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Knupke Constructors Inc

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My tech, Joel, was wonderful, So nice and so helpful

Great customer service! A to Z went above and beyond in helping me with my dishwasherIt began smoking while in useI was afraid it was the control panel on fire which had happened with my model to othersAfter calling Whirlpool, they sent A to Z to me to get a diagnosis on the problem, Sean came out and immediately told me it was the heating vent motorHe called in for the replacement and said he'd be out in a few daysHe came out as promised and noticed the part was wrong, but the part number was rightHe told me he was sorry and he would get back to me when he contacted the companyI received a call from Wayne in the Dayton office and he explained after much research with Whirlpool parts inventory, that they do not make the part anymore for my year machineHe felt so bad for me but did recommend I call Whirlpool and explain he situation to themI hesitated on calling, and Whirlpool called meThey said that A to Z told them I was out a dishwasher and they wanted to offer me 30% off a new machineI was so grateful to Wayne and Sean for taking a vested interest in my situationThey both went above and beyond in the customer service area! I will be calling them anytime I need repair service! I highly recommend A to Z!!!

I had a Maytag dryer problem, and due to having a service agreement, AtoZ was scheduled to fix our squeaking dryer The appointment was scheduled the very same week of our call, and I received a three-hour window of the service man's arrival, along with a minute notification that he would be arriving shortly
Gary quickly checked out our dryer and knew the problems causing the squeaking Due to our washer and dryer being years old, Gary was able to locate the necessary parts we needed, he drove to the location to pick up the needed parts, returned and repaired our dryer all within a short period of time! I was so impressed with Gary taking care of the problem in one day, when I might have had to wait a day or so had we had another company service our dryer
In addition, I asked Gary some questions regarding the service agreement, what the charges would've been without the service agreement, as well as some other dryer and washer related questions, which he was great to answer in detail I'm very impressed with Gary's service to our dryer, and wouldn't hesitate to utilize AtoZ again, service agreement or not! Thanks Gary and AtoZ, and well done!
Ruth G

We purchased a brand new Kitchen Aid icemaker a month agoIt was not making ice, just slivers of ice, so we called Kitchen Aid warranty and they told us to call A-Z for repairRepair guy came out and said the setting for the ice thickness was not set correctlyHe said he corrected the setting and we should have size iceNext day, the ice was the same slivers We called A-Z again, and the same guy came back and said, the setting must not have held, and repeated the procedureNext day, same ice slivers
We called Kitchen Aid warranty again, and they said we had to use A-Z, as they were the only certified Kitchen Aid service in our areaSo we call A-Z again and requested a different repair manAnother guy came out, did what he did (not sure - although he said he was on the line with a Kitchen Aid service tech) and leftHe wasn't gone minutes, when we heard water running in the basementThe ice maker line was leaking after he had gone down there for whatever reasonWe turned the line offCalled A-Z, left a message and they never called back
Needless to say, we are extremely frustrated to A-Z and have called the business where we purchased the ice maker for a return/exchange and for they to let their Kitchen Aid rep know that A-Z is worthlessEach time we call, we have to wait at least a week for repair, even after they know we are not getting a resolutionThe distributor is now working directly with Kitchen AidWe said we would be willing to try one more repair as long as it wasn't A-ZUse *** *** *** instead - they are excellent!! I hope we are able to use them to get this resolved

I have never been treated so poorly by a service company in my lifeWe've been without our ice maker for FIVE WEEKSThey ordered the wrong part THREE times, made me take time off work and wait for a repairman who didn't even check to see if it was the correct partThen, I requested a different serviceman but they sent the same guy, who admittedly said he, "never took this cover off before" and had no idea what he was doing and spent an hour and a half in his car calling people to try and figure it outThen, when I asked to speak to a manager about being treated so poorly and wasting my time, they told me on FOUR separate occasions that "someone would call me" and no one ever wouldThey won't even give you a number to their corporate office - they run it out of a customer service call center - that should tell you somethingIt was a simple warranty claim that has turned into a nightmareThe tipping point for me was when I INSISTED that they transfer me to a manager or someone else that could take responsibility of the situation and they simply hung up on me

Called Maytag for a stove repair and they recommended A to Z A to Z didn't safely nor completely repair the stoveThey left it damaged and unsafe
Our problems started when we broke an orifice when converting the stove from propane to natural gas, and Maytag recommended A to Z for service We wanted them to replace the broken part, finish the gas conversion, and connect the range to the gas line After having our appointment rescheduled, a service technician (Tech A) arrived with the correct partHe began to disassemble the range During this process he broke an igniter and left to retrieve a replacement at 9: At we received a call that the part wasn't available and it would have to be orderedA follappointment was scheduled and canceled by A to Z after we rearranged our plans to be here A 2nd service technician (Tech B) was dispatched to replace the part broken during the initial repair and was surprised to find the original repair had not been completed as he

Very unprofessional experience"Tech" came out, pushed start, dishwasher workedIt hadn't worked previouslyHe said, well, looks like you are good to goHe said they do not replace control boards, even when my wife asked him if he could check furtherThe "tech" then started into the religious harassment of my wife, who was home aloneShe felt very uncomfortableI called Wayne (Mgr) to complainHe said they couldn't help us out in any way, and sometimes they charge people $to plug in a cordVery unprofessional experience! Charge $96+tax

Guy came out and determined my dish washer could not be repaired I had a home warranty that would replace my dish washer if it could not repaired and they asked to speak to the tech to verify it could not be repaired - they have refused to speak to the warranty company and blow me off when I call and ask about it Now I have to buy a new dish washer because I cannot prove thru a pro that it is not repairable Never use this company

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