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I am rejecting this response because: Kent bicycles DID NOT contact me, I called them, and they told me what to do, but I WILL NOT do what they want me to do with out it being put in writing, no one from
Kent bicycles called me and for them to say they did, is not taking responsibility for what they have denied me of being a customerI tried calling them today about pm their time, Just to get a message "We Are Closed" business hours are Monday to Friday am to pm EST, I called at pm MST

This issue has been resolvedWe contacted the customer 12/17/We are sending a new bicycle

This is in response to the complainants rejection of our offer.The technical advisor spoke with the complainant on December 17, On December 22, at 10:21am an email was sent to the complainant by our bicycle tech, " Hello ***, As the phone conversation went, we’ll be warranting your bicycle (Model #***) with a new bicycle of the same model as long as you do the followingYou will need to cut the bicycle in half cutting through the toptube and the downtubeOnce you have the bicycle cut in half you’ll need to take photos of the bicycle showing that it is cut in halfAfter you’ve taken the photos you’ll need to email them to meOnce I received and reviewed the photos we’ll submit your warranty claim and will ship out your new replacement bicycleIf you have any questions feel free to contact me."Regards, *** *** Customer Service Technical Advisor Once the complainant forwards to us the pictures of the cut frame we will ship him a new bicycleWhile I understand his frustration with the situation, we are accommodating the complainant with a new bicycleThis type of issue is not generally covered under our frame warranty which only covers defective welds on the bicycle

Response:According to our records the complainant agreed to have substitute parts sent out to them to satisfy their requestOn 5/13/the parts were shipped out via *** tracking #***It was delivered on 5/15/at 4:29pmSince the parts were delivered we consider this matter closed

Response:We have a bit more information about the bicycle. The front hub is [redacted], 100mm QR and the rear hub is [redacted], 135mm QR. The rim is [redacted] double walled alloy, 32 hole. As previously stated, these parts (or replacements) can be purchased from a local bike shop.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
    I will not be doing business with this company any more and hope they get what they deserve for how they do business,

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I do...

not know what tool I would use to cut the bike in half. The front wheel does not fit, therefore making the bike inoperable. If the company would like to let me know how to destroy of the bike I would gladly do it. But I will not buy any specific tool that would allow me to cut the bike in half.  

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:A manufacturer of a product is responsible for any defects that come with that product. Trying to pass the blame off to the retailer, [redacted] is not only unacceptable but very shameful. This is a cheap product that was mass produced in Shanghai, China as stated on the bike. What arrangements has this company made for the bike to be inspected? After losing money on this bike, am I the poor consumer supposed to bear the cost of this inspection? I was asked to send pictures and I did and sent to the company. I am not sure how they want me to take high resolution pictures. I am not a photographer and do not have high resolution camera to take pictures. All the proposed solutions do not make sense. I have never seen a more fraudulent or uninformed company like this one. A company that sells defective products and will not even honor the lifetime warranty it claims to have. This is unjust enrichment and should not get away with it. I will be posting this on facebook so that other consurmers do not waste their money on flashy products that are defectively manufactured.Ii want my money back or a new bike since you do nit have any repair facility in [redacted] Since this is the approach you are taking you should be banned from selling your bikes outside the State of New Jersey as a poor consumer will not have any recourse  Your company should be ashamed of itself  

Our Director of Safety and Compliance has made contact with the complainant and is trying to work out the issue directly.

Response:Generally we recommend using a hack saw. It easily cuts through the frame. If you do not have a hack saw you can pull off the rear wheel and hammer the two pieces of the rear frame together.

Response:We have once again reviewed the pictures provided to us by the customer. It appears that the stembolt wedge has become unthreaded from the stem bolt. It does not appear that the threading is damaged in any way.Based upon the images provided by the customer, this was an error caused by the person who assembled the bicycle and not a defect with the bicycle. Once again, if the stem bolt wedge is stuck in the steer tube of the fork, we can send a new fork, stem (with bolt) and reimburse customer up to $30 to have it professionally installed. It does not qualify for replacement or reimbursement. The other alternative, we can pick up the bicycle (via FEDEX) and have it fixed by our bike tech and reship it to the customer (all at our expense).

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: there are inaccuracies with the company's statement: 1. A voicemail was never left at the number I provided. 2. I do not have a missed call from the company. 3. I did contact the safety/compliance department directly on April 24th and did in fact leave a voicemail. Please note: I finally received an email response from the company after seven days. There response was indicating they made an attempt to contact me and left a voicemail, which is inaccurate.  
Brian Elrod

I am rejecting this response because:
Could you please ask  the business for a part number of rear wheel  and the free wheel assembly whick fits in to the part that the business listed,   A 135mm QR  axle ( skewer)

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I never requested a refund and have the email to verify. My mailing address is ** [redacted] 

The complainant contacted us via our service email on 5/8/17 about the play in his stem. One of our bike techs with over 25 years of experience working on bicycles responded back to him. Please see attached email chain of the correspondence. While we stand behind our response to the customer, we...

will send out a replacement stem to bring this situation to a close.

Response:We have received several calls and emails from this individual. Our bike tech has been attempting to assist the customer with his issue. It appears that the stem has become stuck in the head tube of the bicycle. Our tech has tried to explain how to resolve this issue. The failure of the...

stem is most likely an assembly issue not a manufacturing issue. We can offer the customer $30.00 to bring the bicycle to a local bike shop to get it fix. We can also send them a new stem for the repair. This type of issue would not qualify for a replacement or refund under the terms of our warranty.

We received an email from the complainant on April 12, 2017. They stated the following issue, " On April 3rd I purchased a 20” Razor Black Label BMX bike from [redacted] **.  They were delivered to my home on the 7th and were assembled on Sunday.  We gave the bike to my son as an early easter...

gift and he took it for a quick ride around our small block before coming back. We noticed that the tire had a bald spot on it and was already down to almost the inner tube.  This bike was 20 minutes out of its box and 10 minutes past installation and the tire is already this damaged from one trip around the block?  I would l like something to be done regarding this." We asked for a picture of the issue and the customer sent the attached image. The image was reviewed by several of our tech experts and they all concluded that this was not a defect. This is typically caused by the rider getting up to a good speed then quickly hitting the brakes on the bicycle causing it to skid and causing the issue.  This type of damage is not covered under our warranty. A copy of the warranty can be provided if needed. As a show of good faith, we will send out 1 tire to the customer but will not refund the cost of the bicycle. If this issue occurs again, the customer would be responsible for purchasing the part.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I cannot accept a response that makes absolutely no sense. Doing so would make me like them. Kent said they "stand by" their response as to where the bike is loose, even though they have no idea what they are standing by. They do not have the bike. I do. The new stem they sent only proves it was loose exactly where I said it was loose. A local bike shop owner and mechanic reconfirmed what I already knew. Kent sent the stem only after ignoring two emails and after I contacted, which I never should have had to do. They didn't send it just to resolve the issue, as they said, but because the non-adjustable side screw was the problem. I was right and they were wrong. How can they be in the bike business?  A wise person said: There is a difference between 25 years of experience and one year of experience 25 times.


am rejecting this response because: You are correct, but it took us telling you we were going to file a claim with the for you to send us the right parts. You told us you did not have the right parts in stock for us to call back in a couple of weeks and you sent the parts you said that you did not have in stock. You only sent the brake levers. You did not send the brake cables for the front or rear brakes. The bottom line is that we had to file a complaint with the in order for you to send us the right parts to fix the bike even after you told us numerous times you did not have the correct parts in stock and to call back in a couple weeks to see if you have them. I know for a fact you did not come up with the parts until my wife told you we were going to file a complaint.

The complainant's email was received and forwarded to our Safety and Compliance Department. They sent an email on 4/24/17 around 11am and followed up with a voicemail on 4/24/17 at 12:15pm. They have not received a return call or email from the complainant. The complainant needs to get in touch with...

this department in order to move forward.

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Description: Bicycles - Wholesale & Manufacturers, General Merchandise - Retail

Address: 60 E. Halsey Road, Parsippany, New Jersey, United States, 07054


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