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Klingensmith Trucking

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I hired [redacted] of Klingensmith trucking to do yard work which required removing tree stumps, bring in fill etc to level the yard and feather everything out get it ready for grass seed. he did not complete the job ( we- the customer had to finish it) I paid him $3000.00 I also have a signed contract from him. He did have the fill brought in but never completed anything else. worked on our yard for 8 hours ( one day ) we worked on it for 24 hours ( 3 days ) to straighten out the mess he left. He dug a large whole to bury some of the logs and rocks etc and did not cover it properly- I told him we were concern about the hole and he said he would take care of it. ( which he never did ) when we tried to speak with him about this- he hung up. [redacted] will not take our calls.according to your records he doesn't even have a business license to do this type of work.Desired SettlementI feel he owes us a refund on a job we had to do ourselvesBusiness Response First, The Week scheduled to do the work was Extremely Wet do to Heavy Rain a few day's before . There was more Rain in the Forecast for that week. The [redacted] Did NOT tell me when I started the jobsite that their Ground Soils Consisted of a Soft Loose Clay based Materials. The Sunny day when I first started, within the first hour my Rental Machine started to Literally Sink into the Ground and the machine was Stuck up to it's axles which was going to cause the Process to grade Extremely Slowly and take perhaps up to a week to finish due to the fact, More Rain was Expected within the next 2 days. After I confronted Both [redacted] and her [redacted] about the job will take maybe up to a week to Dry the ground out due to the Heavy Rain a few day's before and More Rain coming in the next 2 Day's They Both told me " OHH , BY THE WAY " Our ground soil is like this all the time and they had other contractors get stuck also and Don't worry about it , "We Will work with you". I left key's for both machine's incase they had to be moved because where they were parked , [redacted] had to Cut huge trees down and [redacted] told me that he knows how to Operated Heavy Equipment and He would move the machines out of harms way. He reassured me that he knows how to operate such Heavy Equipment because the Company he works for has over 100 pieces of Heavy Equipment and He would be extra careful. I Trusted the words he was telling meclaiming he was a Professional Skilled Heavy Equipment Operator. [redacted] also came up to me a few day's after just before it was getting dark outside, and asked me If he could use the machine for a for like 30 minutes to move some materials around to help me out. He said he was just trying to help me out and I told him yes for 30 minutes tops ! No More because I get Charged a Rental Rate per Hour on the machine. He said," No Problem " . My [redacted] was standing right next to me and [redacted] and [redacted] heard the whole conversation, Word for Word. I told [redacted] since it is going to rain the next couple day's that I will be back 2 days after the Rain when conditions dry out to finish the job. [redacted] said OK. When I showed up a few days after the rain, as I drove up to the job site I with me and my Son [redacted], I noticed the Job was Finished ? I walked over to the Rental machine only to find that Dave Used OVER THE MACHINE HOURS by 6 Hours costing me overcharged hours that I had to pay myself which Cost me my Profit to do that job after my fixed expenses. [redacted] Broke his Promise and His Word by Lying and took it upon himself and taking advantage of me by Breaching his Promise which broke our Verbal Conversation on me allowing him to only use 30 minutes on the machines hour meter resulting in [redacted] Lying to me to my face. [redacted] and I was also Shocked to see [redacted] Driving our Companies Machine for the final finish grading and was Driving our machine without My Permission !! When I walked over to [redacted] to ask him , "Why are you finishing this job" ? "Why did you GO OVER the Rental Machine Hours" ? [redacted] said , "Ohh I was just trying to help you out", [redacted] said," He was working the machine till midnight the night before with the lights on and Trying to tell me that I would NOT be billed by my Rental Company by going over the machines hours by 6 hours. I told [redacted] that, That is NOT TRUE ! I have been Renting for the last 16 years from my rental company and They Are Going to charge me those Over Hours on the Meter ! [redacted] Clearly took advantage of my Companies Services along with Breaching and Breaking the Written and Verbal Contract that we both had. I have never had a customer like [redacted] take Advantage of me like the way he had done to me and My Companies Good Reputation EVER ! I have always done Great Work for my Customers 120%. [redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)First off I'm the paying customer! that means I paid to have a service done and completed.When we first spoke to [redacted] regarding the Job ( landscaping) he assured he could handle the work. I have worked construction for 28yrs at the same company and the customer needs always come first. [redacted] and I agreed a bull dozer was needed to complete the job when a farm size backhoe shows up at 7:00am and he doesn't show till 10:00am and only works for maybe 4 or 5 hours and creates a big mess- I'm not happy.I had materials already here that needed to be spread out over my lawn- he pushed it all into the woods and dug a big hole to bury tree stumps he was asked to dig up and push into the woods. I called him to speak with about this, he said he wasn't sure what I had asked him to do. ( this was a verbal and written contract stating what was to be done.) A bull dozer was needed to complete this job! the only reason he got stuck was cause of the big hole he dug and LEFT! Our concerns were addresses with him yet again- On day 2- he should up at 11:00 and worked for about 5 hrs- again, the hole issue was not addressed and the materials I had delivered were still in the woods. He asked me to explain again what I wanted and I told him, I also helped pull the materials out of the woods and spread it around like I wanted in the fist place and I dug up the tree stumps he tried to bury and filled in the large hole he left. DAY 3- NO SHOW TO WORK.I called him- he assured me he would be returning on day 4- which it rained. Day 5, again no show and it was a dry hot weekend. Me and may family had to finish the job that he started. mean while during the week he kept saying he had another job to start on Monday of the following week. If I hadn't finish the job the job would have never gotten done. He would have left your property a total mess. He refuse to speak with me regarding this. He should have never taken the job if he couldn't handle it. [redacted] is a dump truck driver and fire wood cutter not a landscaper. WITH ME HAVING TO FINISH A JOB I CONTRACTED AND PAID FOR IN FULL TO COMPLETE WAS TOTALY WRONG. I did most of the job myself and it cost me extra $65 in fuel to complete. [redacted] owes me least half of the payment I paid him of $3000 in cash. I feel $1500 should cover it, even at that he still made a profit. My wife and I have taken pictures all the way through this process and if is unable to help us resolve this issue we will be taken further action. AGAIN, WE ARE THE PAYING CUSTOMER!Again- we had a verbal and written contract for a job that was not done or completed by [redacted]

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Description: Movers

Address: 1438 Route 171, Woodstock Valley, Connecticut, United States, 06282


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