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Kitchen Design Expo, Inc

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Review: The product that was installed was defective and the workmanship was substandard. [redacted] was non responsive and dismissive of my complaints.

I purchased quartz countertops from Kitchen Design Expo in August 2013. The installed countertops had several problems such as stains and chips after the workmen left the premies and poor workmanship. [redacted] installation crew damaged the trim of my door and two kitchen windows and left a huge mess. The damage to my door and window trim cost me $200.00 to repair. I asked [redacted] to address the issues that I reported to him and he strung me along for weeks. [redacted] never once returned a phone call after making several promises to "make it right." I am stuck with a defective countertop that is going to cost me a fortune to rip out and replace. I have phone records to show that I called [redacted] several times and the same records will show that he never returned a phone call.Desired Settlement: Full refund for materials and installation.



I entered into an installation contract with Mrs. [redacted] on August 7th 2013.

The material (Quartz and plywood) totaled $1,109.19 and was pain in full.

The installation (delivery, fabrication and installation) totaled $1,080.00. Mrs. [redacted] paid the customary 10% deposit $108.00 upon signing the contract.

The installation was originally given an Open status. That is to say, no installation date was set.

Mrs. [redacted] contacted me about two weeks later to request an installation date of August 30th 2013.

On August 30th 2013 an installation crew was dispatched to Mrs. [redacted] residence and the job was completed successfully.

Mrs. [redacted] inspected, approved, signed the approval form and wrote a check for the balance due ($972.00).

The job was completed to her satisfaction.

Approximately ten days after the installation was completed, I received a call from Mr. [redacted] requesting yet another inspection regarding a staining issue on his countertops.

I personally went to the [redacted] residence. Upon inspection I saw an number of large stains scattered throughout the countertop surface. Mr. [redacted] insinuated that my installers somehow stained the countertops and then Mr. [redacted] stated his belief that this was somehow a "defective" product.

Please let me be clear, my installers adamantly deny staining the countertops. My installers know better. They would not ever install a defective product. If a product were found to be defective my crew leader knows to report back to me immediately. The installers in question have worked for me beginning back in 2004. I believe them to be the best installation team in Sacramento. We have installed close to three thousand jobs together. And regarding the material that Mr. [redacted] referred to as "defective", I have installed the same material in a number of other homes without a problem. I have the very same material in stock should an inspection be requested.

Never the less, I went to the [redacted] home with full intention to help my customer resolve a problem. I did not lay blame on whomever installed the tile backsplash, although I believe the stains on the countertops are the result of a poor tile installation. I admit, I cannot be sure, I was not there. I can be sure that we gave I gave Mrs. [redacted] an estimate for the tile installation. I am not sure if she went with someone less expensive or if they tried to do the tile install themselves.

I have had customers come to my store years after we did an install asking for help for one reason or another. I love to help my customers resolve problems and I am happy to go the extra mile to help satisfied one of my customer.

But, within days of Mr. [redacted] requesting my help, he posted a scathing report on a social media site about me personally and about my company. If Mr. [redacted] would have given me a chance I would have loved to help him. Not now, I will not be manipulate or intimidated into helping someone.



With respect to Mr.[redacted] position that the counters were stained or otherwise damaged during the tile installation, I would like to remind Mr. [redacted] that we resolved that discrepancy when we inspected the quartz remnants that were left behind by his installers.

At Mr. [redacted] request, we inspected a few of the remnants and found the same stains and discoloration on the original material which proves that the material was delivered and installed with the defects already intact and not caused by the tile installation. Mr. [redacted] installer Ramone told me that these defects are indeed factory defects that one cannot see in the warehouse because of the poor lighting.

It is worth mentioning that I documented the tile installation with photographs that shows heavy duty paper was laid over the counters before the tile installation began. The tile installer will be happy to testify in court to these facts if necessary.

Mr. [redacted] should be advised that the physical evidence, such as the photographs, the stained remnants and my telephone records will prove my case in court should litigation be necessary. If litigation is necessary, I intend to subpoena Mr. [redacted] installers and the quartz supplier's representative that advised Mr. [redacted] to try a magic eraser. I would prefer to reach a settlement without litigation, but I'll leave that decision up to Mr. [redacted] good judgement.

Review: [redacted] is a crook. No honor no integrity. He robbed me blind and he would not hesitate to do it again. I stressed to him in the beggining how important it was for me to get my cabinets installed in less than 3 weeks. He promised me that he would get the cabinets in five days, and install them in 2. He asked me to leave him an 80% deposit, which I agreed to after scratching my head. He calls me 4 days later telling me that there is a piece missing, and that it would take at least 4 weeks for the cabinets to get here. I apologized and replied to him that I would need my money back. During this time, I agreed to have him install the tile at my home for 4.5 a square foot (not including material). He sent some guys over that did an excellent job. Meanwhile, I ordered my cabinets from somewhere else and asked [redacted] to return the remainder of my deposit. He agreed upon it and asked me to come in whenever it would be convenient. When I did get the chance to stop by his office, he cornered me and caught me off guard. He went on to explain to me that he did not make any money from the tile job and that he needed to mark things up. He ended up telling me that he will only return 1200 of the 3268 that was owed to me. It was really hard for him to return money that he already had in the bank. He treated the situation like a true politician, and went on telling me that he did me a favor and that he was helping me out. The whole situation was messed up, but I decided to hold my tongue and let this one go. I had to write this review ASAP. I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake.Desired Settlement: I would like to get the remainder of my refund.

Review: On December 30 we signed a contract for granite to be laid throughout our kitchen, On January 8th the work had been done and completed. 2 weeks from the work was completed the granite that [redacted] had sold us has been fading and the granite is turning dark black throughout the whole kitchen. Also the 2 pieces of granite that were joined together due to the large size of the counter has been coming apart and seperating from each other. We had told [redacted] the owner to come out and see the problem and give us a solution for the bad granite but refused to help in any way.Desired Settlement: We would like a full refund for the work to redone by another contractor and done correctly.



We entered into a contract with [redacted] to remodel her kitchen and bathroom. [redacted] selected the granite color for the kitchen, but felt unsure of her selection until she consulted with her son and they both agreed on the color. A contract was executed and work began and was completed promptly. As is customary [redacted] paid the 10% down on sighing of the contract. She paid the balance due upon completion. [redacted] also signed a "Walkthrough" form saying she was satisfied with the installation. About a week later [redacted] requested that come see the job again. She told me that the granite was changing color. In over 1,500 job that we have installed, I have never heard of granite changing color. I went back to [redacted]'s job to see if I could understand what was going on. When I saw the granite again it looked just like it did when it was installed, just like it did when [redacted] signed the "Walkthrough" and just like it did 10,000 years ago. I assured [redacted] that granite dose not change colors. She then accused me of selling her "fake" granite. There was never any mention of a problem with a seam. My seams are as good as you will find in the industry. If [redacted] has a problem she needs only ask for help. Saying that I refused to help is simply not the trurh. The real problem is that [redacted] wants to change the color of the granite and she wants me to pay for the change. The last time I was at her home she told me "I do not like the color and I want you to pay for the new granite I want. I want you to pay for tear out, fabrication and installation. I assured her that I could not bare the cost involved just because she changed her mind about the color. We make every effort to provide quality materials and installation and we have done so for eight years in this location. I'm sorry [redacted] you can not change your mind after two weeks after the job is installed and expect someone else to pay for your change of mind.



I am rejecting this response because:

In the statement that [redacted] has given he is trying to shy away from the bad work he has done on the job. He has said that I do not like the granite "color" of course I don't, who would like granite color that is fading away and darkening each and everyday?i certainly wouldn't if that is the case. I also will attach picture of fading of the colors in an attachment do [redacted] cant talk himself out of the granite isnt "fading" away. Also the joints that [redacted] had made are far from "industry standards." They are slowly and slowly deteriorating due to the poor job and I have also placed a picture in the attachment. I have received quotes from [redacted] and they have told me that the job was poorly done and the granite itself will need to replaced if the job were to fixed. I also have the estimate in the attachment. I would like this work to be done by competent licensed contractor this time and would like refund so this problem wont happen again.



I just do not understand [redacted] She dose not listen to reason and she is not an honest person. Granite dose not fad, my seem are the best in the industry, [redacted] dose not now nor will she ever have a professional say that my granite job is substandard. [redacted] had an unlicensed contractor modify my plumbing job against my advise. When the plumbing job failed [redacted] called me to fix the problem she created. The real problem is simply that [redacted] loved the granite we installed in the master batroom and now she wants to change to that granite color in the kitchen. We did a very good job for [redacted] and we did it at fair price. [redacted] needs to understand, in this country you can not change your mind after a job is completed and expect someone else to pay for the change. [redacted] signed off on the job when the job was finished and she did so because it truly was and is a job well done. Please [redacted], be honest.



I am rejecting this response because:

[redacted], how can I be lying when I have pictures to prove the horrible job you have done? Please look at the pictures that I have attached in the last complaint and you will see the horrid job that you have done. I know being a business owner is stressful you don't want to take responsibility for the work you have done, but that is what a respectively business owner should do. [redacted] you are responsible for this mess you have created and calling someone a liar doesn't make them a liar without proof, that is what we call slander and punishable by the justice system. I would refrain for that type of language unless you have factual proof, especially when I have hard evidence of the mess you have created. [redacted] has not responded once to the photos I have attached, which I would like at least an acknowlegdgment of them. This work needs to be replaced and the cost should not come out my pocket especially when I have paid $6,900 for a job that should have done right the first time.

I had kitchen cabinets and countertop installed in February 2014 (as well as some additional work), and Kitchen Design Expo did an excellent job on the project. I contacted them for the project after a friend recommended them. They communicated well with me throughout the project and were extremely helpful in assisting me with my design choices. I am extremely happy with both the quality of their work and products. I would highly recommend them.

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