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L & B's Concrete Landscape Borders

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L & B's Concrete Landscape Borders Reviews (15)

Mr. [redacted] has been satisfied and told us that he would be removing this compliant with you.

L & B Borders gave us a call the next morning after we submitted thecomplaint to your offices.  It was notuntil June 23rd & 24th they madethe needed repairs/replacements and re-coated the concrete bordersas promised in the warranty we purchased.  We are comfortable that...

they have fulfilled the warranty as guaranteed. [redacted]

We have already addressed the sprinklers, and spoke with [redacted], waiting for his call and return from vacation.  [redacted] also stated he would be removing this complaint since there was a break down on communication.

1st and foremost:Sprinklers were to be moved in front of borders unless marked otherwise, per signed design sheet.  We could have moved them if we were told all of them needed to me moved not just the marked one. Last and foremost:The customer having to pay to have clean up done is not an...

issue with L & B's.  Removing the excess concrete behind the borders voids the warranty, that is left for a reason.  If the customer would have called us we could have told her that plus it is on the customer checklist that she signed.  That material is left for a reason.  It keeps the integrity and stability of the borders, there was no need to clean up any excess material.  Also since there was nothing annotated on the design paperwork about putting a drop down near the gate for it needing to be able to open without trimming the gate one was not put in.  All of our customers that have borders put in by there gates trim off the bottom of the gate for ease of opening/closing.  We offered to come out and trim the gate for her and that was declined.

Customer contacted us and sent us a picture of an area that was damaged right after we installed his curbing. However, we contacted the customer and told him that this damaged was not caused by us, someone or something step into it or hit it before it was dried. This damage is not a warranty issue...

or caused by L & B's. We were never told about a section that is white, that generally is caused by water getting to the borders before they are fully dry and it gets under the sealer. Customer know that water needs to be off for 48-72 hours. We will need to see a picture of that area to determine if that is the problem or not. This customer has been very difficult to work with from the beginning and this is just another example of that. We were willing to go out for good customer service to fix the damage for the customer but we will not do that at this time since this is not caused by us.

As of today we still have not received the pictures we requested on the white spots. We can't determine what the issue is on that until we see pictures. In regards to the area that is damaged, someone or something has hit that or stepped on it. Could have been an animal we have no way of knowing but it is not caused by us. The customer is stating that our materials were faulty. That is an untrue statement. First of all we lay over 1,000 jobs a year and we haven't had any issues with the material being faulty. If the cement was bad it would be crumbling in other areas not just this one spot and this is not crumbling it has been stepped on or hit. This is not a workmanship or material issue. It is NOT covered under the warranty. If the customer would like us to fix the damage we can do so when we start up in the Spring. Per the signed contract it states that we would do this for a minimum of $500.00. Also once we receive the pictures from the customer on the white spots we can determine if this is a warranty issue.

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have sanded the edging to remove white spots myself.
To request $500 to repair the faulty material is ludicrous, since that was almost the cost of the entire project.
I will have to find another company to edge my back yard...

We tried for weeks to contact this customer for payment, and never got a returned call.  The issues all arrived when we informed if payment wasn't received by COB we would have to turn them to collections, and than we finally got a call after.  This issue is in collections, and will become...

a legal issue as it progresses.

We went out and remeasured, and discussed the bill with her husband and he agreed, and was satisfied with the job and product.  The wife making this complaint wasn't there, and the husband & a representative of the company addressed the bill and charges.  We are pretty honest, and up-front this individual didn’t have an issue receive a gift card also from us for the job.  In addition the additional 5% is for doing the stamp for the whole job not just a portion to get more money off the bill, we did two different stamps on this job anyway.  This file is closed, and handled as far as we are concerned.  L & b’s can’t explain the bill any clearer we sent a rep out to help explain it the husband understands but the wife doesn’t.

Tell us This is not a valid complaint for the following reasons:1.  Discounts/ are normally done on a dollar amount if you change the size of the job we do adjust to the next available discount.2.  The special we were running for the Natural Stone Stamp did not qualify after customer...

changed the stamp to [redacted]3.  We completed the job and were about clean up, and the customer said it was not the stamp she wanted i.e. Natural Stone, and we have signed documents showing Natural Stone.  This being said individual requested we change it to [redacted] , so this obviously cost money & time.   The additional time and cost was passed on.4.  The interesting comments about my staff is unacceptable and not valid.   Shame on them not having a brochure on them, of course they don't carry them like my s ales team and design team do they are the installers.  5.  We spend all day off & on explain the process and the charges to the  customer.   They wanted to argue their point over and over, & the facts are your change the footage and stamp after the fact it cost us money & the charge is passed on.  We also have documents showing the credit card authorization form and design sheet .

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 10, 2015/09/08) */
I provided a new sprinkler and L&B Concrete Borders installed it.
This complaint is resolved.

This has become a legal issue, customer was holding payment to have us come and do more work that was contracted for, and work that is beyond are scope.  We install concrete edging, and that what was requested.  Customer since day 1 tried to get more and more money off his bill even prior...

to work starting.  This is a classic situation of wanting something for free.  We tried to go above and beyond, and fold his turf back because of payment being withheld, and that wasn't good enough.  Customer didn't return calls for weeks/months, and was very nasty to our employees.  We feel the best thing to do was proceed with legal action.   Thank you [redacted] Owner
I'm not satisfied but the owner keeps saying the same thing and making excuses and changing his story. Yes my husband paid the bill but after I checked it when I got home and showed my husband that they still hadn't taken the 5% off he was mad too. He was happy they remeasured because it showed they were incorrect.  Also the way the bill was presented to my husband was deceiving.  On the original bill they multiplied the linear feet by 8.5 then took 25% off. When the bill was presented to my husband it was the linear feet 6.37. This confused my husband and a quick check showed that yes this included the 25%, but did not take the additional 5%. Also as I stated no where did it say the 5% was only applicable if you did the whole job. Not in the advertisement, not in the contract and no one told us either.  That's deceitful. But I'm done arguing about it. At this point he's not being honest,and will have an excuse for everything. I'm over fighting this though and would like to close the case.I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

We do approximately a 1000 jobs a year, & we normally never have any billing issues.  We went above and beyond for this individual after completion of her project.  Upon completion of project payment in due in full, and in this case it wasn't received because of a billing concern....

 Upon notification of the concern we sent the sales rep to the homeowner’s address, after 4 attempts on the phone to explain the billing we figured the sales person would be the best solution.  The sales team addressed the issue with the husband and he understood the bill completely and paid the full amount that was due.   This isn't a complex billing system we have pretty simple system.  This is a case of somebody wanting something for free and we are here to make an honest living ourselves.  The additional 5% you get is for doing the natural stone stamp for your job, not for pieces of your job FYI.  The gift cards are done at the beginning of the month for the previous month since we sent out between 125-200 a month out after bill is paid so that will happen as the process happens.  Case closed for our company & we will not offer any further response it a pretty simple bill.  The facts are he facts and filing a complaint with the wont make us alter what is correct and fair as we treat all our customers.  Gift card will be issued even after this complaint.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Nothing has been filed with the court. I am attempting to resolve the issue through the, so that we don't have to go to court. It is clear...

that L&B did not comply with their contract. They charged more than the bid, used old lights rather than new ones as shown in the bid. Now they are evading the issue saying it is with the courts. the court is NOT involved at this point and I would prefer that the court NOT get involved. L&B needs to discuss this issue in good faith and demonstrate to their client base that they are a reputable company will to resolve issues with clients.

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