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User K time Jan 20, 2019

My experience with this company is horribleI was promised a week turnaround, which turned into months and the job was still unfinishedThe contractor hired a sub-contractor that proceeded to sleep at my house at night and run up my water bill and utility billThe subcontractor said the owner approved him to stay thereNo one asked my permission for thisThey worked on other houses during the day and slept at my house at night! Also, the owner promised me four weeks in a row to complete the kitchenI still have no kitchenFirst, Home Depot kitchen cabinets would be usedThat didn't happenThen, the cabinets would be custom madeThat didn't happenI have no cabinetsweeks went by with no work being doneThis was the 3rd time no work was done over a long stretch of timeI was furiousThe owner spent my deposit money on a new house and new car and had no cash flow to buy material for my homeI was given excuse after excuse to explain why work was not doneFinally, I got fed up and terminated my contract with them after the wife made salacious accusations that had me speechlessThis company is not reputableThey lieThey are out of moneyThey go low when you call them out on their liesThey provide numerous excusesThey went house shopping, car shopping, went on fishing trips and basically lived it up with my money and had none left to fix my houseThen they had the nerve to ask for more money to continueI don't wish this company on my worst enemyI also heard him talk about me like a dog when he was on the phone with one of his workersExtremely unprofessional!!!!

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User michael n.

We contracted with L&J to remove damaged pool and install completely new pool and liner. Now that alone seems easy but I have a deck around half the pool and a custom railing system around the entire pool/deck.
[redacted] and his crew showed up on time as promised and completed the job on time and did a great job. Unfortunately, four days later the pool liner seam split and we lost all the water. [redacted] partnered with Great Escape and a week to the day after the first job was complete, [redacted] had his crew here and worked until dark to reinstall a pool liner.
I highly recommend L&J construction. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with [redacted] and his crew. Extremely professional and on time.
[redacted] N

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Address: 26619 452nd Ave, Parker, SD, 57053

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