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Kolb Electric Inc.

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[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I provide all the picture of the damage to travis a***..........I have the emails to prove it.......I did not see anything on their contract with me that that are not responsible for any of the damagescan they provide that contract where I sign it to prove that copy of email sent to the project manager
attached are the photos of all the damage caused to my house after the work completed on the 30th of Dec 2014.
let me be clear I am not against paying the balance due, but after you review the attached pictures and if this was your house would you?
I attribute the issues you will see in the pictures to unnecessary press brought on by youhappy new year
*** ***

While they were prompt in sending a technician out to check my problem, the tech did not do the one thing I was advised (by my electric provider) to have done -- check the breaker panel -- he never even opened the breaker panel Instead, he told me the problem was with my AC unit, so I arranged for an HVAC service, only to be told that the problem was a bad breaker in my panel The AC unit was fine but was not getting low voltage power I called KOLB twice, and was told both times that the "branch manager will call you." Never got a call back , so I had a different electrician come out and -- wait for it -- he told me I had a bad breaker He replaced the breaker, and lo and behold the AC immediately kicked onHad the KOLB tech checked the breaker as I requested, this issue would have been resolved four days ago I would have saved unnecessary service calls and charges for an HVAC tech I didn't need, and another service call from an electrician who corrected the problem in minutes -- something the KOLB technician could have/should have done the first time he came out By my calculations, this cost me twice what it should have, and I had to take a total of hours of UNPAID leave from work to get the situation correctedMy suggestion to you? DO NOT CALL KOLB for electrical service unless you just like taking time off from work and paying more than you should for a repair, because they don't do what they should do

To Whom It May Concern,
I apologize for your concerns and wanted to let you know that we will refund $85.85. If you paid by credit card the money will be refunded back to the card you used. If you paid by check, a check will be issued
Brandy E***

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
From: Paulo Azevedo Date: Wed, Jan 6, at 8:AMSubject: RE: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #***.To: "***" Dear *** ***, good MorningAs per our conversation a few minutes ago, I Confirm that “Kolb Eletric Inc” did not fulfill their promise to refund ($85.85) the over charged service.Any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciatedBest regards*** * ** ***Complaint #***

I made an appointment and was given a window of 12pm - 4pm for their arrival I took half the day off work, and at 3pm they called to say they could not make it by Due to an appointment at 5, I could not wait Waste of my time

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***
From: Date: Tue, Feb 24, at 6:PMSubject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #***.To: [email protected] did file a complaint, but the problem has bee resolved, they worked with me on a payment plan Please disregard the comlaint.Thank you,

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: the dispatcher is not telling the truth and yes the company did reach out to me on Monday march16,I don't want them to ever return to my home ever again and yes I had someone else come out to my home Saturday morning I feel it's ashame that Didn't at that point won't when I needed them stood by their workThank you in advance org
For your service
*** ***

On Wednesday June 11, we had a service tech remove an existing chandelier and install at another location in home and install a customer supplied ceiling fan with remote control
It is our policy when we install such customer supplied electronic or wireless devices or motion sensing devices, we will set up or program one time, at the time of installationWe take our customer service serious here at Kolb Electric. I have reached out to the customer today 5/11/2:40pm and left messages
It seems rather odd that a year later it is noticed fans in the same house are operating on the same frequencyOur technician was not made aware of other units in the home being operated by remote
At this time Kolb Electric would send a technician back to the customers home to perform requested work at a discounted price of 10% off our ratesOur workmanship is not reflected by unknown conditions pre existing or after the fact
We are willing and committed to a fair and reasonable resolution to this matter

*** ***,
I was sorry to see *** ***’s response. We continue to want to work out a solution for *** *** and Kolb Electric and are still willing to speak to *** *** to attempt to settle any and all of the outstanding issues
Thank you,
Paul K***
####-###-#### Office
####-###-#### Fax
####-###-#### Cell
"Still the best value since 1925"

From: Brandy E[redacted] <[redacted]>Date: Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 2:42 PM Subject: complaint #[redacted]To: "[redacted]" <[redacted]>[redacted], Here is Kolb Electric’s response to the complaint: Kolb Electric was not...

the hold up on the project.  [redacted] was the hold up.  We contacted [redacted], got them to respond, met them on site and completed the work.  We believe that the project is completed at this time. Sincerely,  Paul K[redacted]Owner  Thank You,        Brandy E[redacted]        Office Manager        ###-###-#### - Phone        ###-###-#### - Direct Fax

Good Morning,
I do apologize for delay in processing the refund.  Our accounting department has been short staffed because of the holidays.  I have spoken with our controller and he has assured me the refund will be processed to your [redacted] today.

Good Morning,
I am not able to open pictures as attached.  Is it possible to email them to me directly at [redacted]

Save yourself time and money and choose another electrician. Dealing with Kolb has been a nightmare. They did not get required permits, as stated on my signed contract, then charged us extra to get the permits. They also lied to the inspector saying they did not do the work on the house when I have pictures proving they did! After a costly test by an outside electrical testing firm we found none of the work they did was acceptable. I am out 5000 for the original work done and over 3000 in additional repairs. Their customer service is severely lacking and the management is terrible. Over a year and this is still not resolved, absolutely horrible experience!

From: Tom K[redacted] Date: Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 1:47 PMSubject: Response to Complaint ID [redacted]To: "[redacted]" <[redacted]>This Service Call was originally scheduled for 12/16/2015.  Our electrician arrived during the scheduled time window and no one...

was on site.  The customer was not charged for this initial visit. Our dispatching department contacted the customer and rescheduled the site visit for 1/7/2016.  Our electrician Installed 4 customer supplied recessed light fixtures and 2 customer supplied under cabinet light fixtures.  The light fixture that was removed was where power was obtained.  The original electrician was not able to reinstall the light fixture over the sink due to the customer having a scheduled doctor’s appointment and needing to leave.  Our dispatch department was in contact with [redacted] that afternoon and again the following morning settling any dispute/pricing issues and scheduling the return visit to complete the job. Before the electrician was finished on the final visit, Kolb Electric had completed the installation, reinstalled the light fixture and had given the courtesy of a $590.72 discount in every attempt to satisfy this customer.  The grand total that this customer paid was $250.71.  All lighting was installed and is working properly.  The only reason that the job was not completed in one visit was the customer having a scheduled doctor’s appointment.  None of the customer light fixtures were broken and every attempt was made in a timely manner to accommodate the customer – even before the dispute was posted. The customer is satisfied with the work performed and of course the new total. Tom K[redacted]Baltimore Branch ManagerKolb Electric, Incorporated[redacted] - Direct Phone####-###-####, ext [redacted] - Office    kolb_logo"The Best Value Since 1925"

Customer left several messages for the owner who was in and out and was not able to return phone messages.  We refunded the customer, however, the accounting was delayed in crediting the original invoice and therefore a statement of account was inadvertently sent.  An adjustment has...

been made and the customer will no longer receive any past due notices and no collection action will be taken.  Kolb Electric apologizes in the delay of getting this issue handled and handled properly.
Kolb Electric

Our technician arrived onsite and advised the customer of overloaded circuit.  THe customer wanted a larger breaker installed on wiring that was not rated for a larger breaker per the National Electrical Code.  Our technician advised the customer we could run a new line and provide an...

additional circuit per The National Electrical Code to remedy the issue.  The customer refused and the electrician to leave and they would not sign his time ticket or pay the bill.  Our electrican was asked to perform work not correct by the National Electrical Code, when our electrician refused to do illegal work, this is when the tenant/resident felt he was being rude.  Under no circumstance will Kolb Electric Inc. perform work that is not safe and not according to the National Electrical Code.  The bill the homewoner received is for the service fee only.  The rates are explained upfront to the customer at the time the service call is placed.  Kolb Electric diadnosed the problem and offered a solution allowable under the National Electrical Code and laws of the District of Columbia.  We feel we should have been paid for our time.  
[redacted] Kolb

Mr. [redacted] has refused to provide pictures or any estimates for the damage he claims we caused at his home.  We believe the estimate for the heater would prove our work had nothing to with any damages to other mechanical systems.  Our did not affect the units.  Mr. [redacted] has been...

required to install carbon monoxide detectors by the county he lives in.  This is not our responsibility and is holding us up from being able to get a final inspection from the county on our electrical work.  The cost of "any additional requests by that of any inspectors is specifically excluded from our contract.  Our contract states that we are not responsible for repair to walls or non working circuits, and we do not work on HVAC equipment.  We have been trying to set up final inspections for over two months.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The email containing the reference is attached below, with a time and date stamp. For the record, I made clear in communication with Joe T[redacted] and Travis A[redacted] that I wanted to resolve this and was willing to meet partway between us, but instead they dug in on their demand that I pay an additional amount more than $2,000, which I told them I would not do.
---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Travis A[redacted] <[redacted]>Date: Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 3:12 PMSubject: Proposal-[redacted]To: [redacted]" <[redacted]>Cc: "t[redacted]" <[redacted]>I am pleased to provide you with the attached quotation for the work you requested.  This price is valid for 15 days.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
I can be reached via email, phone, or fax as listed on the quote.
This proposal has been REVISED under the direction of the Serivce
Manager to ensure that the prioce is inclusive to absorb all labor
costs, inspection costs, inspection site visit costs, and to perform the
entire scope of work to ensure completion and any unforseen scheduling
Kolb Electric, Inc.

Good Morning,
Kolb Electric gave a best guess estimate for the type of work that was requested and made no promise this was the amount it would cost to complete the requested work, based on the information given from the homeowner.  However, once our Electrician arrived and saw...

the work that was needed to complete the job, he did indicate that the cost could be anywhere from $1000.00 to $1500.00, at which point the homeowner declined.  Our Electrician asked for $98.00 which is our minimum service call fee.  This information is always explained upfront at the time the service call is and was placed.  All of our calls are recorded and we did listen to this recording to confirm this information was provided to the homeowner.  Kolb Electric completely disagrees that we baited and switched the homeowner.  Our guesstimate was based off of information provided.  Since we did arrive prepared to perform the work requested we do feel it was fair to ask to be compensated for our Electricians time and other associated expenses,  but as a good faith gesture, we will mail the un-cashed check back to the homeowners.

We will be refunding [redacted] $70.00. We explained to [redacted] that [redacted] advised us that we needed to pull a permit for this job.

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