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Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc.

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• Dec 27, 2023

Unethical and fraudulent business practices. They accepted my payment online and then weeks later send me a notice that the check was returned and added additional fees claiming payment is late be careful!This institution is unethical and fraudulent.

Bunch of scam artest
Stealing money by dileberatly refusing payment to add on fees and taking as much as they can. The employees are disgustingly rude and shouldnt be allowed to work with the public. Deeming and awful to people.

Compliant call ......
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your show...I watch it daily. It brighten my day!
One thing I have noticed however is that it appears that Kelly wears the same color shoes.
Just an observation...

Have a wonderful day and a great week!

Linda W

Illegal practices they refuse to let you pay any bills marked and force you to pay all before lifting for renewal registration. Rmv stayed I had two marked bills to pay and Ryan Kelley refused let me just pay those two and to pay all. Rmv refereed me to state Attorney general to make complaint due to illegal practices chapter 60A 2A. Rmv was requiring I only must pay the two marked ones on that plate to renew and Ryan Kelley was refusing to remove mark on that cars plate/reg once paid until I paid for others that I never had and was removed yet still have fees. I was billed taxes for car I didn’t even have 2018/2019. Woman removed them but they still demand fees. And those aren’t even marked against the plate I’m renewing. State general has been super helpful so far and also didn’t agree with their practice. I’m single mom two and being forced to pay $700 to renew one reg and pay for cars I sold. It’s due to me switching two plates over yet being taxed for 4 cars when only have had 2 in last two years. I was told case like mine never been seen before and the only ones that need be paid is marked red ones to uplift my renewal from rmv and they aren’t able to take upon themselves to refuse to uplift it once paid and paid others not marked yet for non renewal. Ones being this year 2019. I paid marked ones Cory hall $400 and found Kelley Ryan refuses still lift and refusing payment of only marked ones forcing I pay $700. They can’t make you pay ones yet not marked for non renewal and still refuse to uplift it. Illegal, illegal, illegal. I’m excited to hear back Tuesday from state Attorney general on this outcome.


A fee attached to bill for an online payment which was never indicated when making paymentI paid a bill online 10/20/2014 which I then received a notice in the mail that there was an error processing the online check. I received an email stating that this had gone through with no issues. I contacted the collection company and Spoke to Joe who told me there was no one else I could speak to he was the supervisor. The rudeness of this staff member made me feel completely appalled and belittled. I was not informed that that if there was an error entering the check information that I would receive a $12.50 fee. The check was not returned the paper indicates there was a a processing error. I did not agree to pay an error fee and it is illegal to attache fees without notification to the person. This place should not be operating with one person who can not help me in any other manner. I want the fee removed.Desired SettlementI want fee removedBusiness Response Ms. [redacted] complaint is entirely false as it is based on incorrect information. Ms. [redacted] logged on to our website on October 20, 2014 to pay her outstanding bills. The online payment process consists of 5 steps. Ms. O'Brien provided her bank account information on Step 3. When Ms. [redacted] clicked "Next Step" to proceed to Step 4, a pop-up window appeared on the screen that reads as follows:"Check Bounce Fee NoticeIf you supply an invalid bank routing number or account number, your eCheck payment will bounce. If we are not able to process your payment with the information you provided, we are charged a rejection fee by our banking institution. Therefore you will be charged a check bounce fee of $12.50.Click the OK button to agree to these terms, or Click the Cancel button to recheck your bank information."This notification made Ms. [redacted] aware of the $12.50 fee should her account information be rejected by her bank and Ms. [redacted] clicked the OK button which provided her consent to be charged the fee.On October 27, we received notification from the bank that her transaction had been rejected by her bank because the account information she provided was not accurate. We therefore assessed a $12.50 fee on her bill and mailed her notification of the rejection the very same day.In short, Ms. [redacted] complaint alleges that she was not made aware of the $12.50 fee should her account information be incorrect, that she did not agree to pay such a fee, and that we did not notify her of the banks' rejection of her transaction. All three of Ms. O'Brien's complaints are completely false. As such, the fee will not be removed.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Unfortunately this answer from the business explanation is completely false. I was not notified of a fee what so ever. When I received the noticed that the online payment did not go through there was no breakdown on the invoice to indicate that a 12.50 fee was assessed. The check was not returned so therefore a return check fee should not be included. I have contacted my back and they have confirmed that the web site never tried to access my account which was in great status to take this transaction.My account information was correct so it was a web site error. The person I spoke to was very harassing on the phone and demeaning. I am appalled that this place still has the right to operate under such pretenses. The fee should never have been accessed and an email should NEVER have been sent stating that the payment went through.So they need to look at the way they take payments. This is not fair what so ever. Final Business Response Ms. [redacted] bank would rightfully station that her account was not accessed. The reason for this is the information she supplied us online was not an account they had in their system. As such, they rejected the transaction. Had they been able to connect the information Ms. [redacted] provided to her bank account, there would have been no need to reject it. The reason they rejected it was because the account information she supplied was not her account and since they were not able to determine who it belonged to (because the account information was incorrect) they simply reject it and are not able to put a notation on the account.With respect to her treatment on the phone, we know the importance of polite, helpful communications with our customers and will take the necessary measures to find out who Ms. [redacted] spoke to and retrain them if necessary.

Invalid Charges for online payment and super rude staff (hung up on me when I requested information). I had tried to pay online a fees for Excise. I got a letter saying that the account information used for is incorrect and they tacked on [redacted] as "processing fee". I asked for details of the transaction and the irritated customer service rep was not willing to give me that information and wanted me to tell the information that I put in. When I insisted that she has the electronic record and she should be able to tell me what is in there, she told me the routing number. Then I asked her the account number and again, she wasn't willing to give it to me. I insisted again and she told the account number on the transaction. I asked her if she can send me a copy of this electronic transaction and she refused. I asked her that if the transaction is genuine why wouldn't you share the information about rejection ? I wanted to write a formal complaint letter and I asked her name so that I can include it in the letter at which point she hung up on me !! I find it odd that some other complaints on seem to be about rejected online payments as well. I would request a full investigation in this company's business practices by appropriate authorities.Desired SettlementKindly provide the records for the rejected transaction or else reverse the charges, if you cant's substantiate the rejected transaction. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]The [redacted] is not a processing fee, it is a return transaction fee. The bank notified us that an invalid account number was used. The bank does not tell us the reason, just that invalid numbers were entered.when the taxpayer wanted to know what numbers were actually entered, our employee could not provide him with the information because that employee did not have access to that information. If Mr. [redacted] could call us back, the manager at X XXX XXX XXXX xt 313 could provide him with the numbers he actually entered.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Interestingly, the employee did mention the account number that was supposedly entered - so the response by business is clearly inaccurate. If KelleyRyan can simply send me an electronic copy/receipt of the transaction that supposedly did not go through (along with pertinent details), the matter can be put to rest immediately. Thanks,Final Business Response Hi [redacted], If we can get that gentleman's email or fax number, we will get him the information.thanks,[redacted]Final Consumer Response

over charging for check payments and unlawful delays of 14 days for electrical payment. Payment made 03/03/2014 by electronic check paymentepay@kellerryan with a waiting period of 14 days.Municipal ePayment System 03/03/XXXX XX:XXam-#XXXXXXX.2013 EXCISE TAX#XXXXX FOR BOSTON, MA 457.852013 EXCISE TAX#XXXXX FOR BOSTON, MA 135.74online convenience fee 0.50 total paid 594.09Desired Settlementstop this action of making people wait for 14 days for electronic check payment. process as the city of Boston, MA dose with NO wait time.Business Response The reason we wait 14 days to clear a taxpayer at the RMV is to allow for insufficient fund notification. This 14 day wait period is communicated 3 times on our website as the taxpayer is completing their transaction. Therefore, he had 3 opportunities to chose an alternative form of payment that would have allowed for immediate clear. which is cash, money order,or cc.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This company works under the guide lines of the city of Boston,MA. This not something that an agent of the city and state allows, being the city and state has given them a monopoly from 1992.There is no competitive bid for the work they do and have done for the city or state. I have contacted the office of Boston Mayor and waiting a response, be for filing a complaint with the United State dept of Justice.

Have been paid but won't post as paid at the DMV for ten days.First off, they wont send your collection notices to your new address when you move, moved in June and never received any notices from their office until I tried to renew a registration, then I had to search as how and who to pay. Paid the full balance and was confirmed by my bank that they did receive the money electronically but still refuse to release notice to the RMV that it has been paid for ten days. Why ten days? You have my money and the bill should be cleared the day you receive it, not ten days later. It may be their policy but it is unfair to have to wait ten days after they receive my money.Desired Settlementwant my reinstatement the day my money went into their account.Business Response Hello [redacted], I had responded to the 2 emails that Mr. [redacted] sent within minutes of his request stating that if you pay by electronic check, that bills would be cleared in two weeks. If paid with CC or debit card it would clear right away. It stated that 3 times on our webpage. Also, he did not update his information at the Registry of Motor Vehicles until being marked non-renewal at the rmv on [redacted]thank you,[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I don't care what their reason is for waiting for electronic checks to clear, they had my money the day after I paid online. My bank records prove that. When you have MY money all transactions should be cleared within a reasonable time frame, not 14 days after MY money has been accepted by your institution. There is nothing to clear, you have the money. Read the other complaints, they are all the same. Wonder why? Hmmm.

Deliberately sending items to previous addresses in order to accrue interest and fees on collections.I moved multiple times last year and subsequently did not update my address with the RMV. I did change my mailing address of which this company was aware as they sent a final notice to my current residence. They made no attempt to contact me at my current residence (same phone number though!)until I had already racked up almost 80$ in fees! I always pay my excise and all other required costs and wish that I had been properly notified in a timely manner, instead of being subjected to over priced paper processing fees. As they addressed the final notice to my current residence (on their copy, not a forward from the post office) it seems strange that they did not attempt to send anything prior. Not to mention that I have a plate return receipt for said vehicle over a week before this issue was even submitted to the collections deputy. But of course none of that matters to them as they are unwilling to waive any fees what so ever. It is either pay now, or pay even more later. By the time I received this final notice, I had only one day before being flagged at the RMV. I did my best to get the abatement in but I was still subjected to additional fees.Desired SettlementI request to be refunded the fees and interest I was required to pay to remove the flag on my license at the RMV, totaling $69.17. I also request that any mail deliberately sent to an incorrect address be unable to accrue fees and interest, as they are not making a legitimate attempt to contact for collections.Business Response 19) */The town of Uxbridge sent Miss [redacted] a 2014 excise tax bill for $93.75 on [redacted] By Massachusetts State Law, Chapter 60A, the town is expecting payment by 30 days.On [redacted] with the bill still outstanding, the town sent her a demand notice for $5.00 which means the bill must be paid within 14 days. Miss [redacted] did not update her information at the Registry of Motor Vehicles until [redacted] On [redacted] a service warrant was delivered to her new address of [redacted] On [redacted] a Final Notice was mailed to her new address. On [redacted] her license was marked at the RMV for non-renewal until her bill her bill was finally paid to the town of Uxbridge on [redacted] Eeverything here was followed accordingly to the Chapter 60A law.Consumer Response /* (3000, *, 2014/0*/21) */(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Yes there was a lapse of time that I had neglected to change my address at the RMV as moving is already incredibly stressful. I departed the residence in Uxbridge as of [redacted] in [redacted] which was reflected by an insurance and postal change of address. I was unaware that I was required to update anything further. My address was finally updated with the RMV upon registering a new vehicle on [redacted] and within a week I received an excise tax bill from the town of[redacted] where I currently reside, who clearly had no issue sending it to my current and updated address (which I paid promptly.) I did not receive anything from the town of Uxbridge or the collections unit until after [redacted] when I received a final notice with that date. When I did finally get my abatement for the town of Uxbridge filed and the outstanding bill paid, I was provided with a copy of all the fees that I had been assessed, requiring me to pay a total of $16*.11. The fees (excluding the original excise tax and $5 demand) are as follows: on [redacted] interest in the amount of $2.59, mailed warrant fee of $10 and a mailed first fee of $12 were added to the bill. On [redacted] interest amounting to $.90 and a service warrant fee of $17 were added. On [redacted] another $.60 of interest was added and this was the final notice, which finally (3 months after updating my address) makes it to me. As I only had a few days until I would be marked at the RMV for an additional $20, I immediately attempted to have my excise bill abated. When I paid the bill in full (excise tax included as the collections takes all of it, then the town attempts to refund it) I incurred an additional $1.05 in interest and paid an "online convenience fee" of $5.21- even though I paid in person at their [redacted] location! So I am to understand that after my address had been made available through an update with the RMV on [redacted] Kelley & Ryan Associates either continued to deliberately mail notices to an incorrect address, or simply did not send anything at all. Final Business Response 27) */I am responding to Ms. [redacted]'s coments case # XXXXXXKelley & Ryan Assoc, the Deputy tax Collector must follow the mass Law Chapter 60A. This lady called into our office several times and it was explained fully.When she came to our office to pay the bill she was swearing to ur employee over the fact the the CC company charges 3.2%My response is that lthe aw was followed.regards,[redacted]

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Description: Collection Agencies, Data Processing Service

Address: 3 Rosenfeld Drive, Hopedale, Massachusetts, United States, 01747


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