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L & A Auto Sales LLC

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User Reviewer10761563 time Jan 23, 2019

On 2/23/we went out to L & A Auto Sales to look at a *** *** *** **We proceeded to look at the vehicle and asked *** if we could test drive itShe asked where were going to drive it toShe said if you drive it farther then the end of the road, she would need to get plates for itSo we didn't want to inconvenience her, so we decided to just drive it to the end of the road and backAt this time the only code showing on the vehicle was the air bagSo I proceeded to drive the vehicle along with *** and drove it blocks and back, only going around mph and no codes came on at that time besides the air bagShe then stayed there while myself and my husband drove itWe just went down to the stop sign and back, again no other codes came onWhen we returned, her husband *** came out and told us what needed to be done to the carHe told us the rotors would need to be turnedHe said it was a good car, and it hadn't given them any problems from when they picked it

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Address: 634 Weiss Rd, Park Hills, MO, 63601-9373

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