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King Kutz Landscaping

2525 Emerald Tree Ln, Apopka, Florida, United States, 32712-4084

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Company did not complete landscaping service of which was paid for. Contractor destroyed sprinklers and did not repair/reimburse. Insults customers!
The following is a summary of the outstanding issues for services rendered:

In May 2019, it was agreed upon that a complete lawn service would be rendered for the property to include mowing, blown/bagged leaves, and, trimming of palm trees and all hedges. We accepted a $15 overgrowth charge. A check for $350 was paid to King Kutz. In addition, a check payment for $160 was paid for a lawn mow, and tree/hedge trim. Castro accepted and cashed all check payments. There was confusion as to billing services that was captured via text. However, we do not have any outstanding charges as we have covered all costs to date. Castro indicated that he was running out of time and needed to leave, however, he promised to return to complete the job in good faith. Shortly after he left, we noticed that our sprinklers were not operating because they had been destroyed, along with a destroyed sprinkler wiring valve cover, during his lawn service. I contacted him to return and repair the damages as well as complete the contracted work. He never repaired all the sprinklers he damaged. Services were also not completed as the trimming of the palm tree and backyard hedges were never done, and, still to-date, remain unfinished.

June 5th Castro came to inspect the damaged sprinklers. He removed and retained the damaged sprinklers, flagged damaged sprinkler sites and dug holes where the sprinklers were located.
June 12th a text message was sent to him asking him to complete the services. That text was never answered
June 18th another text message was sent to Castro, asking him to complete the services. That text was never answered
June 24th another text message was sent to Castro, asking him to complete the services, and, inquiring on resolution for damaged sprinklers. He denied responsibility. This came as a surprise to us as it was understood that the work done on June 5th was the acknowledgement of responsibility, and, the commitment to repair the damages his services caused. We did not appreciate nor approve his removal of our sprinklers from our property. It is inappropriate to remove and keep our sprinklers without our consent and withhold resolution.
June 27th I was home and witnessed from my kitchen window that Castro came by briefly. But never completed the aforementioned outstanding services nor repaired the sprinklers.

It has been a month since initial services were rendered. All check payments have been cashed. But services have yet to be completed. The palm trees and bushes have yet to be trimmed. And there is still an outstanding claim for damaged sprinklers for him to repair/reimburse.

Additionally, during our phone conversation today, it was disconcerting to learn that Castro blames the property owners for his destruction of sprinklers due to overgrowth. He stated that property owners automatically take responsibility for any consequences when they have overgrown lots. This is the first time we have heard of this as it was never disclosed to us prior to his services. Regrettably, during several times throughout our conversation, He blamed his damages on "the condition of our property". This is the first time we have heard of this since there was no initial mention of "property condition" concerns; except for a $15 overgrowth fee when he accepted the job. We would have never agreed to the services had he initially disclosed his position.

Obviously, we are justifiably frustrated. As a business owner, it should be a priority to ensure that all paid services are rendered and completed. Rather than taking the opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction, he used today's phone conversation as an opportunity to place blame, and, make disparaging remarks eluding to the fact that I was not capable of having a reasonable conversation because I am a woman.

We continue to await resolution.

Desired Outcome

We require either a full refund for damages incurred and services paid for but not rendered, or, complete the job and fix all the sprinklers he destroyed.

King Kutz Landscaping Response • Jul 01, 2019

We are sorry to hear your discontent with services rendered. Everything was rendered besides trimming of the rear bushes due to the gate being locked the date the original service was given.

We have a schedule and route we abide by and it can be tricky to try and fit every customers schedule into an already set, daily schedule. Especially when it's not what was originally set in our schedule.

The broken sprinkler heads were brought up months after original service dates from a previous overgrown yard service being maintenanced. There is no way to place fault on our company when We cannot say who has serviced your yard between the initial clean up/overgrowth date and up to date now. That's a long gap of in between months.

As we let any customer know, if we accidentally damage any sprinklers we will replace them. Being months later, we cannot take full blame for issues trying to be placed on us from months prior.

We did complete the irrigation call and marked every broken sprinkler head while digging to find leaking or broken pipes under ground. Even revealing damaged pipes from when you replaced your fence, yourself. Which is the long broken pipe in your pictures. This is what the service fee covered. Our time to analyze your irrigation, properly.

As we spoke in person, I could not completely guarantee a specific date or time frame for the irrigation job to be completed due to being booked with other previously scheduled jobs.

We rendered every service agreed upon through verbal conversation with you. The trimming of bushes was scheduled on a specific date but you had forgotten to unlock your back gate. That was out of our control. We offered to come back and complete the trimmings when we had availability.

This situation has come to this due to your expectations of wanting services competed when you want instead of understanding we were booked up to mid next month(July). I am sorry you could not find someone else to compete the irrigation job in the time frame you needed. I wish we could satisfy everyone's needs. However, that is not possible if a client needs a job completed in a speedy manner when there is no availability.

We hope you find a company who is willing and able to satisfy and meet your needs and time frame of repair work. We take pride in giving our customers not only what they ask for but beyond their expectation. Also, we always try to work our best for the customer.

As you stated in your review you decided to delete from when the original job was completed. You were satisfied and well pleased with our work rendered. All three separate occasions.

We are sorry this has become the conclusion and we only wish you the best. We are always willing to make our customers satisfied. I am sorry that was not the end result with this situation.

Be Blessed,
Carlos ***
King Kutz Landscaping Inc

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Please see our detailed response in RED text within the attached word document. We have also attached copies of the text messages exchanged.

King Kutz Landscaping Response • Jul 22, 2019

Good afternoon Danielle.

As we had stated prior in our first response to your requests and accusations, these damages were not due to us maintaining your lawn or the leaf clean up we had performed.

The leaf clean up was the $350.00 payment. Which was fully completed. The $110.00 was for the initial overgrowth maintenance and the lawn service performed after. $75.00 for the over growth and $35.00 for the second lawn service. Lastly, the $50 was for the irrigation service call. A service call is when we come, check out the irrigation system, dig to find leaks and damaged pipes, and so forth.

Every payment King Kutz Landscaping Inc received was for services rendered, besides the trimming of the hedges and a palm. This is why the last cut given on June 5, 2019 was not charged. Which exceeds the amount of the fee we were charging for the trimmings to begin with.

As for the accusation of stealing your property. Salim knew we would be removing a damaged sprinkler to replace it with a new and correct one. This was spoken about when we walked your property which has not had a running irrigation system for quite some time, which is well seen by the damage of the grass and root system. Also why majority of the yard is dirt.

To accuse us of damaging a system that was already damaged prior, is something we are not willing to take responsibility for. The time in between services is over months in span. WE do not know who has services your yard between the times we have done small cleanups for your property. Salim had mentioned you have had others out and one specific company who serviced your yard and would do these cleans up ever so often in between us coming out.

You did not pay for your last lawn service. We feel this will cover the $15 for the missed trimmings we charged and for the cracked/damaged sprinkler taken from the hole dug, all to replace it with a new one. Which would leave you with a $10 credit.

Our company has never spoken to you or handled any of your lawn services with you. We always spoke or met with your husband, Salim, concerning the financial aspects. So many of these things you are saying and you're confusion about what amount covered which service is due to you not being present when these agreements were handled.

We feel the $35.00 covers your damaged sprinkler head and the small fee for the trimmings of your hedges and your single palm. With the $20 given to apply towards the sprinkler head, you can replace it and the missing cap.

We originally were going to complete your irrigation job. We did keep our word and said we would try to squeeze your irrigation job in. That we couldn't give a specific date due to the demand of wanting the job done as quickly as possible. We are a company and have over 70 customers. We cannot change out entire schedule for jobs that were already lined up. We could have booked you a month and a half out but you and your husband wanted the job completed as soon as possible. To the point we would receive emails and texts asking constantly.

This job would have been completed with excellence and satisfaction if patience would have been given from your end.

We are not willing to replace anything that was damaged prior when other companies have been servicing your lawn. There is no way of knowing who did the damage. Due to removing the damaged sprinkler head and not being able to complete the hedge trimmings and the palm trimming due to the gates being locked when you were scheduled for the initial service. We will not charge the $35 for your last lawn service. WE will allow you to keep that and cover the removed sprinkler head and the trimmings not completed.

We are sorry that this situation has come to this. However, the fees not paid for by you, will cover what we know was removed by our hands and the missed trimmings.

THank you,
Tiffany ***
King Kutz Landscaping Inc.

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Address: 2525 Emerald Tree Ln, Apopka, Florida, United States, 32712-4084


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