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Keto Life

PO Box 1134, North York, Ontario, Canada, M3J 0R2

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Saw and ad and was reviewing the product and accidentally signed up for a free trial with $5 shipping.
Was then billed 2 weeks later for $133 could not find any contact information for the Keto Life company or the name that was on my bank statement.
Filed a complaint with my bank, they eventually found a phone number to contact the company but too late... I was charged another $136 for items that I don't want and will be returned.
I contacted the company apparently it was a 16 day trial which I was not aware of and automatically just as others have stated.
I do not want any of these products and just want my money back!!!

Desired Outcome

Refund of all money charged for product I did not want.

Keto Life Response • Dec 02, 2019

Im sorry that this has been your experience with our company. We clearly state at checkout, that you will be enrolled in a trial and that you will be shipped a bottle every 30 days. Regardless, our core values include great customer service so I will refund you 100% right now. Im sorry that you had a negative experience. Our goal is to help customers with their health and wellness. Please accept our apology. Thank you.

Customer Response • Dec 02, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you for taking care of this issue so promptly.

At the end of August I was charged a $4.95 trial fee. I was not aware at the time my credit card info had been stolen. I had never even heard of this company until I saw a $99 charge on my bank. Further investigation showed they charged me $97 in September as well. When contacted they said all they could do was cancel the subscription but not refund the 2 charges. They asked me to send the unopened bottles back, I have never received anything from them. I don't have a bottle to send back because I never received one. I was charged for 2 orders I didn't make.

Desired Outcome

A refund of the $97 and the $99 charge for products I never order nor received.

Keto Life Response • Oct 21, 2019

I am very sorry to hear about this. I will make sure that you are refunded right away and will have a talk with our customer service department to address this moving forward. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do, to help. I appreciate you letting us know about this problem. We will be addressing this so future customers do not have this happen. Thank you

Keto Life had an ad on *** (***)for one bottle of a supplement for a trial basis. I work in legal and read everything as I knew there would be a catch in terms of them sending more. I read and read and didn't see anything. I received another bottle of this product yesterday via mail. The product is firstly made in Canada (on my bottle) and when I called about receiving this the lady advised me that yes I agreed to receiving more bottles, I said no I did not. I was also charged $100.00 U.S. although the product is made in Canada. There is no reimbursement for this product, the product did not work even doing everything they advised so I was not going to continue. In any event, I am out over $100.00 and feel that they did respect the customer and if there is some sort of "agreement to receive more bottles" it is very well hidden. Again, I read and read and read as we all know there is hidden agendas with these types of companies. Again, I didn't see anything. I would like my $100.00 U.S. back.

Desired Outcome

As stated above.

Keto Life Response • May 03, 2019

We are sorry to hear you were unsatisfied with our product and services. We apologize but did not receive notification of a previous complaint for you otherwise we would have sent a response. You spoke with our customer service department who tried to walk you through the subscription you had signed up for, as well as, the terms and conditions. Unfortunately you were using vulgar language with the representative and they were unable to converse with you further and issue a refund. The Terms & Conditions are laid out on every page of our site and a box must be checked agreeing to them before you complete your purchase. The confirmation email you received also contains a link to the terms at the bottom. At this time you have already disputed the charges with your bank and been refunded. Therefore there is nothing else we believe we can do for you. If you do have any further questions or concerns please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Customer Response • May 03, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Firstly, I did not tick of any boxes agreeing to receive bottles other than the trial bottle. Secondly, I was not using vulgar language. Your customer service agent was ***! I might have been upset and said this is *** and got angrier when I was told I agreed to receive your product when I read and re-read as things like this is usually ***. ***. I received one payment back (thankfully from my credit card company) - I want my March payment that I did NOT agree to pay for. I agreed to pay for the sample bottle of approx. $6.00 that is all. ***. ***. I told your customer service agent I would be contacting a***.

Keto Life Response • May 08, 2019

I am sorry that you are still unsatisfied with our response to your issue. We have done everything in our ability to help you get your money back. Because you filed a charge back, before we could refund you, with your bank, we cannot refund the money. Your bank has already pulled the money, so you should reach out to them to see when you will be receiving it.
As stated in my last response, The Terms & Conditions are laid out on every page of our site and a box must be checked agreeing to them before you complete your purchase. The confirmation email you received also contains a link to the terms at the bottom.
We do not have a *** page. I believe that whatever page you are referring to, is not our company.
We ALWAYS refund unhappy customers, as our goal is to guide out customers towards a healthier lifestyle.
Thank you

The company was introduced to me through an *** link. They sell diet supplements utilized to facilitate the body's metabolic phase of ketosis for weight loss purposes. I was using my cell phone to visit the company website. Through the mobile website there is a link for a trial of the product. The cost to the consumer is approximately $5 USD for the shipping on the product. I read through the fine print very carefully when I was purchasing it however it mentioned nothing about additional charges through the mobile website and I have screenshots to prove it. I was billed for the shipping charge on Jan 28th and then on Feb 12th I was billed $99.95 USD ($136.00 CAD) . When I called the company they informed me that my 16 day trial period had expired and since I hadn't called to cancel I was charged the price of the product. The product, however, is advertised as a 30 day trial since it has enough pills for one month's use. I explained to the company that I was confused by the charge since there was no warning or indication as to why I was being charged such a large amount. They continued to stand by the fact that they uphold a 16 day trial. After our discussion the representative agreed to refund me half the cost which I believe is still unfair because there is no mention of the charge being applicable after 16 days when purchased through the mobile site. As I am a student I read these types of websites carefully to avoid charges such as these because I cannot afford them. Thank you for your help.
Product_Or_Service: Keto Life Supplement pills
Order_Number: 42090

Desired Outcome

I would like the remainder of my refund issued to my card which I will then be cancelling to avoid further charges such as these. The amount I am owed is approximately $49.98 USD (apprx 66.00 CAD).

Keto Life Response • Mar 07, 2019

We are sad to hear you were not satisfied with the product. We are offer a free trial of our product as a start to our subscription membership. Our site requires customers to check a box agreeing to the subscription upon checkout. The Terms & Conditions are also on the bottom of each page and state the terms of the trial and subscription model. Unfortunately it sounds like you are not interested in this membership and have already gone forward with the cancellation of it. When you spoke to our customer service team member you agreed to a 50% refund. However it is clear you are still unsatisfied and at this time we have refunded you for the remainder of the product. If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know. We appreciate your feedback and are here to assist you with any further questions or needs.

Customer Response • Mar 07, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
To whom it may concern at Keto Life,

While I appreciate your apt attention to the matter I must address that you are grossly misinformed. As you can see by the screenshots I have presented, there is no mention of a 16 day trial nor any "box to check off" before payment information is to be entered on the MOBILE WEBSITE.

In addition, the customer service representative only offered me a maximum 50% refund even though I informed her multiple times that I required a full refund for the unauthorized charge. When I asked her for the number to a head office she did not know any contact information apart from the general e-mail address and told me she worked for a third party agency, which I suspected, given your multitude of phone numbers. Therefore, I never agreed to a mere 50% refund, it is all I was offered and I had no choice but to accept it.

Furthermore, according to S.52 of the Competition Act of Canada, any false or misleading material representation to the public is a Criminal offence punishable by fines of up to $10,000,000. The act also specifically outlines that general impressions conveyed by a representation will be taken into account. In addition, it states that If any representation is made concerning the price of a product, any such additional required payment should be disclosed at the same time.

Clearly, hiding the "subscription price" or the existence of a subscription, in the terms and conditions falls in line with misrepresentation and deceptive marketing. Therefore, I believe that you, as a corporation, acted with mala fide intent in structuring the payment of hidden fees and charging my credit card without so much as an e-mail containing a receipt of my "purchase'. The least you can do is give me the money that you blatantly TOOK from me in a prompt manner. Please do not assume that consumers are as gullible as you wish them to be. I will personally ensure that as many people as I can reach are informed of my experience with you and the lengths to which I had to go to in order to get a full refund.

Overall, I had a terrible experience with your company and would love to wrap it up and never have to contact you again. As a result, I will not be satisfied with your responses until the refund has gone through and the credit restored to my account.

Thank you

Keto Life Response • Mar 12, 2019

Again, we apologize you were not satisfied with our product or experience with our company. The images you attached are only portions of our site. The section of the checkout page, containing the terms box you must agree to before completing your purchase, have not been included in your images. Additionally the third image does reflect the section containing additional access to the terms & conditions. If you click into that tab it will allow you to review the trial and subscription terms. These terms & conditions are also sent to you in the confirmation email you receive upon placing your order.

As requested you were refunded for the remainder of you subscription on March 7th, 2019. We stated that in our initial response and the funds should be in your account by this time. If you do not see them please contact your bank.

Thank you!

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