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User Reviewer1939460

Owner contracted to install interior door. Months after payment made (to purchase door) door was not installed and never has been. Owner ([redacted]) keeps telling me he will mail me check for refund. He was paid money for the door on 9/26/2014.Product_Or_Service: Interior French Double DoorDesired SettlementRefund of approximately $500.

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User Reviewer1939464

Painting and tile work was incomplete and inferior and although 90% of payment was made, owner was unable to finish job until he "made more money."[redacted], owner of TCB Painting and Remodeling, entered into a written agreement with us to do exterior painting and a bathroom shower tear-out. He was paid $1,000 in full (paid by check which was cashed) for the exterior paint job, and the painting is not completed. The price of the tile job (labor only) was increased from $2,100 to $3,900 because once the old tile was removed, it became clear that wood repair was needed due to a water leak that we were unaware of because the water was leaking into the crawl space below the house. We willingly agreed to this increase and cooperatively gave [redacted] more money (by personal checks - all cashed same day) as he needed it. With now only $400 left to pay him of the $3,900 total tile job which is still not finished, he has claimed he can no longer finish the job until he makes money somewhere else first! Essentially, he has no incentive to come finish the job that he agreed to because he is in dire financial straights and can't spend time finishing out job that he agreed in writing to do at the price quoted.Since he said he could not commit to a finish timeline, I have had two different highly-qualified tile installers come to look at the job, with hopes of hiring them to finish what [redacted] began, and both of them separately stated that the job is the worst they have EVER seen and one took pictures to show his tile installers how NOT to do a tile job! He told me [redacted] used the wrong type of grout for the tile installed so it won't hold up, the shower plumbing pipes were tiled in, so a plumber cannot get to the pipes to connect the water line. The shower mortar bed is sloped incorrectly so water drainage cannot occur properly; it will puddle and never drain. Both tile experts told me the entire shower must be torn out and begun anew!I also asked [redacted] many times to be sure to use drop cloths when working (and brought him some) to avoid damaging the seagrass carpeting throughout the house. He did not use drop cloths and there are now permanent stains in the seagrass. It is a $400 cost to replace the area that he ruined.Since the job cost started at $2100 (for just tile tear-out and replacement) and increased to $3900 (once wood issues were identified), I believe the fair and equitable thing to do would be to assign $1800 to the wood repair issue (increase from $2100-$3900). And since that part of the job was completed, allow [redacted] to keep that portion of the job cost. Then deduct $400 from that for ruined seagrass carpet, which brings us to $1400 that [redacted] fairly earned. Since I now have to purchase tile all over again to re-do the job correctly, ($800 first time), I would deduct that from the $1400, which brings us to $600.I would also like to factor in the unfinished paint job, but I will finish it myself to avoid incurring further expenses.Also important to include is the fact that I contacted [redacted] about this current situation and gave him the opportunity to address it between us. I asked him to consider the situation and come up with a number that he thinks is fair to correct the problem. He responded (in writing) "you pretty much get what you pay for," and he also said he told me that he didn't do tile work but was doing me a favor. He never told me that. In fact, he willingly agreed to the job in writing and stated that he has a business license for all handyman work up to $30,000 per job. He then made it clear (using profanity) that he doesn't care what steps I have to take to resolve the situation. He wasn't coming up with a number!Please let me know if you need further information, and thank you for your assistance with resolving it.Desired SettlementBased on the complaint details above, a fair and equitable financial settlement would be for [redacted] to return $2,900. I have detailed the breakdown below:$3500 what [redacted] has been paid to date $3900 total tile labor cost ($2100 original labor cost)-$1800 difference in above labor costs toward wood repair job-$ 400 seagrass carpet replacement- $800 purchasing all new tile materials again= $600 would be fair to pay [redacted] $3500 (what [redacted] has been paid to date) -$600 (fair to pay him as detailed above)=$2900 should be returned to me

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User Reviewer1939466

We hired this company to do home repairs. Repairs included, replacing bad wood, chalking, spackling nail pops and ceiling cracks, and replacing bad windows. The money was paid up front and some of the work was completed. Unfortunately the windows that we paid for had to be ordered and have never been put in. We hired and paid this company on November 5, 2013. Upon repeated phone calls and emails we have been unable to have our money returned or the windows replaced. The owner of the company, Mr. [redacted], has repeatedly told us that he would return the money but to date, 2/26/2014, we have not received anything. We are owed $600 for the windows and would like this debt to be paid.Desired SettlementWe would like to be paid the $600 that we paid separately for the replacement of the windows. We have paid this company a total of $1250.00 for the repairs listed above on 11/5/2013.

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