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User Reviewer8029526

Thank you for the important service the BetterBusiness Bureau provides.  Businessesshould be held accountable for how they treat their customers and we are happyto explain our practices and provide documentation for our actions.The tenant in question moved into an...

apartment inJanuary of 2014 at which time he was given a move in inspection form like theblank one accompanying this letter (labeled document A).  He did not return the move in inspection formto this office.  As such this office hasno record of any items broken when he took possession of said apartment.The lease (document B) signed before moving in(Paragraph 20. REPAIRS) states: residentaccepts apartment “as is”.  Residentagrees to keep and at the end of the term, return the apartment with reasonablepromptness after receipt of written notice. If any damage beyond normal wear and tear is caused by Resident or hisfamily or guests, Resident agrees to pay management the cost of repair within 5days of demand.To give this resident the benefit of the doubt, the maintenancetechnician assigned the task of preparing the apartment after the previoustenant moved out has been questioned as to the state of the windows during theapartment “make ready” process.  Heattests that the windows were not broken at this time and is confident such acondition would have been evident during the cleaning and paintingprocess.  His signed response (documentC) are attached.Further, during his year tenancy the resident inquestion made several service requests (documents D, E, F, and G) which wereall completed in a timely manner. Conversely, this resident did not make management aware of the brokenwindows until he submitted his notice to vacate, which suggests he wasattempting to conceal the damage he caused.In summary, we have no record or even an indicationthat these windows were broken at the time this resident moved into theapartment.  To the contrary, we haveevidence that suggests the resident was aware of the issue and knew the properprotocol for submitting work orders yet failed to report this issue, likely forfear of being charged for repairs as per his lease agreement.Regards,[redacted]Property Manager

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User Reviewer7550803

Resident has not provided proof of reporting/recording damage and therefore must assume cost of repairs as per lease.  Resident also did not return the apartment to its original condition when he moved out and therefore will be charged accordingly.

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User Reviewer6336642

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I understand what the timing suggests. After a friend brought the second window to my attention in July, I had made plans to mention it to management whenever rent was due considering I liked to go inside and hand the money order directly to them. I am sorry I am a human being and am capable of human error such as forgetting to mention it when turning rent in. I am also sorry I am a human being and am capable of the human error of being tired after work which was usually when I turned rent in. I did not, however, break the windows. My only real complaint is that management is claiming I did. I understand that legally I am obligated to pay for the windows because of previous property management error. I am not happy about it but I will not be labeled as a liar when God, the almighty, knows I did not break those windows.

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