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Review: This complain is due to a dispute for the refund of partial rent payment from my landlord [redacted], represented here in ** by the property management company L&E Property Mngtm. The rent was $1300/m with my rental lease to expire on July 31, 2014, however due to the continuous illegal activities of the new upstairs tenants, who moved in May '14,such as smoking marijuana, cigarettes and suspicious looking individuals coming to the house, it was no longer a safe place to stay for me and my teenage daughter. I complained to the landlord about the situation and that the smoke detectors in public areas are not working, but that made things even worse after the upstairs tenants realized I complained. Despite all the costs of moving, I decided to look for a safer place and move us out because of the environment. I notified the landlord/property management on June 18th and respectively on June 22nd of my reasons & plans to move. I requested a break of lease as of July 15th (2 weeks earlier)as a safety and health precaution for me and my daughter. However, the landlord took his sweet time and didn't start advertising the apartment until July 7th- 2 and half weeks after my original notice to him despite knowing this are not suitable and safe conditions, not taking any action or my situation under consideration ! I kept my word, moved and had the final walk through with the property manager on July 14th. All to satisfactory. I believe I gave enough notice before my move yet now I am the one being charged for it. I paid $587.10(14 days rent) on July 1st, but the landlord deducted remaining of the rent from the deposit, not responsive to anything that was discussed originally. I have all emails we exchanged. The lease states "when this lease ends for any reason" and that was more than a legit reason for one to move. Hope Revdex.com can help. Thank youDesired Settlement: I am requesting to have my $712.90 (17 days/July 15-31st, $1,300 monthly rent) plus the interest of my original 2 months deposit of $2,600.00 returned to me. Considering the circumstances that made me to move out, I believe it should not be me inquiring the rental costs or his rental losses for two weeks rent especially when he was the one allowing these sorts of people to move in, procrastinating to find a new tenant for July 15th and really not taking my concerns seriously enough.

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Category: Contractors - General

Address: 51 Old Stagecoach Rd, Redding, CT, 06896-1911


(203) 223-0642

Website: http://www.landeprop.com

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