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Kenneth E. Manning, CPA

Accountants - Certified Public

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User Whuskies78 time Jun 11, 2019

Do not use, you will thank me!
One look at his photo and you can tell he cannot be trusted! This is one sleazy individual with an inflated self-image. He should be arrested for the manner in which he conducts himself. And he calls himself a ‘professional!?’ Unreal.

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User Luis Nicasio time Jun 05, 2019

I cannot believe this man is a CPA. Maybe for a while he was, but now he is just senile. He didn't even remember that we talked about my filings.
The other review has it dead on. Lost all my paperwork after taking my money and cashing my check. STAY AWAY.
Really screwed me over and still paying for it 18 months later.

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User Reviewer472796

Review: Dear Revdex.com,Situation is simple:- Requested a quote from this business to do corporate tax return for 1 year and personal tax returns for 4 years after sharing information about my case.- Received an estimate from the owner of the practice of $250-350 per tax year. This makes the estimated total work to be $1000-1400.- Owner was too busy at the time to handle my case so he referred me to a professional within his organisation- New professional requested I pay a $1000 retainer, which I gladly paid given the range of the total work- Several months later the new professional handling my case mentions in passing over email that $1000 paid just scratches the surface when it comes to the total work needed to be done.- When I asked how come we're deviating from the original estimate, the new professional responded he has no knowledge of an estimate shared with me.- I have and have shared the email with the estimate shared with me and although I've contacted the business owner about the discrepancy, they've refused to finish the work done within the estimate provided. In addition, they've sent me 4 empty tax returns for the $1000 paid with only 1 line on them populated.Desired Settlement: I'm requesting a refund of $750 given the 4 empty forms are not worth more than $250 at best and required little if any work at all to produce them.



[redacted] I may have already emailed a response to you but it may have bveen lost before it was sent. In a nutshell, I do not know this person. It appears to be a scam from Egypt. Neither I nor my office received a check from [redacted]. As a matter of fact, people like this appear to pose a national threat to you, I and all taxpaying Americans. Please let this guy remit a copy of his alleged $1,000.00 check to my office. He can't since no check nor engagementy letter was received nor sdent to him. As a matter of fact, I am so upset by foundless allegations from some guy in Egypt that I am forwarding this correspondence to my attorney for this unfounded, liablious and slanderous communications that your office sent to me.



I'm not going to respond in kind as it's not the way I like to conduct business or resolve disputes. I however don't appreciate completely denying my existence, the emais we've exchanged, having received and cashed a check from me, or portraying me as a national threat (I am a US citizen just like him) to gain reader's sympathy. I tried to resolve this issue amicably over email and phone yet again but I continue to receive threats about a complaint where I have not received what I paid for. And whether he recalls or not, a $1000 check (attached) was cashed by him.

He claims he forwarded to the party he referred me to handle my tax case, but it was my understanding at the time this person worked for him. I've gone ahead and filed my pending taxes with another firm given I could not wait any longer to resolve this. Afterall, my delay was due to having lost all my paper work during the Egyptian revolution.

At this point, given the 4 empty corporate tax returns (3 of which I did not request) I've received from his associate [redacted], I'm requesting a refund of $750 from the party I paid the retainer to. At that point, I'm happy to drop my complaint.

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