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Kraftwerk K-9 Kamp

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In November of I purchased a German Shepherd puppy from Kraftwerk Kfor $3,- this price was based on the supposed high quality imported German Shepherds (GSD) which he breeds (I'm a prior police Khandler and have experienced the difference between an American GSD vs a German GSD) In March of my dog started to experience some health issues After over $8,of tests and vet bills it was determined my dog is suffering from Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) There is no cure or treatment for DM (it's similar to ALS in humans) and is detectable through a DNA test - can easily be avoided in breeding so long as a breeder is testing I contacted Kraftwerk Ktwice via email with no response in addition to writing to them from their website 'contact' button No response whatsoever I just recently sent a letter vis USPS and suspect it will hit the circular file and no response or acknowledgment will be received at my end Based on numerous reviews that I have recently foun


I paid in full for a dog from Kraftwerk I began discussing the consequences of canceling the purchase with Kraftwerk Owner, Wayne C*** was suppose to call me After many emails being ignored and MrC*** dodging my calls for a about a week, I informed Kraftwerk I was ready to coordinate shipping and take delivery to conclude our transaction Kraftwerk finally responded for the first time and told me the dog was no longer available Kraftwerk is not only refusing to deliver what I purchased, but is also refusing to give me all my money back I have nothing in writing from them nor did I sign anything saying I was willing to cancel, they simply canceled the transaction on me And is now refusing to give me the full amount of my money back
I made multiple offers to resolve this issue, I even offered to pay more money if they would just deliver the dog, Kraftwerk's response was "We no longer want to do business with you" I asked if they would at least give me money back if


We agreed to purchase a dog from Kraftwerk Kfor $.  The dog is a German Shepherd named *** that was advertised on the Kraftwerk website as a Level trained dog.  The website also shows all the abilities of a Level dog.  Unfortunately, when we received Envy through an airline shipment she was an untrained puppy.  She does not possess any of the knowledge of a Level dog and doesn't demonstrate even the basic training such as sit, stay, or lay down.  We have had to hire a local dog trainer to begin the basic training process with her.   We have attempted to call and email Kraftwerk and it's owner Wayne C*** on numerous occasions with no reply.  He and his company seemingly have disappeared after taking our money and shipping an untrained dog to us.  Prior to us receiving ***, Wayne and his clerk, Lisa, replied to emails within minutes and always answered our calls and questions.  We are requesting a refund of $whic


Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: The business has not returned any prior communications to this point. I do not want...

another dog, I want a refund in full for this dog, so I am able to get an actual healthy service dog from another organization, since this was a complete misrepresentation of an animal. I do not trust that the other animals are healthy or treated properly based on how [redacted]'s health was greatly misrepresented. Also, when speaking with a female on the phone at Kraftwerk she simply told me to not give the puppy water often. [redacted] doesn't drink an inordinate amount of water, she simply has a misplaced bladder, which is a genetic defect. Also, from the Yelp reviews of which four people I have talked to personally, other people have gone through similar experiences. Even if I am not able to get my money refunded, I do not think that this person should be able to breed and sell dogs of supposed high performance, working dogs, in good health. Sincerely,[redacted]


The letter from the veterinarian submitted does not make any mention of a genetic fault. The letter clearly states urinination testing done was inconclusive. Any obligation regarding return of the dog and replacing it with another dog according to the mutually signed purchase agreement has expired. 
However, we are still willing to replace the dog with another one if the customer will return the dog she currently has.


Your claim cannot be verified without proof from your veterinarian. Please provide proof, return the dog and we will be happy to replace her with another.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: It clearly states in the letter that multiple health issues, 1) she is incontinent 2) her bladder is small and positioned quite caudally (which is a genetic deformity)  She also states that she needs even MORE testing done, which further proves that she is not in good health and has not been in good health since I purchased her. The Breeder's unaccountability and brazenness is incomprehensible. 


Review: After over 4 years multiple phone calls and emails Kraftwerk K9 ([redacted]) has failed to provide the AKC registration papers as required in the signed contract as required. Desired Settlement: AKC registration papers or financial compensation.


Review: We were sold a puppy with a severe PDA, heart condition and the puppy will die in a year or 2 if it doesn't have corrective medical attention which is estimated at $4,500.00. We paid $6000.00 for the puppy. We contact Kraftwerk K9 & they are refusing to compensate or return the puppy to their establishment as the puppy should have never been sold or even shipped with this kind of health issues.

Desired Settlement: We are seeking compensation for the unhealthy puppy that was sent to us, either full amount and return of the puppy or partial compensation for the initial cost of the puppy and compensation for the now added cost for us to have the puppy's medical condition addressed so the puppy will have a normal lifespan.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2014/02/18) */

The customer has retained an attorney named [redacted] who sent us a letter dated Feb. 10th 2014. (We can send a copy of the letter if needed.) In the letter he states that Mr. [redacted] has small children who have already bonded with the dog. As a result, he is unwilling to return the dog for either a refund or an exchange for a healthy dog. Instead he wants payment for a surgery the may never be necessary. If Mr. [redacted] has changed his mind, please let us know.

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Description: Pet Boarding & Kennels, Pet Training, Dog Breeders

Address: 11303 183rd Ave SW, Rochester, Washington, United States, 98579-9607


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