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ON 4/03/14 I LEFT MY [redacted] LAPTOP AT THIS BUSINESS KC COMPUTERS ON [redacted] AVE TO HAVE IT REPAIR FOR VIRUS AND OTHER ISSUES I WAS HAVING. I SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED TO THE TECHNICIAN THAT THE BACK OF THE LAPTOP NEEDED TO BE ADJUSTED BECAUSE IT WAS NOT COMPLETELY CLOSED SHOT. HE SAID THAT SHOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM AND HE WROTED DOWN ON THE TICKET. ON 4/04/14 I HAD A CALL FROM KC COMPUTERS INDICATING MY LAPTOP WAS READY TO BE PICKED UP. I ARRIVED AT THE LOCATION AND IMMEDIATELY I NOTICED THE SCRATCH ON THE TOP COVER OF THE LAPTOP. I ASK THE TECHNICIAN, WHAT HAPPENED HERE? HOW IT GOT SCRATCHED? HE SAID HE DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I WAITED UNTIL THE OWNER OF THE SHOP WAS THRU WITH OTHER CUSTOMER TO COME TO TALK TO ME. AFTER HE ANSWER MANY QUESTIONS I HAD ABOUT THE LOPTOP AND HOW HE HAD SET IT UP BECAUSE HE HAD TO TAKE IT COMPLETELY DOWN TO CLEAR THE VIRUS AND OTHER ISSUES. I ASK THE OWNERE ONCE AGAIN WHAT HAD CAUSE THE SCRATCHES ON THE TOP COVER OF THE COVER. HE STARTED TO ARGUE THAT THE LOPTOP WAS GIVEN TO HIM WITH THE SCRATCHED AND THE TECHNICIAN HE HAD WORKING WITH MY LAPTOP [redacted], THAT HE DIDN'T HAD A BAD BONE IN HIS BODY, THAT HE WAS VERY RELIGIOUS. I STOOD THERE IN DISBELIEVE AND LISTENING TO HIM ARGUING AND BEING VERY LOUD AND DEFENDING HIS TECHNICIAN ON WHAT HAD HAPPENED. I STOOD FIRMLY TO MY STATEMENT THE LAPTOP WAS NOT SCRATCH WHEN I GAVE IT TO HIM ON 4/03. HE SAID HE WILL CHECK WITH THE TECHINICIAN NEXT DAY, THAT HE WILL LOOK AT HIS SURVEILANCE CAMERA TO SEE IF THE LOPTOP HAD SCRATCHES. I LEFT THE PLACE FURIOUS AND CRYING ON WHAT HAD JUST HAPPENED TO MY LOPTOP. THE REPAIR WAS $150.00 BUT I LEFT WITH A WORTHLESS LOPTOP THAT IT IS ONLY A YEAR OLD, PURCHASED AT BEST BUYS FOR $1,500.00. A TOTAL LOST.Desired SettlementI AM REQUESTING A FULL REFUND OF THE LAPTOP OF $1,500.00 AND THEY CAN TAKE IT BACK AND KEEP IT.OR, A REPAIR REFUND OF $500.00 FOR THE DAMAGE, AND HE CAN PROVIDE A PLACE WHERE I CAN TAKE IT TO HAVE THE DAMAGE REPAIRED. Business Response I received the complaint letter today. I have called the customer and left a message to try and resolve the issue. She has been a customer since 2012. I am most sad that she is not happy with her experience. I would like to work something out with her, because a brand new plastic top for her [redacted] laptop is only $40. My technician does state that he did not do it, but I would hate to loose a good customer over $40. I am glad that her virus is gone and her system works, we just need to work something out about scratches. At KC computers, we take great pride in being an honest company that does quality work. There were several reasons why I was not convinced that the scratch happened in the store while servicing the computer. Since she has not returned any of my phone calls or messages, I would like to further explain the situation to the she mentioned, after I thoroughly and completely answered multiple questions and customized her system to her particular specifications, we then tried to figure out how the laptop had such unique and deliberate scratches in a one inch pattern back and forth directly on the top center of the laptop. One reason was that the employee was being accused of purposely damaging the computer, and I was defending him because I know him as a very kind, honest and hard worker. Also, due to the nature of the scratch, the employee would have had to purposely create the scratch, which he knows would have been under surveillance and that KC Computers does not accept this kind of behavior. The second reason was the customer had placed the charger, which has side protruding plug in prongs, directly on the top middle of the laptop and zipped up the bag before starting to leave. I unzipped the laptop and showed her that the metal prongs were touching the top middle of the laptop. I explained to her that carrying the laptop in the bag this way will cause the charger to scratch back and forth, due to sheer movement.As she stated earlier there was another customer in the store. He also saw her pack up her laptop in a neoprene stretch bag and agreed that the way the plug was situated in the bag was a likely reason for the scratch. When she left, he said he would be glad to make a statement if it becomes necessary. I thought we had figured out the problem, this was a mute point, and no further action was necessary. As I mentioned earlier, I looked up the part. At that time my cost was about $40 shipped. It just snaps on with a few small screws and minimal labor. As for a better option, I would suggest the customer purchase a vinyl laptop skin from www[redacted] .com due to the fact she is continuing to put her charger in the bag directly on top of the laptop. This will help a little bit because it is vinyl and doesn't scratch as easily. She can also pick from many pictures of animals, landscapes, etc, and even send in her own picture to have it printed on the vinyl cover. These cost around $29.As always we as business owners appreciate what the offers and does to help mediate in difficult situations.Business Response I called the customer in order to resolve this situation. We were not able to work out a solution. Since she does not want me to call her anymore, we are asking the to arbitrate in this matter. I know that we did not cause the scratches. My employees also state they did not do them. I do know that placing a charger on the top of a laptop, as I saw her do, will cause scratches like these. The cost of the part that will replace the top completely is $40 and it sells for $85. She wants me to pay her the $85 retail price. We agreed to ask you to decide if I'm to pay her the $85 to end this dispute.Thank you for your time.

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Address: 6415 Summer Ave Ste 107, Memphis, Tennessee, United States, 38134-5979


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