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User Reviewer11956651 time Jan 15, 2019

Dear Mrs***Regarding Revdex.com and Mr***'s letters concerning your property at *** *** **, #Home insurance was initially provided on the property to give you time to purchase you ownIt was included in your payment at a monthI have sent several letters threw the years stating
you need to purchase your own insurance, with no response I am enclosing a copy of the section of your deed that shows you are responsible for keeping up proper insurance on the house.I am including a copy of your current insurance that I have continue to purchase to keep home insured .#Plumbing , When you purchased the home over years ago , I gave you a month to go threw plumbing and electrical and any issues that came up I took care of After that it is buyer responsibility to maintain property.#Current payment letter na dpayoff balance is being provided.In Conculsion , I send out an invoice to Mrs*** at the end of every month that shows every payment including date receive for the last months , on the invoice is all my contact information including my cell and addressI have not personally received a message left on my cell phone or anything in writing from her in at least yearsthe lady that collects for me went back on her text and showed where Mrs*** did request a payoff back in early part of decI apologize for not getting back to her at that timewe had just had deaths in the family and holidays were upon usLast week I received a letter from Mr*** asking if they could change the name on the deedI replied to Mr*** and to Mrs*** by emailing stating I had no problems with them doing that, and to contact *** *** my real estate attorney and I would give him the ok to change name on deed and that he would probably charge them around 150.00. Hopefully everything I am providing will satisfy your concernsIf I can be of any further assistants please feel free to contact me at *** or *** Sincerely *** ***

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Address: 3459 Lee Ford Camp Rd., Ridgeway, VA, 24148-3625

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