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L & B Management Firm LLC

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User Reviewer7557959

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. 
They continue to band aide the real issueThe wall is caving in I sent them a engineers reportAnd they distroyed my unitAnd claim no responsibility for all the damageWe're now doing a story with Howard ain and exposing the company to allIt's terrable how they bully a single woman around And it will get too all the properties that they manage once on tv So someone else doesn't have to live this hell they have causedOnce the report came in it should have been enough for them to make done type of offer to resolve

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User Reviewer7925441

This is in the hands of the Assoc, Attorney. We are advise not to communicate with [redacted].The first company Showed up Friday 3/06/15 the same day we received the phone call from the unit next door to [redacted] about the water leaking.They suck up all the water and set up dryers in both...

units.  And told both residence the equipment has to stay on for the weekend.Monday 3/09/15 The first company showed up to to inspected the progress and moisture of each unit, Only to fine the dryers in [redacted] unit ran for only a few hours and was turned off. ( These dryers have a time meter on them ) The other unit was dry at thios time.  [redacted] threatened to
sue and call the news, and Revdex.com. When the company questioned why the dryers were
turned off. [redacted] told them to get your #@#@@# and get the &%%& out
of here.3/09/15 later that day,  I spoke to [redacted] And requested us to send another company out to get the unit dry. He
agreed and I was able to meet the second company and [redacted] Wednesday
3/11/15 now 5 days after the flooding.
3/11/15 In the first 5
minutes [redacted] thretened to sue me, call Revdex.com and the news If I didn't give him
$3500 . I responded " its not my decision." Then he stated that he
owns a drywall comapny and if I give him $3500 he'll do the work himself. I
asked him if he was certified to remove drywall if mold maybe present. He said
no. Then he stated he ownes a exavating co. too,  and he can dig down outside and
repair the issue. I stated for him to submit a bid to the Aossoc. ( he never
did at this date )
The second company
removed the bedroom fake wood floor and 24 inches of drywall from the floor up
and set up dryers,
Next day, the second company arrived  once agian
the dryers were turned off after a few hours. That company was dismissed. Mr
Fronk agreed to have the first company come back.
3/18/15 The first
company showed back up, instructed to remove the fake wood flooring now in the
kitchen and hall due to mold underneath. [redacted] told the first company only
to remove 8 ft.
The first company
announced they are no longer interested in the job at that unit.  Now were on the third
company.  Feel free to contact me.[redacted]   [redacted]

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User Reviewer5691467

The Assoc has contracted [redacted] property rescue to remove the mold in [redacted] unit on March 30, 2015 ( Attached ) Which is after the second company was dismissed.  [redacted] was suppost to start April 6th, But when they showed up to start work . [redacted] had his sister move back in.  [redacted] stated no one can be living here while the mold removal is being done.So they rescheduled to start April 14 while [redacted]s sister will be in the hospital for knee surgery .  After 1 day [redacted] expects everything to be done really ! after all the delays hes caused.Iron should be done with the tear out today and install air dryers tomorrow.They will be back Monday to take air samples to be tested and make sure no more mold is present. The Assoc. has hired [redacted] and sons to repair the issue.  Who submitted their findings and remedy. Only then will [redacted] and sons start there job to recify the water intrusion issue.  ( attached ) He has been asked to communicate the the Assoc. attorneys on this matter.

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Address: 3314 Werk Rd, Cincinnati, OH, 45211-6875

Website: https://www.lbmanagement.net/

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