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L & J Air Incorporated

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User Reviewer12220643 time Jan 23, 2019

REPSONSE TO LETTER OF 3/28/COMPLAINT ***To whom it may concern:I wanted to respond to this complaint by the tenant that I have at *** *** *** in *** ***The original lease was signed by *** ***She is the one that showed *** *** the propertyAfter seeing
the property *** decided to sign the lease with herIt was two months later that she wanted me to sign a new lease with her.On both occasions *** *** did not send in the property checklist which is required by the Landlord Tenant ActThis has to be done within ten days and is a declaration of problems in the propertyIf this is not done the landlord can assume the property is acceptable to the tenantWhich is was*** had two occasions to do this.She paid me the rent once and I accepted itAt that time she did not mention that there were any problems with the propertyI did tell her that I would replace the ceiling tile that was taken down by either her or the other tenant that occupied the property.When I inspected the property which I have done several times and did not see any of the visible issues she is mentioning, ie the mold, the electric, replacing drywall, not really sure.I did stop her husband one day when the rent was not paid and asked him about itHe attacked me, swearing and calling me a liarAt that point we are doneOne one has to be abused to the extent that he did to me.According to the law stated in the Landlord tenant act, copy attached a tenant has the right to assert their rent and claim issuesWhatever they may beThis tenant did not do thisTherefore, releasing any claim that they may haveThat's why there are laws in placeThe Judge would then decide as how to release the funds based on facts not the rope de dope play on non payment of rent.If indeed a place is as bad as she says, then why is she living thereOne reason is that she can live for free.*** has been evicting from several places in the past for non payment of rent as you can see by the records of the courtShe is a pro in the rope de dope.The house was recently renovated and we have had previous tenants that were happy.She complained to our new property manager there *** about some electrical concerns*** and the electrician by the house to times and no answer at the door to check on her issuesShe claims she wants no one in the house when she is not thereWonder why.I have obtained a UD for eviction and was not present for the case and it is under appeal now.Detective *** I understand has advised her to put the rent money in escrow and assert her rightsMy bet is that she will not do soThey, those who do not pay rent usually do not want to follow the procedures of the law and only use outside sources to circumvent the payment of the rent in the beat until they are bet method of living large.She does receive money each month as an entitlement from the governmentShe could moveBut maybe the truth be told that her reputation is so bad no one wants to rent to her and I was one of the few that would.Her husband even told the new property manager that he would give him some rentThat was another joke*** will submit a day notice for non payment of rentThey can assert there rights, but I am sure that they wontA court date will be obtained and they will be someone else's problemI hope I have helped you on this matter.Sincerely,Spanky MacherccDetective ***, *** ***, ***

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Address: 2903-B S. Douglas, Midwest City, OK, 73110


(919) 217-4340
(478) 272-1104
(540) 520-6143
(419) 429-8692
(563) 388-8328
(561) 994-5882
(812) 431-4099
(504) 529-4444
(904) 230-0408
(405) 677-0423

Website: https://www.familycu.com/

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