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L & D Carwashes, Inc.

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User Reviewer12867346

I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
*** ***

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User Reviewer8584193

We received your letter dated 2/15 today.  The carwashes do not belong to [redacted].  [redacted] are general contractors and have no interest in the carwashes.The owner is L & D Carwashes, Inc. The reply is from L & D Carwashes, Inc. - not [redacted]We require all complaints to...

be registered within 24-hours at our self-serve carwash facilities.  This has been in effect since we acquired the washes a few years ago.  We have the phone number and directions for complaints posted at each of four different locations:The person complaining had a problem on 1/26/17 and did not make his complaint until 2/3/17.  The caretaker he saw did not give him owner information, he gave him the number for the complaint line. We video all washes and that is why we require a 24-hour limit as to how far we will go back.  The complaint line does not have an attendant to call people back.  The complaints are received and if timely, are viewed and action is taken accordingly, by text.  Since there was an eight (8) day period between the problem and the call, the call was disregarded.  He did continue to call the complaint line - which states that calls will not be addressed if the complaints are not timely. He gave most of the requested information adding the unrequested information that he also had blue eyes too indicating that he was disturbed at having to furnish what was needed. The carwashes do not have a physical office.  He did call the owner's office and the phone was busy and the call was forwarded to voice mail but did not leave a message.   He came to the owner's office which is another business, looking for the carwash owners.  He was argumentative  and demanded to know why his complaint was not viewed on the videos and his call returned..  He was not told that the video was not viewed because of pranksters.  He was told that there had been too much time elapsed and too many washes to go back through because the complaint was not registered as posted.  He asked if we had that many calls for complaints and was told no but there were too many videos and that we did get some prank calls.  The message did change recently to reemphasize the posted limitations.  The posted limitations have been on the machines since we purchased them a number of years ago.   He stated that he did not see the posted instructions.L&D Carwashes, Inc.[redacted]

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