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Review: I purchased a bridesmaid dress for 228.42 on January 19 2013. The bridal shop measured me and ordered me a size based on those measurments. I do not live in the area so the bride picked up the dress for me months later when it was ready. I saw the bride a week or two after that and got the dress. I tried it on immediately and it did not fit. The bride took the dress back to l&h bridal to return it and order the correct size and they would not take it. They told her they would alter it but since I dont live in the area an alternative would be to alter the dress myself and send them the bill and they would reimburse me. It cost me $180 to alter the dress. When I tried to contact L&H bridal about getting that money back, they conveniently "misplaced" my phone #, then "misplaced" the receipt that I had mailed them. Finally I got the owner [redacted] on the phone and she said that she has no recollection of the dress ever coming back and she would not pay me for the alteration. It is now too late to stop the payment on my credit card because I purchased the dress so long ago.Desired Settlement: I would like the $180 back for the alteration as promised.



November 27, 2013

Dear [redacted],

Let me start my saying that we feel very badly about this complaint filed by [redacted], however, we believe there is no corrective actions due on L and H Bridal part.

Having said that I have attached several documents to support our decision.

The customer was in our store January 19,2013, signed our sales order receipt agreeing to the size 8 that we ordered and sold her.....see attached.

On the other side of that receipt is our "Terms of Sale" which we have every customer read before signing. As listed on the Sale terms, we (L and H) suggest a size only; it is the customer's final decision on what size she would like us to order.

Please note the sales receipt where we measured her and now compare that to the Manufactures "Watters'" size chart you will see that a size 8....if anything should have been bigger in the bust area not tight as she stated.

We believe she may have been taking advantage by the [redacted], who by the way is not listed by nor seems to have a license to operate in NJ.

I have also included our posted Alteration Charges" which have not changed since 2012, in which we would have only charged $75 to adjust the size to her body. That is if we had been given a opportunity see the gown before she was to ware it. We were not notified by anyone until faxed October 18 after she wore the gown on Oct. 12.

Also, the customer stated that the bride brought the dress back to us, which we do not believe happened, but lets say the bride did, how would we know what to adjust if she was not present to be fitted??

Please know she was 1 of 7 from the same bridal party which included one girl who was pregnant.

This was very unfortunate and again, we are very sorry this occurred to [redacted] and only wish she had contacted us before going off on her own without giving us the opportunity of seeing the gown or advising her what to do.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.


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Description: Bridal Shops

Address: 9355 Old Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19115


+1 (215) 676-9206
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