt as verification of my purchase. I had the unit for

Had a very hard time communicating with the company. Their heating pad almost started a fire in my home. The heating pad is burnt. Company finally emailed me back stating I had to pay them to ship their defective product to them. It is clear in the photos that this is their product and the material is burnt. Thank goodness this did not injury my family or myself or burn my home down. I suggested that the company look into this style of heating pad and see if a recall is needed. The company responded with apologies, but did not offer a refund or to send me a new product. They want me to take extra time to package their defective product and get out to the post office and mail this to them out of my own expenses.Product_Or_Service: Heating padDesired SettlementI want a refund or a replacement and am not paying to send this back to get one. I will gladly ship this to them so they can look at it, but I do not feel I have to come out of my own pocket for their defective product.Business Response Good afternoon Ms. [redacted],We want to take this moment to apologize for the overall experience you had with our product and are very thankful for reaching out to us about the unfortunate situation that occurred to you and your family. We are in the process of sending you a prepaid shipping label to get the product back to our company. At that time we will either replace the product or issue you a refund. Please place a note in the return box letting us know which you would prefer. We do apologize again for any inconvenience this might have caused.Sincerely,KAZ USA INC.


heating pad only works a short time.heir heating pads only last a short time and then a red light blinks. I bought 2 and this happened twice. They cannot be reset. The company said they work best in a wall outlet yet it does not state this on box. I no longer have receipts.Desired Settlementmoney refund for the 2 defective pads.Business Response Dear Ms. [redacted],We want to first apologize for the overall experience with our product. We are going to send you a prepaid shipping label for you to use to get the products back to our company so we can analyze your heating pads. Upon receipt of the two heating pads we will refund you for these products.Sincerely,KAZ USA Inc.

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